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"Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" Tips: Credit Heist and Scoundrels

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Money, Money!

The most difficult part of playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is scarcity. Whether it's scarcity of quality gear, training droids, or even credits, you're constantly waiting to take the next step in building up your squad.

Today we're going to cover the credit heist because it is the single best opportunity to quench your thirst of credits. With an event that's so important, you would think that more players would take it seriously and develop a superior squad to punch above its weight class. But between the two of us, most players are too busy working on other squads, which costs them a chance at making millions in the credit heist.

Don't make the same mistake—keep reading for tips.


For the credit heist event, the only toons you can send in are scoundrels. Originally, there weren't nearly as many scoundrels to pick from, which left a lot of us out of luck. But now, if you plan properly, you can suit up a squad of 5 scoundrels to go make that money.

Scoundrels also tend to be pivotal characters in other modes of the game, so this is one of the most direct ways to improve across the universe of Star Wars: GoH.

Scoundrels are good even outside of the credit heist.

Scoundrels are good even outside of the credit heist.

Which Scoundrel Leader Should You Pick?

Alright, let's get right to it and start building out a squad. Who can you send in to lead this ragtag bunch of scoundrels?

  • Lando Calrissian: Everyone's favorite scoundrel from the original movies, Lando's leadership skills boosts speed and critical damage to scoundrels and Rebels. Most scoundrel players are lacking in speed so this is an obvious fit, and you'll see Lando really comes in handy when building a quality Rebel squad. His AoE target stacks critical damage and can single-handedly end some battles if you keep attacks away from Lando.
  • Cad Bane: In case you haven't noticed from my other guides, I am a sucker for Clone Wars' toons and Cad Bane falls into that group. While he is ill-suited for most other modes, his leadership skill boosts evasion for scoundrels, and they gain turn meter when they successfully evade an attack. That's almost as good as an outright speed boost. Outside of credit heist, he likes hunting Jedi even though he's not terrific at it.
  • Boba Fett: Boba is the prince of critical damage and critical chance, which makes him a decent sub-team leader for any strong player. But if you have other bounty hunters like Cad Bane, the real leadership benefits kick in: speed for debuffed enemies, boosted max health, turn meter boosts for thermal detonator blasts. Makes you want to trot out 88, Dengar, Greedo, and Cad Bane, doesn't it? Boba's reworked skill-set makes him fun since he can block specials and return from the dead.

These aren't the only choices you'll have, but they are the ones that will allow you to take on the next level of credit heist as soon as possible.

Fight the law and claim your credits!

Fight the law and claim your credits!

Who Else?

Now that we've touched on a few leaders that you'll want to consider, let's go ahead and look at some other scoundrels:

  1. IG-88: There's something really cool about 88 being a droid bounty hunter, and he's great in credit heist battles. His AoE deals real damage, and you'll likely be hitting toons that already debuffed which makes your attacks even stronger. I was tempted to add 88 to the possible leaders list since his Omega'd leadership allows you to stack up damage over time. Either way, as a leader or just a squad member, you'll want 88 in your squad.
  2. Stormtrooper Han: Han is one of the easiest tanks to get in the game, and his skill allows his allies to build up turn meter as he soaks up hits. He's perfect for credit heist since the biggest challenge you'll face is the speed of the Coruscant police—turn meter boosts will nullify their advantage. Just remember the cooldown is long so you'll want to save this for the final battle.
  3. Chewbacca: Clone Wars' Chewbacca makes a decent tank option in credit heist too. His taunts will keep your other attackers clean, and he can heal himself a little which helps. He's also on everyone's roster so you'll probably end up having to use Chewie in your first couple attempts at credit heist.
  4. Greedo: Greedo is a good option because he's easy to get in the Squad Arena shipments. As a bounty hunter, he's also a good match for a Boba Fett-led team. I'll be honest—I don't care much for Greedo aside from him being a bounty hunter. I'll go with 5 of the aforementioned 6 toons before I turn to Greedo.
  5. Han Solo: Okay, Han Solo would actually be #1, but if you have him leveled up then you probably don't need to be reading this kind of guide in the first place. He is the scoundrel to beat in GoH.

Did I miss someone you include on your scoundrel squads?

Envision your success. I can taste it already!

Envision your success. I can taste it already!

Turn Up the Difficulty

One important thing to remember about credit heist is that you can only successfully complete it twice within a 24-hour period. So after waiting a few weeks for its return, the last thing you want to do is just go running into the easiest difficulty level for meager rewards.

The correct approach is to attempt the most difficult tier and work your way down until you find the level that you can just barely beat. That ensures that you receive the maximum reward. In a sense, the whole point of this guide is to take you from the easiest tier, and quickly allow you to move up 1 or 2 tiers to the benefit of hundreds of thousands of credits.

Remember that at the highest difficulty, you're talking about literally millions of credits!

Training Droid Smuggling

Update: Given the similarity of the training droid smuggling missions to the credit heist battles, here are a couple more specialized tips:

  1. Switch leaders: While you have the same pool of scoundrels with which to fight, your opponents are now scoundrels instead of Coruscant cops. So your top leader prospect is clearly Boba Fett since he gets extra bonuses against scoundrels. Cad Bane is still good, and I would even give Chewbacca a look if I don't have the other two leveled up.
  2. Defense is more important: Those pirates sure do hit harder than cops do! The leader in the final battle is particularly dangerous, so you'll want to make sure you've got a tank or two with taunt ability in your back pocket. Stormtrooper Han and Chewbacca will get the job done here.
  3. Save abilities for 3rd battle: The first two battles should be pretty straightforward. Save up those abilities especially any skill that debuffs since the last thing you want is to fall short right as you can taste those sweet training droids.

I hope these extra tips have helped! Get those training droids so you can rush to level 80.

Random Rewards

Now, for a small dose of bad news. When you beat credit heist, there is not a defined amount of credits that you'll be rewarded. There is a range that increases with the difficulty level, but because there's some variation there, you're going to feel shortchanged at times.

Case in point: When I play and beat the highest difficulty tier of credit heist, I can get up to 5 million credits per win. The last 2 times I succeeded, I only got 1 million per win—out of a maximum 10 million credits!

I hope this has been helpful for you. Good luck and let me know how these tips work out for you!


Yup on May 18, 2017:

I do with Zam Wesell and Greedy under Boba lead, Zam gets so much damage off

Nick Deal (author) from Earth on March 04, 2017:

Thanks for the advice, Jay. Potency mods do wonders on bounty hunters, especially with Boba leading. All that really matters is that you're always beating that top tier -- especially when the reward is 10 million credits!

Jay on March 04, 2017:

I beat the top tier credit challenge with the only scoundrels I had: boba 7* sthan 6* chewie 4* Cad bane 4* greedo 3*. Load boba, bane, and greedo with potency mods, greedo needs to throw his detonators first turn and 1st turn of round 3.