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"Scatter Hold ‘em" Review

Poker is my favorite hobby, only matched by my love for video games. I have ten+ years of poker experience to share in my poker game guides!

Scatter Hold ‘em is a poker game made by Murka.

In this review, I am going to explain what I think about Scatter Hold ‘em and describe the things I like and don’t like about the game.


How Is the Poker?

The poker in the game works very well. The controls are nice, and I like how everything works.

There are some minor things I wished the game had.

Poker games should have a four-color deck option. Having big card faces would be nice as well. I wish more games had these accessibility options.

I wish more games had the option to multi-table. But I suppose I need to accept that most people don’t play poker this way.

Overall the game works very well, and I don’t have any particular complaints.

By default, you can only play Texas hold ‘em. Though I suppose that is all most poker games need.

Now there are event game modes that allow you to play other poker games. I am going to explain later why I don’t like how these events are implemented in the game.

Here are the game modes you can play when these high roller events are active.

  • Sit and go tournaments
  • All-in on the flop
  • Royal hold ‘em
  • Texas hold ‘em with joker cards
  • Omaha hold 'em

The Game Is Very Generous

The game gives you many opportunities to get free chips. So if you don’t mind checking the game often, you can get a lot of free chips.

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The Scatter Hold ‘em Cups Are Fun

I love in-game rankings and leaderboards in poker games. The Scatter Hold ‘em cup events are very fun, and I look forward to them.

Doing well in these events requires players to win many hands.

The people who win and play ultra high stakes earn more points. But I feel this is still fair. Eventually, as I grow my bankroll, I also can play high stakes.

Game Presentation

Overall, the game looks good. I like the animations, and everything flows well.

The game has table items you can buy and use with other players. These are fun sometimes. The poker tables look neat, and I like the different themes.

One thing that stood out about this game and Scatter Slots is the choices in the artwork. They are interesting.

The sounds in the game are OK. There is nothing memorable, and I enjoy the game the same if it is muted.


The Leveling System Is Dumb

As you play the game, you can complete quests. You complete these quests to level up and to make progress in the game.

But this system is currently very flawed, and I am going to explain what is wrong with it.

To complete quests, you have to play extremely high stakes. I don’t like playing poker like this. I would rather play safe poker at stakes I can afford.

At first, I thought that if I just waited and saved chips, I could eventually have a nice bankroll and go back and do quests.

But no! As your bankroll grows, so do the stakes the game expects you to play. You can never catch up to those stakes, and you can never get ahead of them.

This system is demoralizing, and I hate it.

I got myself to level 10 to unlock something in the game. But I have decided to ignore the system, and I don’t bother completing quests anymore.

The easy fix to this system is to have quests be at lower stakes. Or have the stakes fixed so you can get ahead.

Quests seem like a way to get players to lose all their chips.

While playing poker, I often see players playing weirdly. They often have their whole stack on the table. I don't see how people can enjoy playing poker this way.

The High Stakes Poker Club Is Too Risky

When an event is called the High stakes Poker Club, I should not be surprised that the game expects you to play poker on the seat of your pants. But the stakes are a bit too high for me.

By forcing players to play such high stakes, I get the impression that the game wants you to run out of chips.

Most of the poker games found in High stakes Poker Club are odd. These games are not what people would play often. So it is easy to make mistakes and lose chips.

At first, I liked playing these game modes. But I quickly saw that these modes have the same issues that the quests have.

As you grow your bankroll, the stakes will forever be too high. You never can catch up.

I want to play different game modes without risking 20% of my entire bankroll on one hand of poker.

The fix here is easy. Allow players to select more stakes! That way, I can play at lower stakes.


I Am Not in Control of This Situation!

Scatter Hold ‘em does something that I despise in mobile gaming. The game takes control away from you and forces you to view certain screens. The game forces you to look at menus and screens after it starts. You can't skip this.

But that is not all! The game also frequently forces sales on you and often ends by opening the current high stakes club event.

Sometimes I open the game to play video poker for some bonus chips. But it takes minutes of just closing screens so I can finally open the screen I want.

This is not good design. Give me to option to have a fast start or something!


My Overall Thoughts on the Scatter Hold ‘em

Despite having multiple flaws, I still enjoy playing Scatter Hold ‘em.

Not all poker games work as expected or well. So when I do find one that works well, I want to keep playing it.

I don’t play Scatter Hold ‘em as often as some other poker games. But I play it when nothing else is going on in my other poker games.

Would I Recommend Scatter Hold ‘em?

I would recommend playing Scatter hold 'em. If you are OK with the odd art style, the game is fun.

If you want something more plain and straightforward, Zynga Poker or Poker Heat are good picks.

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