"Rush Wars" Team Domination Guide

Updated on September 2, 2019
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Team Domination Guide

Defend, attack, win, loot!
Defend, attack, win, loot!

What is Team Domination?

Team Domination is a team vs. team battle lasting 2 days. A Team can initiate a Team Domination as soon as it has at least 5 members. Remember, you can join a Team at level 3, which only takes about 1-2 days of effort. It's similar to the "Clash of Clans" Clan Wars system for those who played Supercell's earlier hit. It's the meat and potatoes of your Team and likely the primary thing you will focus on as a group because it's a really fun system and of course you get lots of loot.

Team Domination Map

View your ally's bases and your enemy's bases in the Team Domination map.
View your ally's bases and your enemy's bases in the Team Domination map.

How Team Domination Works

After joining a Team, the Team owner must initiate a Team Domination in increments of 5s (5v5, 10v10, etc). The person who initiates the Team Domination can decide which of the Team members are in or out of the battle. After a matching period your team will be paired against another Team to do battle! In my experience it takes at least several minutes to match into a battle.

For the first 24 hours, you will be in a base building phase. You are given 3 random base layouts to populate with troops, and a random selection of troops on each layout that varies in the troop type as well as quantity making some bases less defended than others. The game will automatically assign your troops in locations, but likely not in a very ideal way so you should consider moving them. You cannot change the troops you have on any given layout. The troops are random from anything you can get at your HQ level, even if you haven't unlocked it yet. These troops, including the ones you haven't unlocked, will take on their respective levels (so level 1 for those still locked).

In the next 24 hours, you can attack. At this point you draft a random set of troops to attack with. You get 3 re-rolls to get different random troops but odds are you'll have to build a team around what you get that won't be exactly ideal or what you may be used to.

You get enough troops to do 4 attacks, so everyone will effectively have 1 extra shot at a base. However, you don't get enough air drops for all 4 attacks so not all attacks will be 100% full. It's also important to note that you can't attack a base twice, and you can't attack a base that has been hit by an ally if there are other bases no one has hit yet.

Drafting in Team Domination

Build the best army you can with just a few re-rolls!
Build the best army you can with just a few re-rolls!

Key Strategies

This system is a bit unique because Supercell aims to encourage a handful of things. As a player, you should:

  • Upgrade everything - Your defense and attack troops are random so you can't have anything under leveled or you could be at a huge disadvantage.
  • Scout your enemies - Not all bases are equal, some have more troops than others.
  • Use smaller attacks if you can - Skip a troop or an airdrop for an attack on an easier base so you can use it later.
  • Coordinate - Because everyone is full of random stuff, you should coordinate who attacks what. Different troops will be strong or weak against other troops, or face different levels. There isn't an obvious structure the way "Clash of Clans" Clan Wars was so you'll have to pay attention!


Fortunately, Team Domination is not a winner-takes-all system. You are reward based on the number of stars you get, with a bonus for the victor of the match. Rewards are:

  • ~25% of total possible stars: Bronze Domination Star Box
  • ~55% of total possible stars: Silver Domination Star Box
  • ~90% of total possible stars: Gold Domination Star Box
  • Winner of the match: Small coin and gem bonus

The exact star count will vary depending on the size of the Team Domination.

Remember that Boxes scale with your HQ level so it's tough to say exactly how valuable they are for any given person. However, the Gold Domination Star Box is definitely better than the Rare Box. I estimate it's roughly 4-5x better than a Free Box.

Gold Team Domination Box

Lots of loot! Definitely will help you level up a lot of stuff.
Lots of loot! Definitely will help you level up a lot of stuff.

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