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How to Win at "Solitaire Blitz": Quick Tips

PopCap’s Solitaire Blitz (SB) is a fun and simple version of the original card game. Aimed at the casual gaming crowd, the game focuses more on ranks instead of suits and colors. All you have to do is play those that are higher or lower in rank than the card on the build pile.

In SB, players can compete against their friends’ score in their bid to top the online leaderboard. Also, the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea look and feel makes the game even more attractive. The treasure-hunting twist and the impressive nautical artwork are some aspects to look out for.

It's not chance that helps your score points; there’s also some strategy required to win. Here are some tips, hints, and tricks to get your card matches straight and score more points in Solitaire Blitz.

A Fun and Addictive Card Game

A Fun and Addictive Card Game

How to Play?

  1. You have some stacks, a deck to draw cards, and a build pile where all higher and lower ranked cards get moved onto the build pile(s). You don’t have to play the ranked cards in ascending or descending order. Any card from the stacks can be played in any order; the only condition is that the card’s rank has to be one higher or one lower than the rank on the build pile(s). Also, there is no color or suit-matching hassles.
  2. In SB, a total of 67 cards are dealt out to make 7 stacks. The rest 41 cards form the pile where players can draw card(s) in case they don’t find a high or low ranked card within those stacks. While drawing cards, they should remember that the 41-card pile can be used only once.
  3. The game has a 60-second time limit. When the game starts, the top card from the draw pile is revealed and placed on the build pile. This triggers the timer. Players will have to empty cards from the 7 stacks within the one-minute time limit. The more cards get moved onto the pile, the more they score.

Example: If the top card of the build pile is 7 spades, and suppose the stack has 8 hearts or 6 clubs, the player can click on any of these cards to move it onto the build deck. This also applies for all cards, including Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces. Players have a double advantage with Aces, which can be moved onto pile(s) containing Twos or Kings. The game will end once you the timer runs down, or when the player does not have any more moves.

When Do You Earn Bonus Points?

There are several card "combos" that earn you bonus points. Here are some combos:

  • Bonus points are earned when three build piles display cards having the same rank (example 3-3-3)
  • You can earn points when all three build piles display K, Q, and J.
  • You also earn bonus points with just two ranks, but you will have a play at least 6 in a row (example: 8-9-8-9-8-9)
  • Bonus points are earned when the cards are moved in descending or ascending ranks.

Solitaire Blitz Strategies to Win Levels

Before we delve deeper into some key scoring tips, we will first try to understand the various prerequisites that help a player’s score. But first the key scoring factors:

  • A player scores points for every correct move. Points are earned for every card moved onto the build pile.
  • Points are also scored for every playing card left in the draw pile. You also score points for the time left—this happens after you win the game by clearing all 7 stacks before the timer ends.
  • Another factor that earns you points is stack-clearing. Get rid of all playing cards from a stack to earn more points. The more stacks you get rid of, the more points you earn.
  • Players earn more points for every run. A “run” happens when a player moves multiple cards from the stacks onto the build pile. This should occur in a row, which means a player should play multiple cards without trying any wrong moves or moving a card from the draw pile.
  • You earn an extra 1000 points per card when you move four cards onto the pile in rapid succession. When you play the fourth card on a row, without clicking on any wrong card or drawing cards from the draw pile, you earn bonus points.
  • A card played or any cards left in the draw pile (in case you win) are eligible for “card multipliers”. Simply speaking, a card multiplier works like a score multiplier and multiplies points by 1, 2, 4, 5, and more. A multiplier is earned if you find a fish, which randomly appears while playing. Alternatively, you get fish when you perform a run. Every fish you get earns you a multiplier that multiples your card points by 2, 3 up to 9.

How to Score More Points?

Dexterity and some strategy are important elements to score more in Solitaire Blitz. You will need to play quickly before the timer runs out. You will also have to keep a track of cards to make a long run. Here are some more tips:

1. Before clicking on a card to move it onto the build pile, take a look around other 6 stacks and check whether there are cards that can be played on the run.

Example: Suppose the build pile has a 10 spades and the top cards of the stacks are 9 hearts, 8 clubs, 9 clubs, and 10 diamonds. You can clearly see a chance to make a run, or at least speed bursts. What you will do is move 9 clubs (or 9 hearts) onto the build pile, and then click on 10 diamonds, 9 hearts, and 8 clubs on a row to increase your score. (This is only an example, there might be other ranked cards, but I hope you’ve understood the logic).

2. When you stop clicking on cards for a moment, the game gives you a small hint – a small glow is seen around a card indicating that this card will go into the build pile. This hint can be extremely useful in circumstances where you are clueless as to which card to click. Sometimes when there’s no card to play, there will be a small glow around the draw tile, giving you a hint to draw a new card.

3. Never miss on a long run, because it will give you plenty of points. Also, chances of small bursts that allow players to play 4 cards give around 1000 points per card once the fourth card is clicked.

4. Keep your stacks balanced. This will definitely give you a better chance to clear all of them at the last moment. A part of this strategy is to play cards from stacks that have more playing cards than the ones that have few. While playing, don’t end up with one very long stack, it dampens the chances of clearing all stacks at the end.

5. Take advantage of “Time Lines”. A time line is a thick yellow line that appears behind those seven stacks. You will have to click on all the face-up cards that stand above this time line to gain an additional 20-second bonus time. This increases your time limit and gives you more chances to score.

6. Always try to make long runs. Remember that you get a multiplier for clicking 10 cards in a row. This has to be done without clicking on the wrong cards or any card from the draw pile. Every 10 clicks on a row earns you a score multiplier, which multiplies your card points by 2, 3 4 up to 9. (To learn more about bonus points, check out the blue tip box in this section)

Hints and Tricks

  • Clear stacks to uncover hidden treasures, which can be anything from rare antiques to crabs to conch shells and sparkling gems. These treasures are kept hidden behind stacks and if you clear any stack, you “unlock” a treasure, which is quickly turned into Silver. You can buy boosters using the Silver earned.
  • Before the cards are dealt to form 7 stacks, you will have a few seconds to catch a glimpse of those hidden treasures. The ones that have a small glow around them are rare stuff, and this means you will have to empty those stacks that conceal them. These rare treasures convert into more silver than the normal ones.
  • As you progress, you will find two additional build piles. This means you will have three piles to move your higher or lower ranked cards. But the additional two piles will be locked. To unlock them, you will have to look for a card with a key attached to it. You will quickly identify such “key cards” because they have a small ribbon tied at the end. Once you click on a key card, a new build pile gets unbolted. You will now have more than one pile to deal cards and this will give you more chances to move cards quickly.
  • Make the best use of the Joker. Use it quickly if you find a potential “run,” i.e., a moment where there’s a chance to move multiple cards. Remember there are only two Jokers in the stacks or the draw pile.
  • Don’t panic if you didn’t click on the treasures. They automatically get converted into silver and added to your kitty. However, I would advise you to hover your mouse over these treasures to ascertain their value.
  • Earn more silver. This will give you a chance to buy "boosts" that help players score quickly. Some bestow extra time, while others give extra cards, and even extra jokers. You can also buy in packs by paying cash.
  • In SB, fishes play a key part in leveling up and getting multiplier. You get fish for a successful 10-card run. There are also random fish encounters that might get triggered with a playing card clicked. Every fish discovered gets added to the fish meter. The game will task players to collect an X number of fish to level up, which earns you Energy and a brand new playing card deck. The latter is just for novelty purposes and does not serve any importance.
  • Like other Facebook games, this game lets players send free gifts. You will have to hit the “Free Gifts” link at the top of the game screen to access plenty of aquatic gifts. But remember that you can send one gift to one friend in an hour.
  • There’s a pause icon just below the timer. Click on it if you think you’ll play the game after some time.

Questions and Suggestions Welcome

The gorgeous island allows plenty of ways to earn points. This addictive weekend pastime is still in the works and is soon going to be a huge social blockbuster joining the ranks of other popular social games. And since the game’s developed by PopCap, expect some more fireworks, enhancements, and improvements in the coming days.

All screenshots taken by the writer (screenshots are courtesy of PopCap Games)


Alice Meier on September 20, 2014:

I am stuck!!!!!!! I cannot get past level 10. WHat is the problem?? Also, I can't keep my friends scores in view, and can't seem to find a way to get points they give me. HELP!!!

sapphira on August 04, 2013:

In order to get a high score do you have to use 3 boosts and buy silver and energy?? thanks.

Cheryl on July 15, 2013:

The deck turns over ,how ever many piles you have ? Obviously if you are picking from the deck you have no turn to take . It is giving you 1 - or 2- or 3 more options to take more turns at getting rid of your piles .

lisa on May 08, 2013:

How can i get around having to have friends or paying money for level 7/

Helen on April 15, 2013:

When I click the deck it turns 2 cards over at a time - very annoying - what can I do to change this, someone mentioned chrome browser but i dont know what that is?

Michelle on January 31, 2013:

How many islands are there? I finished island 11 and it won't let me progress :-(

thistleneedle on October 05, 2012:

Why does my score go backward, ie. less points, when I have won a game? Several of my friends refuse to play this one any more because of the scoring errors. Anyone else having this problem?

Gail Deming on August 30, 2012:

The best combination for me is 1. extra time 2. run finder 3. extra cards I was able to get to a win streak of 440 & score 1,053,840.... wasted a lot of time doing it though!

samandlyle on August 05, 2012:

why does it sometimes say opps you can not claim this reward. i understand the one that says opps you already claimed this reward. i get this when i try to claim off my newsfeed from other players.

Ellen on June 14, 2012:

Does anyone know how much each of the free gifts is worth? No value appears if I hover over them.

Sam on May 01, 2012:

"Players have a double advantage with Aces, which can be moved onto pile(s) containing Twos or Kings"

Can you explain how that is an advantage?

Krisbeth on April 29, 2012:

I love this game but sometimes my score doesn't go up when I play even though I received points. Any ideas? It's frustrating and happens a lot.

Judy on April 28, 2012:

I cannot usually play the glowing card.

Cheryl on April 26, 2012:

Which boosts do you recommend and how do I tell what level I'm on? Do increased levels really matter, other than getting more energy when you pass one?

Sharilee Swaity from Canada on April 16, 2012:

This is my new favourite FB game. There's something about it that's really fun. Thanks for the overview!

Barry Murphy on April 04, 2012:

Just started playing 2 weeks ago, but playing silitaire for many years.My problem, have over 275,000 for past week and playing with this 275,000 for a week can't get any more points to get past this.The only thing that goes up is the fish count,300 now and only about 3 hours.How are points calulated? thanks

Cindy on April 04, 2012:

How do I turn the sound off? I like to play with watching a TV show so the sounds are annoying.

Tami on April 01, 2012:

@Donna: This game is like tri-peaks or other pyramid games. You click one number higher or lower than the number showing on the stack.

cathy on March 26, 2012:

Thank you Dave...great tip!

David on March 25, 2012:

cathy just click on the boost in the circle and it will return to the base of boosts. it is automatic, so before the game begins you just need to unclick the boosts and it won't use all your silver until you want it to. also if you are wanting to use boosts to get a better score don't use the extra time one, when you finish the game you dont get the 30 seconds from that boost as bonus extra points. hope this helps

cathy on March 25, 2012:

I just started playing this game and don't understand the boosts...are they all do you turn them off...they are really using up all my silver

cathy on March 25, 2012:

How do I stop the automatic boost for extra time 1000.

I bought one first thing this morning and been playing on day and it won't stop and is using up all my silver

David Foster on March 22, 2012:

also do you know how much points you get with higher runs? is there a possible 100 run bonus? would be an amazing/lucky game, but just wondering, and also what is the highest score you have seen, so far 595,000 last week was my highest, using 3 boosts, but today i got that 55 run and got 525,000 using no boosts, so there is prob games that would be better and just wondering what the highest score is :D cheers

David Foster on March 22, 2012:

another way you can earn bonus points is getting a run of 50, i just got a score of 500k because i did a run of 50, also you should mention game streaks, 17 game streaks gets you around 35,000 points added to your score. hardly enough but every little bit counts

Laura Knobel-Piehl on March 20, 2012:

How come when I go to "Send Gifts" sometimes certain friends will be available to send stuff to, and sometimes they won't be there? I've even toggled between All Friends, Solitaire Blitz friends and Invited.

Anurag Ghosh (author) on February 09, 2012:

@Donna It's a simple, social version on Solitaire. You don't have to focus on suits and colors, only the ranks. The game is available on Facebook and is in beta phase.

Donna Cosmato from USA on February 09, 2012:

This looks like lot of fun, thanks for tipping me to its existence. In your opinion, is this a high-tech variation of Spider Solitaire? It sounds like it by the description of the play:)