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"Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes": Cantina Battle Store Tips

Sam is a reformed personal finance blogger that now focuses on mobile gaming and the obsessively fun "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes" (SWGOH).

Cantina Credits

SWGOH has like 5 types of currency, and the reason you're reading this guide is because you've stumbled upon some cantina credits and you want to know where to spend them.

You're in the right place because clearly there are some really good options, and also some potentially awful choices you can make here.

Where Do You Get Cantina Credits?

There are a few places where you can get cantina credits to spend in the store:

  • Cantina Battles: This is where you'll pick up most of your cantina credits. You're rewarded achievements when you clear a given tier or level of cantina battles so you'll be spending a good amount of time here. The more cantina energy it takes to enter the cantina battle, the more cantina credits you'll earn.
  • Mod Battles: If you've unlocked mods, then you can also earn cantina credits here while trying to win specific mods. Same rules apply here: the more cantina energy you spend for a given battle, the more credits you'll earn. From my experience, you're best off going through each of these challenges once and not returning for repeat battles.
  • Mod Challenges: Mod Challenges is the hybrid between Mod Battles and Cantina Battles. You'll need full synergy squads for Jedi, Jawas, Scoundrels, Rebels, First Order, Empire and Resistance. Once you're fully up and running as a top player, you'll be spending more of your cantina energy in these mod challenges. The main reward is the chance to win powerful mods. The cantina credits are just icing on top of the cake.
  • Bonus Days: On Star Wars birthdays and anniversaries, you can sometimes get a 1.5x or 2x multiplier on cantina credits. When that happens, rack up those credits so you can spend them later.

Great, now that we know where to get cantina credits, let's unload these in the cantina battles store.


Choices... so many cantina store choices...

Choices... so many cantina store choices...

Bad Choices

Let's start with the choices you absolutely should stay away from, unless your primary goal is just to get everyone in the game. Even then, save these for last:

  1. Mob Enforcer: Toons without any real synergies have no redeeming qualities. They don't help you in the Mod Challenges, and they surely can't lead other toons into battle. Mob Enforcer falls into this bucket - and her meager offensive abilities only aggravate her other weaknesses.
  2. Jedi Knight Guardian: JKG is a contender for worst possible Jedi player in the game. She combines "stuck in quicksand" speed with weak offense and uninspired skills. On top of that, if you auto-play levels, she slows things down because she has the longest attack animations out there.
  3. Ability Materials: Please don't spend cantina credits on ability materials. These credits are worth more than ability materials on their own, and you'll have no trouble racking up these lower-level ability materials. I'm begging you, please save your credits for the toons I'll cover in the next section.
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Let's skip the middle options and get straight to the top cantina store options. Exciting!

Squad Cantina Battles

You'll be spending a lot of time here

You'll be spending a lot of time here

Best Options

My favorite part of this tips guide! Let's talk about the right way to spend cantina credits:

  1. Qui-Gon Jinn: QGJ is one of the best Jedi around, and it's a disgrace that he's in the same store as Jedi Knight Guardian. QGJ is a strong Jedi leader, but also makes a useful team member for DPS squads since his skills include a bonus attack skill, and a buff-removal skill that works wonders on taunting tanks. Did I also mention that he's pretty fast, relatively durable, and only gets better with Omega and Zeta love? Get him fast. Get him first in the cantina store.
  2. Boba Fett: While I'm 100% sure who to recommend with the first pick, I have to admit the next couple of picks are close. Having said that, I can't look past the newly improved Boba Fett. First, he is cool, one of the absolutely coolest original Star Wars toons ever. He also can fend for himself since his basic attack sometimes strikes twice, he can block abilities on an entire team, and if he finishes someone, they can't be brought back. That is pretty boss! Oh, and he can come back from the dead. Multiple times if you know what you're doing... And if you line up some other bounty hunters beneath him, he can lead a vicious squad that tears through other scoundrels.
  3. CT-5555 "Fives": Fives is the toughest cookie you'll find in the cantina battles store, and if you decided to pick him 2nd over Boba Fett, I'm not upset about it. He is great at counter-attacks and there are epic tales of Fives taking out an entire squad all on his own. He slows down opponents with his basic attack, has a bonus attack skill, and combines lots of health with strong defense. If you put him under Anakin or Rex, he only becomes stronger.
  4. Ahsoka Tano: You would expect one of the main characters of Clone Wars to be extremely useful in SWGOH, but Ahsoka is clearly in the middle of the pack. Her uniqueness only works well with Anakin since he keeps her from taking critical hits—because every critical hit removes one of her advantages. She's pretty quick and can reign down terror on wounded opponents under 50% health. She also can heal most of the damage she deals, so she can stay alive in a heated battle. Disclaimer: she really struggles early on, but is good once you get her leveled up.
  5. Old Daka: There was a time when Daka was higher on this list, but she's now more of a one-trick pony for use in Galactic Wars. She is great at stunning opponents but doesn't do a lot of damage. She's a healer with a chance at resurrecting allies, but she's not the best at either of those things. And the biggest problem is she is a Nightsister, and there's no good reason to roll out a Nightsister squad with their lack of offense and lack of speed. But if you want to stick Daka with 4 strong DPS toons and hope she brings one back after they've been defeated, that could make her situationally useful.

With 5 good options to spend your cantina credits, focusing on these 5 toons will make you a stronger player in no time!

Old Daka

Old Daka - still pretty good

Old Daka - still pretty good

Final Thoughts

As someone that has spent cantina credits on useless toons like Jedi Knight Guardian, take it from me, you'll never have enough credits to get everyone that you want. It's crucial that you start by focusing on toons that will make you stronger immediately. QGJ, Boba Fett, and Fives all will pay immediate dividends either in the Squad Arena or Galactic War.

I hope this has helped! Let me know in the comments, and if there's another guide you need, let me know that too.

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