6 Tips for Winning HQ Trivia and Cash Show

Updated on June 6, 2018
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Lawrence has been a freelance writer for nearly a decade. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in mass communications from U of South Florida.

Sometimes Cash Show and HQ Trivia's twelve-question challenge seems impossible to beat. I spent months trying to claim a victory and earn myself some cold hard cash without any success. Then one night, the impossible became possible and somehow, I won. I reacted to my accomplishment like other winners I'd seen on Twitter. I screamed and celebrated, and I clearly didn't know how to control myself. They both have become one of the most popular mobile games on the market today. While it still suffers from glitches from time to time, it's definitely worth playing.

Even though I was thrilled to have won, the truth is that I only won $1.30. Still, it's free money for something that is fun to do, and playing can easily become addictive. The game's popularity continues to grow. As of Super Bowl Sunday 2018, the winning pot was increased to $8,000.

When I won my meager amount of cash, I realized that all of the previous losses I'd experienced had helped me become a better player. Of course, luck also played a role in my success, however, my understanding of how HQ Trivia and Cash Show works also helped. Here are six tips that will help you score big or small victories in HQ Trivia and Cash Show.


1. Correctly Answering the First Three Questions Is the Key to Victory

The first few questions that the HQ Trivia hosts, Scott Rogowski and Sarah Pribis, usually throw at you are no-brainers. If the first few questions are simple, that's an indication that the hosts aren't trying to trick you. Even if you aren't 100% sure about the answers to the questions, if something seems right, it usually is. Correctly answering these questions will get you off to a strong start.

HQ Trivia has had a variety of special guest hosts.
HQ Trivia has had a variety of special guest hosts. | Source

2. Understand Their Attempts to Stump Players

As you progress through the twelve questions, the game's level of difficulty increases. This gradual increase in difficulty weeds out thousands of players. The harder questions are supposed to trick people into selecting wrong answers. If a question arises fairly late in the game and it also seems easy, it's probably a trap. When I finally won, I figured out that the game tries to stump players with seemingly simple questions that are actually quite complex.

If you're really stumped by a question, use the process of elimination to make an educated guess. In most cases, you can eliminate at least one answer option, so find the one that seems least likely to be correct. While you may not know the answers to all twelve of the challenging questions, you still have a shot at winning if you guess wisely. Intelligent guessing is better than not guessing at all.

3. When it Comes to Questions About Amounts, the Answer Is Never the Middle Option

A common strategy for those taking any kind of test that asks questions about an amount is to select the middle choice. From what I have seen, this is not a successful strategy for HQ Trivia or Cash Show. One of the questions I encountered while playing asked how long bubblegum stayed in the human body. The correct answer was "about a day." However, most people select answers that seem to be a balance between the other extreme options. If you are stumped, choose either the high or low extreme answer. These are more likely to be correct.

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4. Ignore the Comments and Avoid Google

In HQ Trivia and Cash Show, there is a comment section that is full of juvenile comments and false answers. When the game starts, you have the option of ignoring the comments. I recommend that you do so, because the remarks from other players are only an annoying distraction. There are some players who attempt to use Google to find answers. However, because there is a short time limit for answering questions, searching for the correct response via search engine is a useless tactic.

5. Form Groups to Increase the Odds of Success

There is nothing wrong with playing HQ Trivia and Cash Show in a group. I've done it with a few friends, and I've also played via Google Hangout. It's really fun playing in a group and it is better to have three or four brains tackle a tough question, rather than play alone. HQ Trivia and Cash Show's questions cater to a wide range of people with different strengths. There are questions about sports, history, writing, literature, etc. It's a smart strategy to form a group that can cover all the different subjects that may come up during gameplay. If you don't know much about a particular topic, find someone who does and team up with them. Consider forming a group and split the winnings with those who help if your team beats the game.

6. Keep Watching Until the Game Ends

One of the most useful tips I have ever received from a fellow HQ Trivia player was to continue watching the game even if you have already lost. The mobile game lets you continue watching, and if you have time to kill, it's a great way to analyze the game and see what traps other players fall into.

Hopefully these tips will help players succeed and earn a bit of cash. If you have your own strategies to share or if these tips have been helpful, please leave a comment below. Good luck!

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