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"Real Racing 3" Tips, Hints, Money, and Gold Strategies

If you like racing games on your mobile device and haven't played Real Racing 3, you are going to be blown away with this lifelike and amazing, true-to-life racing game. Frankly, it makes other racing games look childish in comparison.

But if you are already a fan of the game and want to do better, I will be covering everything I have learned as I have opened up every level of the game and created millions of dollars and thousands of gold earnings along the way.

In this article, you'll learn:

  • how to progress quickly in the game,
  • tips on upgrading (do not make the common upgrade mistakes!),
  • what to spend money and gold on (and what not to),
  • tips on driving,
  • the best default settings to use (if you get this wrong, the game will be a lot harder!),
  • cool tricks and hacks if you can't win a race,
  • the best races for harvesting money,
  • and much more!

Shocking RR3 Factoid

According to 148Apps, if you were to buy every car with cash (this is a fremium game, after all) it would cost you $503! That's more expensive than an Xbox with a couple of great games thrown in! Outlandish for an app game, right? But, the game is so cool, so addicting, and so lifelike that if you aren't careful, you'll spend money on it, a little bit here, and a little there, and it will add up.

So I will show you all the tips and tricks I have learned to earn the maximum amount of gold and cash while spending as little as possible.

Note: Obviously, the game can and will change, so anything I cover in here could be slightly different by the time you get to it.

Best Money-Harvesting Race

If you apply your daily race bonus (100%) and rae the Classic Ferrari Showdown, using your manager and agent, you get $182,630 and 14,800 fame in one race.

If you apply your daily race bonus (100%) and rae the Classic Ferrari Showdown, using your manager and agent, you get $182,630 and 14,800 fame in one race.

Daily Race Bonus

Play daily to get 100% bonus on your first race of the day.

Play daily to get 100% bonus on your first race of the day.

Tip 1: Play Daily

As you can see in the example above, you can make some sweet money and earn lots of fame in one race. This isn't even the highest paying race, but I prefer it as my harvesting race because it only trakes about 7:30, and it's on the Le Mans track at night, which is one you have to get good at to excel in the game.

But, the best way to really score when harvesting money is to play at least one race per game, so you qualify for the daily race bonus of 100%. Then, go to the highest paying race you have opened so far, and pay the Agent and the Manager (1 gold each), and your manager earnings will be doubled twice, once by the 100% bonus, then again by the manager! The fame will also be doubled, giving you more gold more quickly.

Of course, you have to win to get the Manager and Agent bonuses, so make sure you choose a race you can win!

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Tip 2: Choose the Right Settings

One tip for success in RR3 is getting the settings right. If you are a better racer than me, then go ahead and turn all assists off. The gods of the game assure us that's the way to go fastest. But for me, it's just too frustrating and leads to too many crashes and off-track experiences. So, I recommend these settings, and have had no problem opening every level with them:

  • Steering Assist: Off
  • Traction Control: On
  • Brake Assist: Low

See the screenshot below. Try these settings; I bet you end up liking them. Just master the art of braking early before a turn so you come out of it with momentum, and feather the brake so you don't brake too hard and lose speed.

Best Settings—Assists

Click on settings, (lower left corner of game), then the middle setting (car image) and you can set the assist levels you prefer.

Click on settings, (lower left corner of game), then the middle setting (car image) and you can set the assist levels you prefer.

Tip 3: Don't Waste Money!

Here are common ways to waste money in RR3:

1. Buying Upgrades You Don't Need

You will learn early on that you don't have to upgrade cars to win races and conquer series. So, don't upgrade until you have to! Typically, the only car you have to upgrade a significant amount is the last one in the series, and even then, only upgrade it the minimum amount you need to to meet the PR requirements.

2. Not Having Enough Cash on Hand to Purchase Cars at Discounts

You need to always be accumulating cash. You have to be ready to purchase cars when they become available, as the first time they are unlocked, you are offered a 20% discount on cars. Trust me, once they get to cost over $1,000,000 these 20% off offers add up! So one trick is to look at how much money the next car will cost, then race enough to earn the money to buy it when it becomes available, before unlocking it.

3. Not Taking Advantage of the Daily Bonus

As you progress through the game, pay attention to the races you win that pay out big bucks. Then, the next day when you first open the game, you will be offered a daily bonus. Make sure and play a race that offers a high payout, and even hire the manager, so that your daily bonus is doubled, and the manager doubles it again! Just make sure you win!

Tip 4: Can't Win a Race? Here's a Cool Hack...

Before Airplane Mode: 11.3 miles

Before Airplane Mode: 11.3 miles

Voila! After Airplane Mode: 5.8 miles. Much easier!

Voila! After Airplane Mode: 5.8 miles. Much easier!

Having Trouble Winning? The Airplane Mode Trick

As you can see in the images above, when you are online, some of the races are harder. Not only does airplane mode make things easier; if you are smart about it, you can leverage this trick in other ways, such as:

  • Don't use your best car to win a race. You could end up needing to service it, and you might need it for a tougher, more important race, so by using airplane mode for endurance events especially, you can use lesser cars and save your best for later.
  • Once you win the endurance, don't keep driving! Just pull over, even if you just smack into a wall, and wait. That way, your car has less wear and tear and could last for one or two more races.
  • Airplane mode is also really handy for the Indianapolis Speedway track, which can really be a bummer to win. Airplane mode gives you a fighting chance. I must have tried the same race 10 times, with a fully upgraded car, before I learned this trick, then instantly won the race.

So, I recommend playing the game as is and trying a race a time or two, but if you just can't beat it put your device in airplane mode, and it will make things easier.

Tip 6: Harvesting Money

As you progress through the game, generally, the Mount Panorama races pay out best as you go. Once you open up the BMW M3 GT2 Alms, fully upgrade it (I don't fully upgrade a car unless I have to), but this one is worth it. Then, use your daily race bonus, Manager, and Agent to double the money and the fame. This will get you tons of cash and gold as you continue to progress through other series.

And as mentioned earlier, the 100% daily bonus gets doubled AGAIN by the manager, so you end up getting four times the money with this trick! But, of course, you have to win. That's why I recommend you fully upgrade your car.

Then, as you progress, keep track of earnings on future races, and once you discover one that pays more, use it for your daily harvesting, until you open the Masters Series, and within it the Classic Ferrari Showdown. Once you purchase the Ferrari F50, upgrade it like crazy. I did all upgrades except the last engine upgrade, which is ridiculously expensive at 80 gold, and I don't need it to win every time. The harvesting race is the F50 showcase as mentioned above, but if you have time, you can really kill it in money and fame with the final race, the Circuit des 24 Heures (Night). Takes about 15 minutes, though!

Tip 7: How to Win a Speed Record Race Every Time

This is a super sneaky, super cool trick... but if they figure it out by the time you try it, and it doesn't work, don't blame me! Sooner or later, they will probably close this loophole, but until then, here it is, the secret to winning a speed record EVERY TIME! Ready? Wait for it... here's the tip:

Back up!

Yup. Instead of racing straight away, as soon as the race starts, hold down the brake and back up a few hundred yards, then let it rip! You will hit the speed record before the first corner!

And if you don't, here's tip number 2 on Speed Record racing:

Turn off your brakes! If you have to slam into a wall at 200 MPH to get it... why not! It's fun! In real life, it would pretty much suck, but in a game, who cares? Why not smash a $500,000 Lamborghini headfirst into a barrier if it means winning a race!

Tip 8: Ask Me Questions!

I'm sure I didn't cover every single aspect of the game, so if you have questions about anything just ask, and I'll answer each comment. If the question requires I add content here, I'll do it, otherwise I'll just respond to your comment.

Happy Racing!


Alban reyy on August 01, 2016:

Are any codes in his game.? If its pissible where do i enter these codes?

BigGerm20 on June 16, 2016:

Is it really possible to enter those "make the game easier" codes somewhere in Real Racing 3 for Ios. And if its possible where do I enter these codes in the games menu? Thanks for the help!