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"PunBall" Weapon Tier List

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Weapons in PunBall

Weapons, referred to as Wands, are a major driver of your attack power in PunBall. Not only are they one of three pieces of gear that grant attack stats, the perks attached to each weapon are mostly offensive. They are arguably the single most important piece of gear for your progression. Their offensive power can push you into higher stages.

While there are only four weapons in the game to select from, it's important to lean into one specifically. The prominence of chance-based rewards flattens some of your upgrading ability. However, the PunBox wishes that allow you to increase the chance of a specific drop by 300%. Given that some rarities can be upgraded by item type instead of a specific item means you should focus on one weapon.

Weapon Breakdown by Tier

Ranking the PunBall weapons by most to least effective!

Ranking the PunBall weapons by most to least effective!

S Tier

The unsurprising top of the list is the Relic Epic Poseidon Wand. This weapon features the best of everything including:

  • Higher base stats and growth stats than the other weapons.
  • Stronger buffs to attack percentage in higher rarities. Poseidon grants 15% and 20% at Epic and Honour while the others only grant 10% and 15%.
  • A very powerful special skill, releasing a wave that deals damage to the nearest three columns. If your health is below 30%, it will also knock them back.

This makes the wand incredibly powerful in raw stats, but it's also particularly strong against melee attackers as you can knock them back when you get low. Furthermore, a chance to freeze is incredible as it can delay both the enemy's movement and attack.

The obvious downside is that the Poseidon Wand is a Relic Epic, dropping at a much lower rate than other weapons. While Epics drop at a 4.5% chance in Epic Punboxes, Relic Epics only drop at a 0.5% chance.

While the benefits are incredibly strong, making this clearly the best weapon, the downside is the increased time or cost of reaching it.

A Tier

While the Brave Wand is not as flashy as any other weapon, it does feature a meaningful set of perks.

  • Bonus damage to attacking enemies may not be amazing for melee attackers, but there are enough ranged attackers for this to be meaningful.
  • Preventing enemies from attacking is also meaningful albeit not flashy.

Both of the perks also scale well at any point in the game, making this weapon the best outside of Relic Epics for pushing higher stages. It's most notably going to be valuable in stages with a higher quantity of ranged enemies.

B Tier

Both the Lightning Wand and the Meteor Wand suffer from flashy skills that aren't necessarily the most useful. Unleashing a meteor or a lightning strike every round is meaningful, but it's best early in the game for clearing out low health enemies. In the late game, the damage isn't meaningful enough to make much of a difference. Instead you'll relying on the secondary perk of paralyzing or burning enemies to help out.

Both of these wands are likely more useful and convenient for farming stages you can easily beat, but they're less useful for pushing harder or higher stages due to their perks not scaling well to end game.

Final Thoughts

With only four weapons to choose from, your decision space isn't particularly varied. Additionally, the Relic Epics are positioned to simply be better and more expensive, so the decision to pursue a Poseidon Wand is both obvious and potentially different or less accessible. That being said, the Brave Wand is likely the ideal candidate for investment if you aren't confident you can build a Poseidon Wand anytime soon. Its perks scale well at any point in the game. You simply have to choose the less flashy weapon unfortunately, but 10% damage mitigation and a 50% more damage to attacking enemies is simply too powerful to overlook.