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Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Defense Cards

Updated on June 11, 2016

Pattern, Defense, and Repair Cards from the Trexels mobile game.

The Skirmish PvP/PvAI game in Star Trek Trexels allows players to assemble a fleet of ships to go head to head with other fleets. To win those battles, players need to know what kind of defense cards to use.

There are two kinds of defense cards: Repair and Patterns. Repair cards add shield and hull points back to a ship. Pattern cards represent maneuvers and add to a ship's defense, making it more difficult to damage the ship.

Update 2016.06.11: Updated and combined tables with info from latest release. There isn't a need for separate tables for Patterns and Defense/Repair cards.

Pattern card
Pattern card | Source

Quick Hints

  • Pattern and repair cards count as the same type of card, meaning that you'll be able to add one or the other.
  • Higher tier cards aren't necessarily better than lower tier cards. For example, Pattern Delta V is a Tier II card but is superior to Tier III pattern cards except Pattern Omega VI.
  • At higher Battle Group levels, Tier I repair cards aren't very useful. Consider using pattern cards instead.

Repair and Defense Card Notes

"Repair Cards" are those that repair hull, shields, or cancel DoT and debuff attacks. "Defense Cards" simply protect the ship from damage. I separated Defense from Pattern cards only because the game does so.

There aren't any Tier II repair or defense cards, so there's a jump from TI to TIII. It's best to start using the pattern cards in Battle Group II. The damage healed by TI repair cards don't do much as far as the fight goes.

Pattern Card Notes

Pattern cards are different from Defense cards only in that the game separates them. Other then that, there's only slight differences in what a Pattern card does and what a Defense card does.

Although Pattern Delta V has the highest overall percentage of damage avoided, it lasts only 2 rounds. In most cases, that is enough. However, throwing a few Pattern Omega II's in the mix might be called for to extend the longevity of some of your weaker ships.

So far, there aren't any rare versions of Pattern cards up to Battle Group III.

(click column header to sort results)
Deflector Pulse
Deflect all damage effects
Pattern Beta IV
Reduces damage by 25% for one round
Pattern Beta VI
Reduces damage by 50% for 2 rounds.
Power to Structural Integrity
Repair Hull
Repair Hull +100
Reroute Power to Shields
Repair Shield
Repair Shield +100
Pattern Delta IV
Reduces damage by 35% for 2 rounds
Pattern Delta V
Reduces damage by 75% for 2 rounds
Pattern Gamma IV
Reduces damage by 25% for 2 rounds
Pattern Gamma VI
Reduces damage by 50% for 2 rounds
Pattern Omega II
Reduces damage by 35% for 3 rounds
Ablative Hull Armor
Reduces damage by 50% over 5 rounds.
Power Transfer
Repels incoming damage for one turn
Bravo Six Maneuver
Auto Fire for 3 Rounds (70 HP); Reduces Incoming Damage by 50%
Pattern Theta I
Reduces damage by 25% for 3 rounds
Pattern Theta II
Reduces damage by 50% over 3 rounds.
Pattern Omega VI
Reduces damage by 75% over 3 rounds.
USS Armstrong Skirmish Ship
USS Armstrong Skirmish Ship | Source

Ship and Defense Card Strategy

I used the USS Armstrong for most of my BGIII battles, even though it's a tier 2 ship. I choose this ship because of it's massive shield and hull points. I don't want to waste a card draw on a tier 1 repair card because the low tier repair cards do so little. Instead, I equip my Armstrong with the Delta V Pattern.

However, after several battles, I might be an Armstrong or two short. When I equip weaker ships, like the USS Planck, I do indeed include repair cards in the mix. The idea is to have the weaker ships draw fire long enough to prevent any damage to the hull of the Armstrong.

What's your strategy with ships and defense cards? Leave a comment below and let us know.

© 2016 PaxLamprey


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    • PaxLamprey profile image

      PaxLamprey 3 months ago from Denver, CO

      @Kogun Although I'm not up to BG5 yet, I did figure out how to use your method in BG4 with only one ship. Maybe this will work in BG5?

      The Kogun Power Transfer Method (what I'm calling this) needs two Power Transfer cards and two Plasma Torpedo cards. It doesn't matter if it's divided in two ships or all in one ship. So any ship with at least two LIII slots can use this method singularly.

      For example, the "KRE Kyana" has four LIII slots. Load two Power Transfer and two Plasma Torpedo III and this one ship is as effective as two ships with one of each card.

      Add high-boost officers and Worf and/or Sulu (or similar officer cards that cause the enemy to miss a turn or prevent damage to your ship) to offset the chance of running out Power Transfer cards.

      I ran this method with a single Cheyenne-class ship with two Power Transfers and two Plasma Torpedo II Rares and was able to defeat everything the AI threw at me. I had both Worf and Sulu with two 12% boost officers.

      If there's only one ship in the fleet, it won't matter how random or intelligent the AI is because there is only one target.

      Again, I still have around 200 battles to go to get to BG5. I'm just theorizing all of this.

    • Kogun profile image

      3 months ago from Vancouver

      BG5 AI seems to target at random, or more intelligently. The 2 ship tactic does not work, as is, for BG5. Sorry. If I find another tactic I'll post.

    • PaxLamprey profile image

      PaxLamprey 3 months ago from Denver, CO

      @Kogun Your tip works extremely well! Add in the 10% to 12% boosting officers with a Worf and Sulu and your suggestion is unstoppable. Used it during the Terror event and kicked butt all the way through with the same two ships.

    • PaxLamprey profile image

      PaxLamprey 4 months ago from Denver, CO

      @Kogun I'll definitely give that a try. Thanks!

    • Kogun 4 months ago

      BG4, 2 ships, 3 cards each. A strong ship and a weak(er) ship, easier if they are different designs. Both use Plasma torpedo III, only one each. Strong gets 2 Power transfer. Weak gets one Power transfer and I add a Power to structural integrity (repair hull) if needed. Put Power transfer on the weak ship, the AI always seems to target the weaker ship. 3 out of 5 or 6 cards, the Power transfer seems to show up enough for me to rarely get damage. This set-up has made BG4 skirmishes very nice vs. AI. Hope it helps.

      I didn't go into officers because it gets complicated.

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