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"Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes" Guide and Review

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Today we're taking a look at the newest Star Wars themed mobile game: Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. This is a pretty simple hero gathering game that is easy to pick up and play. Fans of the Star Wars series will recognize several of their favorite characters such as Darth Vader, Han Solo, Luke, and Leia all while using them to wage war across the galaxy. Players can also take the bounty hunter approach and hunt Jedi among the stars by conquering rivals on the PvP ladder or in Galactic Conquest.

Sabacc Anyone?

Sabacc Anyone?

The main lobby or Cantina has several options as shown above. It's a pretty neat lobby and has a lot of cool things going on. I really dig the R2-D2 unit serving drinks. There are also some additional areas if you scroll the screen right or left such as Challenges or Galactic Conquest.

The Galactic Conquest section unlocks at level 40. In this mode, you will use all of your characters in a survival/endurance mode one team at a time. You will not heal after each battle so planning out how you are going to take out each mission is key.

The Squad Cantina unlocks at level 28 and uses its own stamina for the missions inside. You can make a team using characters from either faction. One of the best areas to farm character shards and money together. Check the relevant subsection for more info.

Shipments are groups of items that can be purchased once every 6 hours after which they will randomly change. The items can vary from equipment or materials around your level to training mods. Each item will cost gold or gems so decide carefully what's worth purchasing. I prefer to buy the rarer equipment and pass on the rest since training droids are very plentiful. Gold is easy to come by when you're a low level but dries up surprisingly fast!

Data Cards are where you can make your in-app purchases. There are several different options and various rewards. There are different bundles that unlock according to your character level too.

You can see the bundles and info below in the In-app purchases guide.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Jedi Knight Anakin

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Jedi Knight Anakin

The "Main Story" would be the Light Side and Dark Side Missions. These battles have players take one of the respective light side or dark side teams and fight through as many missions as they can to unlock new character shards and equipment. These battles are generic after a while and players will spend most of their stamina on sims or in autobattle. This is a great place to spend some gems also. The first refills on your stamina only cost 50 gems and provide 20 Sims. Sims let you complete battles without spending the time actually fighting them as long as you have 3* them previously. Occasionally the difficulty will ramp up and you'll have to backtrack for a while to upgrade gear. Note here, I've heard that the difficulty ramp on 4L Light Side Missions may be due to a bug that will be fixed soon. The combat flows pretty smoothly and the different animations look neat and feel true to the series. Count Dooku's force lightning alone is worth his purchase.

Challenges are daily missions that reward a lot of great items. Players might find themselves having some difficulty if they do not have the proper characters. Depending on what unique event is occuring players will earn Training Droids, Gear, or Mining Droids. Check the Challenges Subsection for more details and to find out when challenges appear.

Consensus: B-

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a decent app and a fun game. There isn't anything too new or exciting here outside of some cool Star Wars content. It's fairly pay-to-win if you're only after PvP dominance. The cash shop items are either expensive or gacha gambling. The first 3 big bundles you can get cost 120$ altogether! The meat of the content is in the characters and lore though. If you're a fan of the series it's definitely worth checking out. If you are looking for more help or info, read on!


Where Do I Start?

It can be a bit overwhelming when you first start and all the notifications fly at your inbox. No worries! I'll break down what you need to do each day and how it helps you progress

  • Complete ALL of your daily activities: These give a massive amount of XP and Rewards. As long as you complete these every day you are well on your way. This is easily a free 400+ XP each day.
  • Use up all your energy wisely! Look at your characters and see what they need before doing missions. Try to ensure that not only are you getting XP but that you are also getting gear that you can use to upgrade your characters. The XP is the same for all levels so don't worry about running early missions to get what you need. Personally, I prefer to farm all the missions that have the character shards I want first. Then I go for equipment for my main team starting with the strongest until the equipment they will need crafted is too high a level for them. When you get to galactic conquest at level 40 you will need every character so don't worry about having extra low-level equipment.
  • Spend all of your Cantina Energy (Lvl28): Use your cantina energy to do new quests or grind for the character shards you want. Doing this each day can easily net 5+ character shards and over 15k Gold.
  • Upgrade your character's abilities: Use the ability upgrades you've gotten from Cantina and challenges to upgrade your best abilities on your long-term characters.
  • Do all of your arena battles: The arena battles reward Arena Tokens which can be used for high-rank characters from the Arena Shipments and daily Gems each day. Rank up as high as you can here. The Tokens and Gems will give you a lot of power towards fixing a team.
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As long as you can finish all of these each day you will be way on your way to being one of the galaxy's fiercest bounty hunters!

Jabba approves.

Jabba approves.

Data Cards / In-App Purchases

Here I'll break down each of the in-app purchases I have seen or purchased myself and my own personal opinion of them and the cash shop. It's your stereotypical cash shop with in-game currency and progression shortcuts. There are also bundle packs with unique time-limited items. The bundles are tied to character levels. Once a player hits a certain level for each pack, a message will appear showing a limited time offer of 10 days to purchase in the Data Cards store. So far there are 4 packs. The cheaper pack appears first then the next couple over a few levels. This feels like a way to lead players into buying the cheaper packs before seeing all of the options.

On the whole, I feel like most of the IAPs are too expensive and offer way too little value for your dollar. The gems and pack purchases are also very poor overall. Each pack can give a character OR a shard(s) that can be used to unlock them. This is important to take notice of as a player can purchase 30$ in Chromium packs and end up with anywhere from 3*s 4*s to only a couple 1–2 stars or even worse not even unlocking a character at all. If you open up a character you already have it will be converted into shards. Gamble Wisely. Also, check my guide on rerolling if you just want to start with your favorite character!

  • Monthly Gem Pack 4.99$: This is your standard 4.99 for a month of in-game currency. You get 300 gems on the first day and 100 gems for the next 21. I feel like EA is being a bit cheap here only giving you 20 odd days. Value over Regular Gems - A+ - Purchased
  • 3* Dooku Starter Pack 4.99$: Top Tier PvPer. This is a solid purchase. Dooku is a beast of a character with 100% counter attack and a stun that works great against Jedi. Great addition to a new team and the pack comes with some extras such as 500 gems. Value over Gems - A+ - Purchased
  • 4* Assasin Droid Bundle 24.99$: Comes with 4* HK-47, IG-88 3* and 1*, shards, training droids, 100,000 credits. Not really a good purchase. Most of the top decks in Galaxy of Heroes seem to be running more jedi/sith based strategies and teams. The droid synergy can be a bit nice. Doesn't mix well with Dooku starter. HK-47 Is a tank and can put out some heavy damage so check his info out in characters and make sure he'll really work for you before you drop money on this. Value over Gems - D - Pass
  • 4* Jedi Starter Bundle 39.99$: Comes with 4* Mace Windu, 2* Jedi Knight Guardian, Shards, training droids, 300,000 credits. Mace Windu is all you're getting out of this but he's a great character. This would be an awesome bundle if it wasn't so damn expensive. It sucks that for this much there are just no gems included. Only consider this one if you need him to rank high on Star War's leaderboards. I would much rather gamble my gems on packs and try to open a couple 3* or a 4* there. Value over Gems - C - Pass
  • 4* Heroine Starter Bundle 49.99$: Comes with 4* Barriss Offee, 3* Asaji Ventress, 2* Ahsoka Tano, 1* Nightsister initiate, Shards, Training Droids, 350,000 credits. This is the first real pack and has some great characters in it. Barriss is a tanky massive healer while Asaji and Ahsoka bring some heals and pain of their own. If you are looking to be competitive then Bariss is the way to go. She has nearly the highest HP in the game. Unfortunately, this is the greediest pack yet from EA and really tries to hammer some pay to win into the game. The lack of gems in a 50$ bundle really hurts. Don't buy this unless absolutely needed for leaderboards. Value over Gems - C+ - Pass

Fortunately, the game is rather new and with the exorbitant prices EA wants for the bundles combined with the luck required to actually draw anything from purchased packs F2P or micro players can do rather well for themselves on a budget here. Most players seem to be wary of chasing money in the cash shop. The top players of the ladder generally may have a bundle for themselves if not just a single 3* or 4*. If you want the best value out of this game you need to reroll accounts until you get a good 4*+ starter and only stick with the best of the IAP if any.


How to Make Gold in Galaxy of Heroes

As I said earlier, gold is the scarcest resource in Galaxy of Heroes. I have seen a lot of players burn through that early level goodness and get stumped wondering how do I level my characters now? No worries! With a little planning and knowledge you'll soon be rolling in credits and Twi'leks.

  1. Squad Cantina Battles: Each battle here gives you 1k gold. Each stamina refill here will net you 15k
  2. Challenges: Challenges such as the Bounty Hunter Challenge offer great amounts of gold. I normally get 100k + easily when they appear.
  3. Selling Items: You can sell any extra items you pick up though they may not be worth much. Simply click the Sell Items icon beneath the Characters Icon. Sort by value and enjoy!


As players are battling across the galaxy they will start to accrue mods and gear that can be equipped to specific characters. This can be a bit confusing at first since the game doesn't explain it too well but you will quickly get the hang of it.

Each character starts at Gear Level 1 and when a player fills each slot they can "level" up a character's gear level and equip the next set level. When you first equip a character the stats are added as a bonus in blue as seen to the right. After hitting the next gear level your character will "absorb" or "eat" the gear and gain the stats permanently.

IE, A Gear Level 1 character has +100 HP bonus from his gear. When you fill every slot and level him he will now be Gear Level 2 with a permanent 100 HP added to his base stats. Choose carefully what characters to train and gear as this can really eat into your limited gold supply but there is no better way to gain stats outside of straight XP or promotion.


Get this guy early!

Get this guy early!

Light Side and Dark Side Missions

This area is pretty straight forward and makes up the bulk of each player's day. After selecting a faction to play through players will make the best team out of each respective side and battle through each level to unlock different equipment and character shards. The nice thing about Galaxy of Heroes is that the experience isn't different across levels. 1 stamina = 1 xp. This lets you focus on leveling or acquiring what you want without getting behind other players. The hard missions, as seen above, have a chance to drop 1 character shard for their respective character and can be challenged 3 times a day without spending shards. These missions will cost 12 stamina each instead of the normal 6. They are also fairly tough compared to their normal counterparts.

Plan out your daily stamina usage carefully. Stamina can be refilled at first for 50 gems which is a solid purchase to get some much-needed experience. It will also come with 20 sims players can use to skip the hassle of farming some of the equipment they need. Hard missions are best done first each day to unlock characters as they can take quite a while to unlock depending on a player's luck. After that, focus on the levels that have gear relevant to your characters. Training droids come with about every mission so don't worry about getting too many.

Challenge Menu

Make sure your team can handle it!

Make sure your team can handle it!

Daily Challenges

Challenges are daily missions that you can take on a couple of times each depending on the mission. Sometimes they'll have special requirements like the STR gear challenge which only lets you use characters with the attacker trait. These are pretty easy and drop a lot of useful items like training droids and rare equipment. Listed below are what challenges I have seen and when they have occurred.

  • Str Gear Challenge: Attackers Only - Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
  • Agi Gear Challenge: Healers/Support Only - Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
  • Bounty Hunter Challenge: Earn Mining Droids (Big Credits!) - Friday, Saturday, Sunday,
  • Ability Mats Challenge: Earn items for special abilities - Saturday, Sunday,
  • Int Gear Challenge: Tanks Only - Saturday, Sunday,
  • Training Droid Challenge: Earn XP Quickly! - Saturday, Sunday, Monday


Tough but rewarding

Tough but rewarding

Squad Cantina

Squad Cantina unlocks at level 28 and comes with its very own stamina bar. Which is a very nice addition to your leveling efforts. Once players unlock this they will earn a lot of extra xp. This is also the best place to farm character shards as you can go at them as long as you have stamina. Most of the levels will drop character shards that you can use to unlock new characters as well as dropping 1K in gold each time. I always make sure to refill my stamina here at least once a day.

In order to complete the missions, you will choose from the very best of your Star Wars squadron. Pick leaders that have good synergy with both factions and use support characters to counterattack the enemy team's composition. These battles are tougher than the normal story missions and can be a bit challenging if you are not prepared.

The rewards in this arena are much better than the standard missions. Players will also earn Cantina Credits which are a great way to level up your character's abilities. Be careful though as players can only buy them once every refresh. Make sure you plan accordingly. I normally spend my Cantina Credits on only the ability materials as the shards aren't too great here. If you are in need of some new characters Ahsoka and Old Daka are the best here.

Leaderboard View

Aw, only rank 5

Aw, only rank 5

Squad Arena

The bread and butter of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes like most other games in this genre is the PvP. You progress up a ladder based ranking system earning different rewards for each tier. You can either control the battles manually or use auto-battle. The team that you fight with will be the team that defends against other players.

There are a couple of gripes I have with the ladder system in Galaxy of Heroes that could easily be fixed. Latecomers are at a pretty bad disadvantage. First, you only get 5 attempts at the ladder at a time which wouldn't be so bad in and of itself, but even if you drop 100$–200$ on the cash shop and have a vastly higher power number than people several hundred ranks above you it will only let you battle so many ranks above you. IE, to go from rank 120 to rank 5 will take more than 5 attempts as you can only battle 15–25 ranks higher even if you are stronger than everyone up to rank 6. This means you'll have to drop several hundred gems just to find your true ranking quickly. There is no way to issue a challenge to other players either.

Also, instead of dropping a rank when you lose to a challenger, you will trade ranks instead. This means that you can go from rank 5 to 50 while players who haven't played in days just sit at their rank untouched if no one attacks them. With a couple of unlucky challenges, you can be set rather far back.

Each day you'll gain rewards from your current ranking on the leaderboards. These can be used to buy shards for exclusive characters. My personal opinion is to aim high as most of the value rests with the 80 shard characters.

The rewards are rather nice but due to the time/investment it takes to climb the leaderboard, I wouldn't recommend going at it hardcore except for the wisest of Jedi or the most malicious of Sith.

Full Map of Galactic War

Full Map of Galactic War

Galactic War

The Galactic War holotable unlocks at level 40. This is a really cool endurance/survival mode that ensures that your extra characters are still pretty useful. Players will battle through three levels at a time unlocking a chest after each win. Characters will not heal after each battle and the cooldowns will not refresh. Players will only get one chance a day to complete the entire map. However, players can keep battling until every single character is defeated. If you lose their team won't heal either and you can rechallenge with whatever characters you may still have alive.

The trick here is to start with a good backup team and work through the lower level teams. When you get about halfway you will probably need to swap to most of your strong characters. Having several healers in your collection can make this a lot easier. Most of the enemy teams will use starter characters like chewie and add in 1–2 of the premium characters as you progress. The final team I fought had Obi-wan and Darth Maul added to the starter line up. Take your time and each battle carefully and this should be some easy rewards each day.

After a couple of battles, players will start to earn War Tokens. These can be used in another unique shipment store to purchase some more characters. I highly recommend working towards Luminara Unduli if you don't have a solid healer already.

May the Force be with you.

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Great guide. Will definitely be using your hubs to help with my own in terms of structure and depth. Well covered and very helpful.

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Good beginner's guide. The information about the ladder system is very useful.

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