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Updated on February 10, 2018
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From Armorgames and Krin comes a re-imagining of the cult classic Sonny! This mobile game was released on Android in 2017. This game is a magnificent reboot of the Sonny series and it breaths new life into the franchise while keeping the gameplay fundamentally the same as it was in the original.

Sonny - Combat Trailer


Much like the 1st Sonny game, you (playing as Sonny) are about to turn into a zombie when Louis injects you with some sort of serum. You keep all your mental faculties, but you cannot remember anything prior to your resurrection.

Louis names you Sonny and he shows you how to use your newfound abilities. He is then murdered by the very people meant to save him, the ZPCI (Zombie Pest Control Incorporated). After you take care of the ZPCI soldiers, you get onto a lifeboat and move towards the mainland. During your travels, you bump into a medic in a robotic suit (Veradux), a mad scientist (Dr. Herregods), a rogue ZPCI soldier (Karantha) and a witch hunter (Zakk) who is the last of his tribe.

As you and your newfound friends travel across the world, you realize that there is an evil plot to destroy humanity and create super-zombies, much like Sonny, but evil.

Now Sonny and his eclectic group of comrades must battle hordes of zombies, super-zombies, cyborgs, and even a velociraptor with guns grafted onto it to save humanity from this newfound super-zombie threat.

New Features

Evo-Bar(Evolutions): This is a new feature for everyone familiar with the Sonny games. You get the Evo-bar in Stage 2-4 of the game (the Teras Jungle). After you attack with Sonny several times, a yellow bar will fill up. When it does, you are able to “evolve” an ability. When you hold on an ability, you are presented with one of 3 evolutions of that ability. You can even evolve abilities on cooldown and you can evolve the same ability multiple times, though you can only have one evolution per ability.

I love the evolutions because it adds an improvisational element to the game. It also allows you to balance or enhance your builds on the fly. If you pick a bad evolution during a fight, then it may ruin your chances of winning the battle.

Strains: Strains allow Sonny to control an element in a game. Elements include the following: Ice, Shadow, Lightening, Fire and Nature. You are able to gain 2 strains in the game, the first strain is learned at the end of Teras Jungle after you defeat the Corrupter and the second strain is learned at the end of the Thunder labs stage after you defeat Celeste.

I love the strains because it provides another new feature for Sonny fans to enjoy as well as allow players to customize Sonny to the play style of the player. Because you get to pick 2 strains, you can either balance out your builds or you can further enhance them.

Different Strains Sonny can have
Different Strains Sonny can have


Gameplay: The game play is very addictive and the controls are easy to remember. The tutorial explains everything very well. Most enemies and bosses require one to plan which allies you will use as well as what abilities you will bring into battle.

Story: The story revitalizes the Sonny series and brings it into the mobile platform. It also lets people new to Sonny to enjoy the games.

Soundtrack: David Orr has outdone himself once again. The soundtrack for Sonny is epic and makes playing the game even more enjoyable. To listen and even purchase some of the songs, go here (

Cinematics: The story board style of the cinematics made it fun to watch and made it feel like I was reading an interactive comic book.

What can be added/Cons

Listed below are some features that I believe can make the game better:

PVP: I believe that a PVP would give players the opportunity to battle each other and add an element of fun to the game. I also think it would also be fun to challenge other players and seeing different builds fight each other.

Voice Acting: One of the best thing about both the Sonny Games is the superb voice acting. In the mobile games, there is a very brief amount of voice acting from random characters along with some random grunts. I was looking forward to hearing some good voice acting while playing the game and I was disappointed that I heard very little of it.

Items with dark defense in Blackhall Keep: At Blackhall Keep, most of the enemies use the shadow element and there are no items in the shop that give your team any shadow protection, adding some items with shadow resistance will make this level of the game much easier.

Ability to control AI: Another feature that Sonny fans are familiar with is the ability to have some control over the AI of your allies. This feature was not in the mobile games and as a result, I lost several battles because Veradux and Dr. Herregods attacked when I wanted them to heal.

I believe that having some control of the AI will add another level of strategy for players to mull over as the grind through the game

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Here are some things I have learned while playing the game:

  • Don't spend all of your ability points on one ability, it is better to have flexibility so you can change builds as needed and so you can save money from having to constantly respec every few fights.
  • Control builds will be more favorable near the end of the game.
  • Do not sell any legendary items (purple items), particularly the plasma barrier you get in the Thunder Labs and it is the only item you receive that has any shadow defense going into Blackhall Keep.
  • Fully upgrade Bleed. This ability is very useful, especially against enemies with high defense and HP.
  • When fighting Grosk, be sure to have Reform or any ability that can remove debuffs because Burn gives a lot of damage. Be sure to stun him when he uses hunger strike because he gains a huge amount of health.

The only item with shadow defense until you beat Blackhall Keep
The only item with shadow defense until you beat Blackhall Keep

Final Verdict

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed playing the Sonny mobile game. The game was addictive and has lots of replay value. It allowed me to play a game I enjoyed as a child. The mobile version manages to keep what makes Sonny great while adding some new features. This is a game I recommend for people who are familiar with the Sonny franchise and even newcomers to the games. This is a fun game for everyone to play. I hope that there is a Sonny 2 and it is just as good if not better than this one.

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