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How to Cheat at "Ruzzle": Tips and Hints

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Ruzzle is a turn-based multiplayer word game released for mobile platforms. It takes inspiration from Boggle and the hit iOS title Scramble with Friends. The no-frills gameplay and simple touch-based controls will charm both casual gamers and word game fans.

The rules are simple: You and your online opponent take turns to make as many words as possible from 16 letters randomly laid out in a 4x4 grid. To create words, all you have to do is draw a line across letters with your fingers.

There are no strict rules regarding word-formation. You can make words horizontally, vertically, diagonally, arrow-shape, in reverse order, and any pattern recognized by the game, but make sure the line should be continuous and without breaks.

You can battle Facebook friends or play against random online opponents. Every new game is as challenging as the previous, forcing you to be quick and clever. However, forming plenty of words in two minutes is not easy. Here's how you can cheat at Ruzzle.


How to Form Words and Defeat Opponents

  1. Create simple words first and then work your way through rare letters to create high-scoring words. Make 3-letter words and then go for 4-letter words.
  2. Remember that each letter carries a point. Rare letters such as K, P, and O carry more points. Try to combine common letters (alphabets with low points) with these rare letters to make a high-scoring word.
  3. The game introduces special letter tiles a la Words with Friends. These special letters are scattered all over the grid and have icons like DL, DW, TL, and TW. Creating words using these special tiles doubles/triples the score. In the example screenshot to your right, the word TOE carries a high score. “Os” value is worth 4 points (DL – Double Letter Score), whereas the word TOE is worth 12 points (T= DW or Double Word score). Try making words by combining these special letter tiles with common tiles.
  4. Make sure you don’t miss any words. Start from the top portion of the grid. Later you can take care of the bottom portion of the grid to create words. This ensures you create maximum words from the grid.
  5. You can create words from one word. The trick is to find letters ED, ER, or S in the grid. (Example Bore – Bored, Long – Longer, Like - Likes)

Cheat Apps for Ruzzle Players

Cheating is not the best option if you are really good at word play. However, there are times when you can’t create words, while your opponent is cruising ahead, making words, and scoring points. You only have two minutes, and you want to win! In such circumstances, you can take the help of these cheat apps and word solvers available online.

Online Word Solver

Online Word Solver

Online Word Solver

The best way to cheat at Ruzzle is to use word solvers. Right now, there are a few word solvers available online. Of these, Word-Solver.com is the perfect online app that can assist you in creating words from 16 letters. It is a multilingual solver and supports 10 languages, including English. Here’s how to use this online solver:

Enter all 16 letters into the blank boxes of a 4x4 grid. Be quick in entering letters displayed in the game. Remember, you have only two minutes to form as many words as you can. The grid layout is similar to the original game. Enter the letters and click on the "Submit" button.

The online solver will provide a complete solution for the letters entered on the grid. Not only will it spell out the word, but it will also show the word pattern.

Cheat App

Cheat App

Cheat Application

Using a cheat app is the easiest way to get all words. Make sure you use a free app and not a paid one. There’s only one good application that provides solutions for a given level. The app’s called Ruzzle Help and can be downloaded for free at Google Play.

This app has the best user interface. When activated, the cheat app will be placed over the screenshot of your playfield. The application will draw a line over letters immediately when it spots a word. All you have to do is trace the line. The app will continue to suggest words until it detects all possible letter combinations.

The best part of this app is that it suggests top-scoring words first and then the low-scoring ones. The word search suggestions are lightning-fast (in milliseconds), and all words shown are valid. With such a cheat app, who needs word solvers and online helpers?

I hope these tips, cheats, and tricks will make you a word champ. Use the comment box below to suggest any tips or cheats. Ask a question, and my readers or I will help you out by suggesting additional tips.

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Anne on May 03, 2015:

using cheat apps won't make you a word champ. It will make you a cheat.

Mimiern on July 25, 2013:

Will there ever be Ruzzle for kids-by age groups?

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