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"PunBall": Talents Guide

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A secondary path for increasing stats next to equipment.

A secondary path for increasing stats next to equipment.

Talents in PunBall

Talents are an upgrade system for your character in PunBall. They can be found in one of the main navigation menu tabs, denoted by a card with a star on it.

Unlike equipment, talents are permanent stat and perk improvements to your character that do not require equipping. There are two linear branches of the talent system. The left branch is simple stat improvements like 100 more health or 30 more attack. The right branch, referred to as advanced talents, is more significant and has unique perks. It often has a percentage boost instead of a number. Some left-branch examples are:

  • Bonus health and attack
  • Healing on learning new skills
  • Damage reduction from specific enemy types such as boss or melee

Whereas some right branch examples are:

  • Bonus stats provided by equipment
  • Chance to crit for 10 or even 100 times damage
  • Chance to get extra balls
  • Percentage bonus health and attack
  • Chance to dodge
  • Chance to convert a normal ball to a special ball

Overall, the system is fairly simple and provides a minor upgrade path for your progression. They cannot be reset or refunded, nor is there much reason to.

Accessible via the talents button that looks like a card with a star on it on the main menu of the game.

Accessible via the talents button that looks like a card with a star on it on the main menu of the game.

Upgrading Your Talents

Talents are upgraded linearly per branch. The left branch is upgraded by coins, and the right branch is upgraded by purple gems. Coins can be earned basically anywhere, but purple gems are a bit more unique. They can be earned by completing stages or from some microtransaction packs in the store.

Occasionally, they'll also pop up elsewhere, including the daily rotating store offers or rewards in offline earnings. Generally speaking, though, they are quite rare and expensive. A single one is priced at 600 gems!

Additionally, progression along both branches is gated by your player level. You'll see where the line is by the level indicators in the center of the talents screen. The left branch unlocks a handful of upgrades per level, but the right branch only unlocks a new talent every couple of player levels.

Upgrade costs also increase significantly as you get further down the branches. The left branch starts with just a few hundred coins for an upgrade cost, but by the time you hit level 50, those costs go up to 50,000 and higher! Similarly, on the right side, going from 1 purple gem up to 35! Currently, the talent system maxes at player level 100, costing 50 purple gems for advanced talents and 600,000 coins for regular talents.

Value Vs. Impact

Looking at the escalating costs with only a meager escalation in the stats provided, it's only natural to ask whether or not the talent system is worth it. Generally, the costs out-scale the impact quite significantly. Gear is likely a much better investment of your currency. However, when your gear is maxed, or if gear costs escalate far beyond where you've comparatively reached in talents, then it may be wise to put more into the talents system. However, this is only relevant for the left branch that costs coins, as purple gems currently have no alternative use.

The Talent System

The talent system does not really offer much other than just basic upgrades. There is no customization, and most of the talents aren't particularly exciting. The main purpose of using it is simply to have another form of upgrade path apart from gear.

Overall, this makes it mildly useful. There certainly isn't anything wrong with the talent system, but it will not likely be more than just an occasional place to dump coins and the only place to use the purple gems to get advanced talents. However, simple is fine, and I wouldn't necessarily suggest a branching skill tree with customization would fit the game well. Lastly, considering the developer's previous game Archero, they've moved away from a talent system that has randomness in it. I personally feel that is a good change, at least even if some amount of customization could make the system more interesting.