Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: AAT Tank Raid Tips

Updated on February 7, 2017
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Sam is a reformed personal finance blogger that now focuses on mobile gaming and the obsessively fun Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes (SWGOH).

AAT Tank Raid?

If you're here, then you should know what the AAT Tank Raid is. When first rolled out, it was brutally difficult for 90% of guilds. It was perceived as a punishment against long time players that hadn't spent a dime on their squads. Even whales were brought to their knees as players flooded the net asking the question, "How do we beat this tank raid"?

The good news is that the AAT tank raids were nerfed a bit two months back so that pretty strong guilds could play Tier 6 and top guilds could tackle Tier 7. But the fact is that the tank raid is still not easy. But worry not, I'll walk through the tips that have been shared with me by some strong players.

Phase One: Grievous and Gals

Phase One pits you against General Grievous, 2 Magna-guards, and a B-2 droid. Sounds easy, right? Yeah...

A few issues:

  • B-2 can debuff your whole team if you don't take him out or block his special ability
  • GG is a major pain, blending AoE attacks with debuffs, forcing taunts to his allies, and getting Tactical Maneuvering every 10th time he is hit
  • And GG automatically reduces your critical chance

So as you send in your top Rancor squad, you're probably in for a rude awakening. Let's start with some ground rules for building a strong Phase One team:

  1. Strong tank - Aside from B-2's special abilty, nothing from GG or Magna-guard is going to remove the taunt ability. So you'll be able to funnel most of that damage to your tank. Stormtrooper Han is a strong candidate since you'll also get turn meter each time he's hit.
  2. DPS over multiple hits - Because GG goes nuts on every 10th hit, you don't want to be wasting hits with weaklings like Barriss Offee or Royal Guard. You also don't need to emphasize turn meter as much as you normally would in a Squad Arena fight.
  3. Damage over time is not good - I love damage over time effects, especially when I'm stacking 20 against a Rancor. Unfortunately, each one of those damage over time hits on GG pushes him closer to 10 hits and a flurry of debuffs and AoE.
  4. Consider allies that remove debuffs - Rex comes to mind, but you can also use Admiral Ackbar, Finn, Lobot, others. You'll be taking so many debuffs including damage over time that removing them will keep you alive longer.
  5. Max tenacity squads - The other route you can go is to max out your tenacity. Leaders like Luke Skywalker, Poe Dameron, and Yoda will keep you from getting lit up with red effects. Yoda's leadership of a Jedi squad will even get you more turn meter to turn the tide of the fight.

Phase One probably still won't be easy, but rest assured, easier phases are yet to come.

General Grievous - Tough Cookie!

GG is a tough cookie!
GG is a tough cookie! | Source

Phase Two: AAT Tank

The great news is that Phase Two is the easiest, and the best opportunity to rack up lots of damage and earn better rewards. Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Topple - Knocking out the side guns and top cannon topple the AAT which leaves it vulnerable to attacks. It also won't be attacking you while it's toppled. A strong squad will topple the AAT tank 5+ times and racking up tons of damage.
  2. Defense Down is Important - As you would expect with an AAT tank, it has a lot of armor. So the best way to inflict maximum damage is to cause Defense Down on the main body of the tank.
  3. Turn Meter and Speed - If Phase One is about measured tactics, Phase Two is about shock and awe. Offense is the name of the game, and the more strong attacks you can lay on the AAT tank, the better off you'll be.
  4. Rebels and Droids - What I see most people using for Phase 2 are Rebel and Droid teams since they do tons of damage and they can inflict Defense Down. Most Rebel teams go in led by Wedge, and Droid teams are led by HK-47.

Well that was relatively easy (almost feels like a Rancor raid)! Unfortunately, Phase 3 won't be so easy.

Look at Yoda on that AAT!
Look at Yoda on that AAT! | Source

Phase Three: B2 Rocket Droid and Battle Droids

Seeing all these Battle Droids takes me back to Clone Wars and the constant "Roger, roger" droning. Luckily they're a bunch of pushovers. Unluckily, that B2 Rocket Droid is a troublemaker with some quality backup.

Keep in mind the following tips:

  1. The AAT Main Cannon - In the top left side of the screen, a couple repair droids are working on the AAT, and when the turn meter fills up, the main cannon is sending a whopper of a shot. The key is to make sure you have buffs on your characters, or at the very least, a tank using taunt. Otherwise, say "bye bye" to one of your toons.
  2. Battle Droid Commands - If you see the Rocket Droid buff one of this battle droids, then don't just sit there. You need to wipe out that battle droid, or at a minimum, stun it to buy some more time. If you don't, then you'll likely lose a toon to a special blaster shot.
  3. Rocket Droid counters - The B2 Rocket Droid is a pain because he counters often, and he gains turn meter each time that happens. You'll want to consider stealthed fighters that won't trigger counters, or even a Dathcha-led squad that can keep the turn meter down.
  4. A million paper cuts - That's sort of how this phase goes. You wipe out the battle droids only for them to come back and nip you of turn meter with their little blasters. The Rocket Droid itself doesn't do a ton of damage but has multiple chances to use AoEs and debuff your squad. And then you're buffed squad takes a cannon shot but it's already been too much...
  5. Phase One tactics - In a way, play this level like Phase One. You want tons of DPS, and you don't want to build up turn meter for the Rocket Droid.

Okay, what's next?

Phase 3 Droids

Roger, roger!
Roger, roger! | Source

Which phase is easiest for you?

Which phase is easiest for you?

See results

Phase Four: AAT Tank Plus

You did it! You're helping your guild in Phase Four of the AAT Tank Raid. And it's a more difficult version of Phase Two, which was the easiest phase (so you should be excited!). You're up against a couple B-2 droids, the AAT tank, and potential bomb raids. Sounds easy enough, right?

  1. The bomb raids - Whereas the key to Phase Two is toppling the AAT tank, if you do that in Phase Four, you get hit with a bombing raid. You don't want that. Don't topple the tank. Don't auto-battle Phase Four because the AI loves to topple the tank.
  2. B-2 droids - They're as easy as ever so get them out of the way first. The last thing you want is to get debuffed when you're getting into a groove against the AAT tank.
  3. Phase Two strategy - From here, you just do everything you did in Phase Two. You always need to take out the top cannon so you don't lose a toon, and then you'll knock out one of the side guns. Defense down the main body and let it rip!

You did it! Did you move up the ranks of the guild? Are you any closer to getting General Kenobi? I'd love to hear your successes.

Final Thoughts

Every guild is different in how they go about the AAT Tank Raid. You may only be able to send 1-2 squads per phase, and on the highest difficulty, you're only using 7 star toons without a chance to refresh anyway. So, broad strokes, here are some suggestions for each phase:

  1. Jedis led by Yoda, Jawas led by Dathcha or Chief Nebit
  2. Droids with Jawa Engineer
  3. Bounty Hunters led by Boba Fett, Empire led by Palpatine
  4. Rebels led by Wedge

Good luck!

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        2 years ago

        Droids led by BB8 (zeta)

        Troopers led by Gen Veerrs (zeta)


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