"Saint Seiya Awakening": Beginner's Guide

Updated on December 8, 2019
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"Saint Seiya Awakening": A Guide for New Players
"Saint Seiya Awakening": A Guide for New Players

Saint Seiya Awakening is an official mobile game based on the universe of the manga Saint Seiya, created by Masami Kurumada (1986), even if you are not familiar with the Saint Seiya manga or anime, I would strongly recommend you to give this game a try, as I can objectively say, its the best mobile game I have played so far, the graphics are beautiful, the soundtrack is awesome (original from the anime) and the mechanics of the gameplay are pretty well designed, very strategy and tactics oriented.

This beginner's guide will help you make the most of your resources and assemble a powerful team faster, so you can get playing.

Complete all the quest and events, especially the ones that reward you with diamonds.
Complete all the quest and events, especially the ones that reward you with diamonds.

1. Complete All of the Daily Quests and Events

Complete all the daily quest and events, especially the ones that reward you with diamonds, like the daily training, participate five times in the arena—three times in the galactic duel, mystical treasure, training hall, etc. Diamonds are the most valuable currency in the game, and you will require a lot of them to progress faster.

Save Diamonds for the Advanced Gem Pack.
Save Diamonds for the Advanced Gem Pack.

2. Manage Your Diamonds Wisely

As I mentioned before, diamonds are the most valuable currency in the game, you can buy a lot of useful items with them, but I recommend you to save all your diamonds to buy only "Advanced Gem Packs," that provides you with 11 Advanced gems for the price of 10, Advanced Gems are used to summon random saints from B to "S" rank, this means these gems are the only chance for you to get a Saint rank S.

It is ok to occasionally buy stamina, especially if there is a quest that requires you to do it, but the main goal of your diamonds should always be to buy "Advanced Gem Packs," You can find this pack at the mall in the "Item" label.

Note: the first 20 advanced gems you use will guarantee a random Saint rank S, after that, the chances of getting one will decrease drastically.

Save and multiply your advanced gems in the fortune cat event.
Save and multiply your advanced gems in the fortune cat event.

3. Save your Advanced Gems for the Fortune Cat Event

Advanced gems provide you with the opportunity to get a Saint rank S or above, but the chance to get these saints it is minimal, so you will probably require a lot of advanced gems to get Saints rank S, so is always a good idea to save all the advanced gems to multiply them in the "Fortune Cat" event.

The Fortune Cat event works like this, using the cat will cost a number of advanced gems, but will give you a random amount of advanced gems higher than the cost, for instance, the first try will cost 30 advanced gems and the reward can be between 31 and 48 advanced gems, the second try will cost more but the reward increases as well and so on, this means, the more AG you save for this event, the more you will get.

The Fortune Cat event occurs once per month.

Do it every day!
Do it every day!

4. Complete the Advanced Pope's Treasure Every Day

There are two types of Pope's Treasure, the common and the advanced, you will get common treasure maps doing daily quest and events, these treasures will guarantee 10 stamina as a reward plus some other random items like Saint Shards, Gold, Diamonds, and material to create advanced Pope's Treasure maps. Usually, creating an advanced pope's treasure map will require you to use a lot of common maps, this could happen in several days, the advanced Pope's Treasure maps rewards are greater, including advanced gems, a larger amount of diamonds, a large amount of experience, Growth and Skill tome shards, and more.

Many players, particularly new ones, don't realize they can obtain the advanced Pope's Treasure rewards every day, since this event can be done with the help of other players (you have to defeat the guardians), you can always join other players, looking at the party section at the left side of your screen, click "Party Lobby" then go to "Pope's Treasure" at the left side and then join any other player waiting for help. If there are no players waiting, just keep refreshing until someone appears.

Complete the Advanced Pope's Treasure every day.
Complete the Advanced Pope's Treasure every day.

5. Do not Waste your Skill Tomes

You can level up the skill saints using copies of the same saint, "skill tomes" can be used to level up skill of any saint and are very valuable and hard to obtain. Do not use this tomes to enhance skills of saint rank B or A, save them only for saints rank S or SS, since obtaining copies of saints of these ranks is extremly unlikely, moreover, do not rush and waste all your skill tomes in the first saint rank S you got, if is not a useful saint for the formation you are planning to build.

Only use skill tomes on saints rank S or above
Only use skill tomes on saints rank S or above

6. Recommended Saints for New Players

There are many combinations, tactics and synergies in this game, as there are many saints, you will have to decide your final formation but I will show you below, some saints from rank B to A that are useful no matter what, you can safely invest resources in these saints as they can be helpuful either on PVE, PVP or both. Some of them are even mandatory to progress throught the main campaing and some other events.

Eagle Marin Rank A (Support)

Area of effect healer, you will get Eagle Marin for free but you should invest resources in her as you will definitely requiere her to progress faster in the main campaign and several events, she can be useful in player vs player too.

Max her second skill "Eagle god's technique" first.

Chameleon June Rank A (Support)
Chameleon June Rank A (Support)

Chameleon June Rank A (Support)

Chameleon June is one of the best defensive characters in-game, her second skill allows her to link all your saints and distribute the damage anyone receives, very useful in PVE and PVP as well.

Max her third skill "Chameleon Breath" first.

Kiki Rank B (Support)
Kiki Rank B (Support)

Kiki Rank B (Support)

A character with a unique skill, Kiki can generate 2 extra energy every turn, which is very useful for compositions with high energy cost skill saints, such as the grand pope, Kanon, Saga, etc. Kiki is useful in both PVE and PVP.

Max his third skill "A Flash of Wit" first.

Scylla Io Rank A (Damage)
Scylla Io Rank A (Damage)

Scylla Io Rank A (Damage)

Scylla Io is arguable the best Saint rank A, he is actually stronger than several Saints rank S, he can deal huge amounts of damage with his summon Scylla and also control once you leveled up enough his fourth skill. Scylla is useful almost in any team composition, as well as for PvE and PvP.

Max his fourth skill "Scylla's Power"

Kaitos Moses Rank B (Control)
Kaitos Moses Rank B (Control)

Kaitos Moses Rank B (Control)

Kaitos Moses is a control saint particularly useful for PvP, he can stun enemies almost guarantee with his low-cost skill or even with his basic attack, paired with Luna, he can stun two enemies per turn, he also has good speed, so you can stun the stronger enemies before they attack. Only invest in him if you want a control saint for PvP.

Max his third skill "Giant Cetus" first.

Was This Guide Helpful?

I hope you found this Saint Seiya Awakening guide useful and feel free to ask me anything about this game in the comment section below, I will reply for sure.

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