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"PunBall" Pets Guide

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Pets in PunBall

Added in January 2022, pets are a new form of upgrade for your PunBall character. They are an entirely new system, bringing stats, unique skills, and an all new upgrade system to the game. They are certainly a major part of your character's power potential as well as individual strategy, and they should be treated as such.

How It Works

The pets system can be accessed via the main menu navigation bar through the icon that looks like a paw print. From there you can equip up to three pets. These pets will increase your overall stats based on the attack and HP from the equipped pets. They will also enable certain skills and abilities based on that pets rarity. Some of them are abilities used during play, some cause you to start with special balls, and others are simply stat buffs.

Pets can be upgraded across several vectors, including levels, rarity, and grade. For example, you can have a level 13 Epic S-grade Jungle Boar.

Pets can be acquired via the PunEgg in the store (or with hammers used to open the PunEgg), the PunBall Pass, or as rewards from some special events like the PunRank.



Pet Skill Examples

For an idea of the type of power available in pets, here are a few examples.

A Grade Butterfly

  • Sacrifice: Butterfly sacrifices itself to revive you on death with 50% health.
  • Strength: You start each game with the Strength ability.
  • Rebirth: Butterfly recovers 15 rounds after using Sacrifice.
  • Bless: All pets in use gain +25% more stats.

A Grade Turtle

  • Turtle Shell: Blocks some damage from attacks with a cooldown of five rounds.
  • Ice Snowball: Start each game with an Ice Snowball.
  • Super Turtle Shell: Blocks more damage when HP is below 50%.
  • Bless: All pets in use gain +25% more stats.

A Grade Thunder Boar

  • Chain Lightning: Damages three monsters with lightning and a chance to paralyze with a cooldown of four rounds.
  • Lightning Ball: Start each game with a Lightning Ball.
  • Super Chain Lightning: Increases monsters damaged to four.
  • Bless: All pets in use gain +25% more stats.

A Grade Fire Wolf

  • Wolf Howl: Buffs attack by 35% for one round with a cooldown of five rounds.
  • Fire Ball: Start each game with a Fire Ball.
  • Super Wolf Howl: Buff duration increased to two rounds.
  • Bless: All pets in use gain +25% more stats.

There are many more pets, so you'll have to investigate which one fits your play style.

Pet Type

Pets also have different elements, which influences their skills and determines what type of pet food you have to use to upgrade them. Pets have the following types:

  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Plant

An example of the impact it can have, a lightning pet may cause you to start a given game with a lightning ball. They may also periodically unleash chain lightning on enemies while playing.

Level and Food

In order to level up a pet, thus increasing its attack and HP stats, you will need to use coins and pet food. There are four types of pet foods, one for each element with the color of the food matching that elements color. You can acquire pet food from playing regular games, offline earnings, or in the time limited PunRank mode.

Pet Collection & Food

You can see all your owned pets and owned pet food in the pets tab.

You can see all your owned pets and owned pet food in the pets tab.

Grade, Rarity, and Evolving

Similar to gear, pets can be increases in their rarity in order to unlock additional skills and improve stats. The "evolve" function is basically the same as gear fusion in that it requires duplicates to increase a pet's rarity. The duplicates are sometimes pets of the same type and rarity, the specific pet and rarity, or in some cases any other pet of the same rarity.

Increasing rarity increases a pet's max level, stats, and often unlocks a new skill.

  • Rare unlocks skill 1
  • Epic unlocks skill 2
  • Legendary unlocks skill 3
  • Honor unlocks skill 4

Unlike rarity, grade is fixed per pet and cannot be changed, similar to how relics work. Grades come in A, S, and SS tier, with S and SS tier being incredibly rare and difficult to come by. Notably, it seems SS are exclusive to special events and offers.

Final Thoughts

As the first major progression feature introduced to the game, pets certainly seem to be a good addition. They are strong, impactful, and have a lot of different and interesting abilities. There are also a lot of different pets to choose from. I'm certainly pleased with the feature personally, and it's a good way to start power inflation in the game.