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"Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes": Top 3 Dark Side Characters

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Peter is a Star Wars fan who enjoys playing "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes."


Galaxy of Heroes Dark Side Characters

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes has loads of playable dark side characters, including some of our favourites from the new film, Star Wars The Force Awakens, such as Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma.

The dark side 'boss' characters, like Kylo, Darth Vader and Darth Sidious, take a lot of time, hard work and character shard farming (continuously replaying a battle to win the in-game tokens used to unlock new characters). Despite this, the boss characters - usually costing 80 character shards to unlock - are so much better than their minions (Stormtrooper, Imperial Officer, Geonosian Soldier etc.). So in summary, start saving for the leaders of the dark side as early as possible, you won't regret it further down the line.

But who are the best dark side characters in Galaxy of Heroes? Who should you prioritise unlocking? Who should you watch out for, and maybe even avoid, in the Squad Arena (PvP)? We'll use a rating system to summarise each of our top three dark side characters, with one being bad and five being good. We'll rate them in terms of their unlock (how easy it is to unlock them) strength, health and ability.


3. Count Dooku

The clue is in the name... Count Dooku is a formidable opponent. His counter attacking ability will seriously annoy you. You can upgrade his counter attack ability so that he counters every hit he takes. Meaning your opponent should think twice before targeting Count Dooku! The only downside is his health - he doesn't have a lot of it, so you'll need a decent Tank or Healer to keep him alive.

The great thing about Dooku in Galaxy of Heroes is that you can unlock him relatively early on in the game. You can start farming his character shards on Hard Mode (Cost: 12 Energy) once you've completed Normal Mode. A word of advice: Unlock him as early as you can. Once you've unlocked the level that gives you his character shards for beating it, simply repeat it over and over, using Sim Tokens. If you don't unlock him now, you'll hate yourself in the future; you'll find that pretty much everybody in the higher ranks of Squad Arena has Dooku in their team.

Another thing to note is Dooku's Force Lightening attack. Unfortunately, we're yet to see a force choke attack appear in Galaxy of Heroes, but we have the next best thing thanks to Dooku. Force lightening not only deals a decent amount of damage, but it has a very high chance of stunning Jedi targets, and a smaller chance of stunning a second opponent, too! Way to go, Dooku.

Unlock: 5/5
Strength: 3/5
Health: 2/5
Ability: 5/5


2. Darth Vader

If there's one slow killer in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, it's damage over time. By inflicting damage over time to your opponents, they'll lose health at the start of their turn, for a number of turns. When you start out on SWGoH, you probably won't even notice damage over time. But when you progress, and start fighting harder battles, you'll see its use.

If there's one character who outmatches the rest in terms of damage over time, it's Darth Vader. Vader's multi-target attack inflicts a significant amount of damage on all enemies, plus leaves them with a number of 'damage over time' symbols above their heads. Watch your enemies quiver as their health dwindles. They'll wish it wasn't their turn to attack!

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In addition to his killer damage over time attack, Darth Vader has an amazing third attack - his lightsaber throw. The lightsaber throw attack deals 40% more damage per every negative status the target is suffering from. So if you use the multi-target damage over time attack, try following it up with a lightsaber throw at your strongest enemy and watch them squirm. Darth Vader also has a lot of health, unlike Count Dooku, which is why he's number two in this list. The only problem is how hard he is to unlock. You need 80 Darth Vader shards to unlock him, and you can only collect these by completing in-game Achievements. I don't know anyone who has unlocked Vader by Player Level 45, and only a handful who have unlocked him by Player Level 50.

Unlock: 1/5
Strength: 4/5
Health: 4/5
Ability: 3/5


1. Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is the new kid on the block when it comes to the dark side. He's following in his grandfather's footsteps and he's probably just as evil, or so it seems. In Galaxy of Heroes, Kylo is just sightly easier to unlock than Darth Vader - this is the first reason why he takes the top spot here. To unlock Kylo Ren, you have to be willing to do some serious shard farming, and you need a lot of patience. You need a total of 80 character shards to unlock the antagonist of The Force Awakens, and you also need to have unlocked Stage 4C of the Squad Cantina. If you don't know what the Squad Cantina is, then you have quite a way to go until you can start working towards unlocking Kylo Ren. You'll need to be around Player Lever 52 to stand a chance at reaching 4C.

As a character in SWGoH, Kylo Ren is a huge damage dealer, and the recklessness he exhibits in the film is shown in equal measure in Galaxy of Heroes. His attacks are a powerful one-target attack, and a severely destabilising multi-target flail of pure outrage. If you've seen the film, the scene where Kylo wrecks the torture chair in which Poe and Rey find themselves, and the scene where he destroys half of his chambers and nearly strangles one of the First Order Officers to death, you'll know what I mean when I call his attack a 'flail of outrage'. The best advice I can give to anyone battling against Kylo Ren is this: stay clear.

Kylo also has a great counter attack chance. Although he doesn't counter as often as Count Dooku, he does do it often nonetheless. His counter attacking, combined with his high damage, above-average health, and downright recklessness, are why he's the top dark side character in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Plus, he's the coolest looking character in the whole game, which gives him a bonus point.

Unlock: 2/5
Strength: 5/5
Health: 4/5
Ability: 3/5

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Drew Rosario on February 07, 2018:

Darth maul should be on here for a top 4 list:)

Jeremy Gill from Louisiana on October 29, 2016:

Good hub! I like your ranking system for character's unlock ability, health, and so on. I also do articles on Galaxy of Heroes. They're fun to write, but since the game updates so frequently, it's challenging for our information to stay relevant! For example, Emperor Palpatine is now the undisputed dark side master in GoH. His stuns and unique debuff, Shock, coupled with his leader ability make him an absolute monster.

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