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"Royal Match" Events Guide

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Events in Royal Match

There are many types of events in Royal Match found by tapping icons on the main screen. They most often grant rewards for completing objectives in a limited time. While most of them are quite simple, there are a lot, and knowing how they work can allow you to play them more effectively. Below you'll find a breakdown of the following events:

  • King's Nightmare
  • Lightning Rush
  • Sky Race
  • Team Battle

King's Nightmare

The King's Nightmare is a special type of game mode that allows the user to play a slight twist. Instead of a moves-based board, you are presented with a time-based challenge. The board layout is structured slightly differently, depicting the King in a dangerous situation. Completing the objective will allow you to save the King from that dangerous situation by giving you an item to do so. For example, in one of the nightmares the King is stuck in a glass box filling with water. Completing the objective will give you a hammer to break him out with. Additionally, you cannot use in-game boosters to help with the challenge and your normal boosts such as the Butler do not apply either.

If you are able to complete the challenge within the allotted time, you will be granted some 15 minute timed boosts such as infinite lives or boosters. The challenge lasts 60 seconds, but otherwise the game boards are similar to other mechanics you'll see in the regular game. If you fail to complete the challenge within 60 seconds, you can try again. In fact, losing doesn't even deduct a life so it's basically a free set of 15 minute boosters.

The King's Nightmare is available once a day and is best kept for when you play to take full advantage of the timed boosts.

Additionally, you can get a sense of what to expect from a day's challenge based on the image in the thought bubble coming from the sleeping King.

Lightning Rush

Lightning Rush is a special timed event where, when activated, for 1 hour a group of 5 random players compete for how much lightning they can accumulate. During this time they are granted infinite lives. The top player receives a rewards consisting primarily of boosters.

Lightning is earned by clearing things on the board with a Light Ball. Light Balls are generated by making a 5 match and clear a single color off the board. They can also be combined with other boosters on the board to spawn that booster around the board. Two Light Balls combine to full clear the entire board. In the case of the Lightning Rush event, a lightning is generated when an object is cleared by the ball or when it is converted into a booster. To clarify, if a Light Ball clears 15 yellow gems, you will earn 15 Lightning. You will also earn the same if those yellow gems are converted to Rocket boosters.

You can also earn Lightning by beating levels with a lot of moves remaining. You need enough moves remaining to trigger the effect that converts remaining moves into boosters on the board.

The ideal way to win in a Lightning Rush event is to aim to make more Light Ball boosters and use them when there are higher quantities of gems on the board. It's also ideal to only begin the event when you have a streak of 3 or more to earn the Light Ball from the Butler and even consider bringing Light Ball boosters into the game itself. One key thing to note is that in many levels the board begins with very few gems and a lot of obstacles. It can be efficient to wait until you open up more gems by clearing obstacles before using a Light Ball booster. That can help you maximize how much impact, and Lightning, you get out of a given Light Ball.

Sky Race

The Sky Race is a special type of event where a limited number of players are put into a bracket to compete for rewards. Five players are in a competition to beat 15 levels the fastest. The 3 fastest players will earn rewards.

You have multiple days to complete it, but of course, as only the top 3 get rewards, it will likely resolve well before the expiration of the event.

Sky Race Screenshot


Team Battle

Team battle is a timed event where a group of 20 teams compete for coin rewards. When active, it can be found on a main screen HUD icon like most events. You must be a member of a team to participate. The premise is that you must collect shields by beating levels. Shields granted by beating levels are:

  • Normal or Bonus Level: 1 Shield
  • Hard Level: 3 Shields
  • Very Hard level: 5 Shields

Note that the Royal Boost, which looks like a golden tag with an "x2" on it, does multiply shields earned.

The top 5 teams will earn rewards:

  1. 6000 coins for each contributing member
  2. 3000 coins for each contributing member
  3. 2000 coins for each contributing member
  4. 1500 coins for each contributing member
  5. 1000 coins for each contributing member

The top 3 participants of each team will also gain participation rewards:

  1. 2x Light Ball Boosters
  2. 2x TNT Boosters
  3. 2x Rocket Boosters

Team size and activity is crucial to winning a Team Battle so it's prudent to ensure you have as many people playing as possible. It's also important to ensure people are helping each other with lives whenever possible to maximize chances to beat levels. Otherwise, simply play and beat more levels!

Team Battle Screenshot


Final Thoughts

The events are an essential component of the game, granting all sorts of much needed rewards. Without the rewards granted by events it would be much harder to maintain a consistent win streak to hold onto the Butler's Gift. Losing the Butler's Gift would make every single level meaningfully harder. If you want to beat levels without losing, you simply need to pay attention and take advantage of each event.