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"PunBall" Pass & Seasons Guide

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The PunBall Pass

As is typical with many free to play games, PunBall added a seasonal battle pass system in December 2021. This officially started the concept of a season in PunBall and generally functions similar to what you may expect if you have seen battle passes in other games. You can access it by tapping the season progress bar seen on the main screen above the stage title but below your energy and currency bar.

Pass on the Main Screen

Simply tap the season bar at the top of the main screen, you can't miss it!

Simply tap the season bar at the top of the main screen, you can't miss it!

How It Works

In line with a typical battle pass, the PunBall Pass has a free and paid reward track that gives out rewards every level the player accumulates on the track. Levels are earned by playing the game, and they go up to a maximum of 30 for the season. Seasons last 30 days. Purchasers of the paid track, priced at $9.99 USD in season 1, receive both the extra rewards in the paid track as well as perks for the duration of the season. In season 1 those perks were 10% extra offline earnings and an increase in maximum energy from 30 to 50.

To get into a bit more detail, progressing in the PunBall Pass is a little bit more complex than just simply playing the game more. While you do earn points for playing, you actually earn points based on how many levels you clear in a stage, with some unique rules depending on the game mode. To be specific, here is how accruing pass levels work:

  • Normal stages grant 10 points per level cleared, so a 40 level stage will grant 400 points.
  • Event stages (EX: Gold Mine or Scroll Trial) grant 500 points regardless of win/loss or progress in the stage.
  • Daily challenge grants 20 points per level cleared, so a level 40 daily challenge grants 800 points.

In line with the rewards of these modes, daily challenges and events are the most valuable thing to play and ought to be played first. They are key to progressing in the pass.

Play Requirements

The pass lasts for 30 days and has 30 levels. This means you'll need to unlock 1 level per day to maximize the value out of the pass. In order to do this, you'll need to accrue 3000 points. Based on standard level tuning, this would mean clearing 300 levels in normal stages. This would be 5 playthroughs of 60 level stages, but in reality, the fastest way to clear a level would be to:

  1. Earn 800 points by beating the daily challenge.
  2. Earn another 1000 points by playing the daily event twice. This could be 2000 points if multiple events are available such as on Saturdays.
  3. Wrap it up by playing 3 normal 40 level stages.

In a pinch, it would be slightly more energy efficient to skip the events and instead play the daily challenge followed by 3 60 level stages and a 40 level stage. This would bring the energy cost to complete a level to 60 energy. The above pattern, while more efficient in terms of reward value and play time, would cost 80 energy, adding an additional session of play if playing at 30 maximum energy. For pass purchasers using 50 energy it still takes 2 sessions so you can save yourself a session potentially. However, it's otherwise still wise to do your daily challenge and events.

Rewards & Value

The pass itself communicates a "20x" or 2000% value for the rewards. This makes it one of the most valuable things you can purchase in the game. For season 1, the content of the paid rewards include:

  • 10% extra offline rewards for the season
  • 20 additional maximum energy for the season
  • 800 gems
  • 8 normal PunBox keys
  • 1 epic armor piece, 1 legendary armor piece, and 1 relic epic armor piece
  • 40 random scrolls
  • 1 purple gem

As is typical, this pass is a great option for anyone looking to maximize value from their spend while maintaining a reasonable and consistent budget.

Final Thoughts

While a somewhat basic and uninspired addition to the game, the pass still offers a standard and good way to spend on a free to play title. I'm a little underwhelmed by the unique offerings. While increased maximum energy is very convenient, 10% additional offline earnings feels rather weak. Still, the overall value is plenty good to justify a purchase and it's a good way to spend money on the game within a predictable pattern.