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Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Officers

Updated on September 27, 2016
Scotty | Source

Star Trek Trexels is a mobile game that allows the player to build their own Star Trek-universe ship. One of the features of Trexels is the Skirmish mode, in which players put together fleets of up to five ships to fight against other players and the game's AI.

Officer cards are the game-winners of Skirmish. With evenly matched fleets, the player with better officer cards is going to win. Drawing the right officer card at the right time will give under-matched players a victory. Drawing four more cards or making your fleet invulnerable for two turns will win the game.

Updated 2016.09.27: Added newer officers.

Update 2016.06.11: Updated table with costs and put in order of my favorites.

Officer Card Notes

Since all of a player's default crew has one to three percent bonuses, I didn't include those. There are plenty of officer cards that give bonuses. I did list the three officers that give an above three percent bonus.

The Sulu officer card is free after the tutorial.

Note that many more officer cards will be coming. Skirmish is still in a sort of Beta build and there will be many changes over the course of time.

The table below lists officers in the order that I find most useful. Keep in mind that personal play styles and individual strategies vary.

Trexels Skirmish Officers

(click column header to sort results)
Officer Name  
Skirmish Effect  
Hikaru Sulu
All ships dodge weapon damage for two rounds
Cloaks allied ships, doesn't take damage for two turns
James T. Kirk
Play two more cards
Seven of Nine
Restores a destroyed ship and all its cards.
Pavel Chekov
Enemy ships cannot fire or repair for one turn
Jean-Luc Picard
Stun enemy ships for one turn
William Riker
Reflects damage at enemy ship that fired
Next repair card can be used twice
Katherine Janeway
Weapons do 50% more damage for two turns
Increases hull strength of all ships by 30%
Montgomery Scott
Fully replenish shields of all ships
Ghost ship appears and fires at random enemies for 2 rounds.
B'Elanna Torres
Increases shield strength of all ships by 30%
Leonard McCoy
All discarded officers are back in the queue
Natasha Yar
Next weapon card can be used twice
Disable enemy shields for two turns
Meteroite shower damages all enemy ships by 20%.
Harry Kim
Steals a random card from the enemy and adds it to the player deck.
Miranda Jones
Next weapon card affects adjacent ships
Geordi La Forge
Replenishes the shields of adjacent ships
Next repair card affects adjacent ships
Katherine Pulaski
Shield does not reduce for one turn
HP does not reduce for one turn
Beverley Crusher
Random discarded officer returns to the queue
Deanna Troi
Play one more card
The Doctor
Play one extra repair/maneuver card
Tom Paris
Play one extra weapon card
Wesley Crusher
Enemy player cannot repair ships for two rounds
Nyota Uhura
Reveals enemy's three cards in queue for next turn
Jose Mendez
Boosts card abilities by 12%
Lieutenant Galloway
Boosts card abilities by 12%
Lieutenant Hadley
Boosts card abilities by 12%
Doctor Mark Piper
Boosts card abilities by 11%
Lieutenant Brent
Boosts card abilities by 11%
Gary Mitchell
Boosts card abilities by 10%
Lieutenant Kyle
Boosts card abilities by 10%
Doctor M'Benga
Boosts card abilities by 9%
Boosts card abilities by 6%
Janice Rand
Boosts card abilities by 5%
Boosts card abilities by 5%
Mashish Ehra
Boosts card abilities by 4%
*Cost is in Dilithium in the Recruits store.
Hikaru Sulu Officer Card in Skirmish
Hikaru Sulu Officer Card in Skirmish | Source

My Favorites

My three favorite three officer cards for Skirmish are:

  • James T. Kirk: "Play two more cards." What's not to love about drawing two more cards in your turn? This card will destroy the enemy fleet if drawn at the right time. Always play Kirk before any other card!
  • William Riker: "Reflects damage at enemy ship that fired." There's something awesome about watching an opponent's attack get sent back to them.
  • Hikaru Sulu: "Ship dodges all weapon damage for two rounds." Actually, the Worf card has a similar effect. But the Sulu card has a slight advantage: It's free!

Spock Officer Card in Skirmish
Spock Officer Card in Skirmish | Source

My Least Favorites

Note that I don't hate the three cards listed below. I simply haven't found a good use for them in a skirmish. When I added them to my ships, they ended up being a waste of card pulls. Perhaps a smarter player can use them more advantageously than I.

  • Nyota Uhura: "Reveals enemy's three cards in queue for next turn." I haven't found that knowing what my opponent is going to draw is useful. There might be cards in the future that can target the opposition's cards, but for now, there isn't. I would rather draw a nice Tier III weapon card that this one.
  • Svon: "Next repair card affects adjacent ships." After Battle Group II, players aren't going to use many repair cards. At least, I don't. Again, this card would be a waste to pull.
  • Spock: "Disable enemy shields for two turns." At the beginning, I thought this was a great card. However, it made only a very slight difference overall. There are two scenarios where disabling the opponent's shield won't win the game: First, you've already destroyed their shield, second, you can't muster the fire power to destroy the hull (hit points). I leave it out of my deck to make room for killer attacks.

Again, I'm not going to say the cards above are bad. I just haven't found a way to use them effectively in the game. Equipping ships with officer cards that offer a straight bonus (such as L'Nel or Janice Rand) seems more effective to me.

Your Hints, Tips, and Ideas for Trexels Officer Cards

Use the comment section below to leave your own take on Trexels officer cards. Do you have a killer combo? A favorite or a least favorite?


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    • Jesse Ulrich profile image

      Jesse Ulrich 7 months ago

      Maybe I am missing something, but how do you play the Officer cards? I click on them during a battle like I do the other cards, but nothing happens. Obviously I am doing something wrong. Please help!

    • PaxLamprey profile image

      PaxLamprey 7 months ago from Denver, CO

      @ Jesse You target your own ships with Officer cards, even if they affect your opponents.

    • Goss Knett 6 months ago

      It seems that the Troi card is pointless as you effectively replace the card with the next in your queue when you play it. Am I missing something there?

    • PaxLamprey profile image

      PaxLamprey 3 months ago from Denver, CO

      @Goss Knett You're not missing anything. AFAIK it's a useless card.

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