Ten of the Best Free Games for Your Kindle Fire

Updated on August 11, 2013
Kindle Fires aren't just for books! And yes, my Kindle's name is Phil Anselmo. ;)
Kindle Fires aren't just for books! And yes, my Kindle's name is Phil Anselmo. ;) | Source

Though most folks buy Kindles for their e-book capabilities, the Kindle Fire is a whole different animal. It's a tablet that can connect to the internet and, as with any device of this type, there are about a million "apps" for it.

I have the essentials: eBay, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter... but there are a ton of games available for the Kindle Fire, too. Angry Birds is here, as is Jeopardy, Minecraft and Plants vs Zombies, but these are all paid games and some of us don't have tons of extra bucks to spend on these. So we head to the "free" bin! Fortunately Amazon has quite a few free games that are fun and entertaining.

Free, however, is a somewhat subjective term - be aware that some of these games are ad supported (see the screenshot for WordSearch Unlimited Free) and some allow you to play for free, but you'll need to shell out real money to get the coolest stuff for your game.

I've gotten quite a few of them and what follows is my list of ten cool free Kindle Fire games.To download these for your Kindle Fire, just go to Games, then Store and search for the titles. Once you find them, just follow the instructions on your Kindle Fire.

Side note: It took me a while to get the hang of taking screenshots with my Kindle Fire HD. To do this, you'll need to press the volume up and power buttons at the same time. It takes some work to get it right without getting the volume control in the image.

Song Pop is fun, seriously, and a great way to test your music knowledge. I'm kind of ashamed that I missed that Tupac one!
Song Pop is fun, seriously, and a great way to test your music knowledge. I'm kind of ashamed that I missed that Tupac one! | Source

Song Pop for Kindle Fire

Song Pop, a game by Freshplanet, Inc., has been out for a while, but I missed the original boat because we had satellite internet where I lived and that made playing this game impossible. Thanks to DSL, now I have a chance to show off the depths of my musical knowledge.

Or not.

This game gives you a short clip of a song and you have to correctly guess either the title or the artist before your opponent does. I have two issues with this game: 1. Sometimes the clips are not from the most recognizable part of the song and 2. My brain might know the song, but my finger taps the wrong answer!

Song Pop has tons of songs and, whenever you complete a challenge (win or lose) you get coins that allow you to purchase more playlists. You can bypass that all together and pony up cash for coins, but they go fast so be careful! I have my eyes on that disco playlist!

Song Pop is available on pretty much every platform - iOS, Android, Google Play and even Facebook. What's even more awesome is that you can start a game on your Kindle Fire and finish it on Facebook or any of the other operating systems!

Though Song Pop is free, the paid version allows players access to larger libraries and lets them have more challenges running at the same time. For $1.99, I think it's worth it.

Pou is, well, poo. Really. And mine needs a bath!
Pou is, well, poo. Really. And mine needs a bath! | Source

Pou for Kindle Fire

Pou, from PS Games, is a simple but fun game that kind of reminds me of the Tamagotchi. You have your little pet (pronounced "poo") and you have to feed him, bathe him and generally keep him happy.

Pou is in his infancy when you first begin playing the game and it's up to you to bring him up right. He will have favorite foods and likewise things he really just doesn't like. You advance in the game by performing tasks and collecting coins, which you can also buy with cold, hard cash. The coins are used to buy food, toys, clothes and health potions for your Pou.

This also has additional solo games, like a Simon Says knockoff, and tic tac toe that you can play with your friends who also have Pou. Each game you play earns you extra coins but, if your Pou is tired or hungry, you will not be able to play.

Beware: If your Pou is hungry or otherwise needs attention and you have push notifications enabled, Pou will make flatulent noises to get your attention. This can be kind of hard to explain when you're in the company of real people (as opposed to the pixel people!).

Word searches rock, especially when they're FREE!
Word searches rock, especially when they're FREE! | Source

WordSearch Unlimited Free for Kindle Fire

Most of us really enjoy a nice, relaxing word search. JiuzhangTech Ltd has given us a free one for the Kindle Fire, called WordSearch Unlimited. This game is easy - just tap the first letter of the word and drag the line to the end.

I've downloaded several different word searches for the Kindle Fire, and I like this one the best. Some of the others have annoyingly colored graphics - WordSearch Unlimited is a plain chalkboard and the "found" words are highlighted in white which makes them very easy to see.

Another bonus for this game is that there's a leader board and you can challenge yourself to beat your best times. This gets right hard after a while, I'm trying to beat my longest personal best of 58 seconds!

This one is ad supported, as you can see in the screenshot, so make sure your wireless is off if you have limited internet allowances.

There is a paid version of this game available for $0.99. This version gives you a choice of word lists and also allows you to choose between three different difficulty settings.

What? Girls can be plumbers, too!
What? Girls can be plumbers, too! | Source

Plumber Crack for Kindle Fire

Plumber's crack has been a joke forever, especially since Dan Akroyd's skit on Saturday Night Live. Fluik Entertainment Inc.has given us a hilarious way to waste time in their game called Plumber Crack.

In this free Kindle Fire game, we get to fling ice cubes at the plumber's, well, butt crack. You get to choose between a male and female plumber and four different backgrounds. There are also four different ways to play, Zen, Arcade, Time Attack and Sharpshooter - each one offers either time limits or special shooting abilities.

It may sound easy, but getting the ice cube in the plumber's crack is kind of difficult - especially when they wiggle! You get bonuses for difficult shots as well as multiple successful shots in a row.

This one is a fun way to pass the time, but isn't something I can play for long periods of time. It is, however, one of the funniest games I've ever played.

Though Plumber Crack is free, you can buy "Crack Bucks" to get extra stuff in the game.

This is a pretty involved game where your choices affect the outcome.
This is a pretty involved game where your choices affect the outcome. | Source

Stardom: Hollywood for Kindle Fire

Everybody harbors secret fantasies about being famous, and games like Stardom: Hollywood give us a taste of what it's really like to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Stardom: Hollywood, by Glu Mobile, stars us off with a star (or starlet) and a crappy apartment with a landlord who is ready to put your character out on the street for the $500 you owe in back rent. This starts you on your journey to fame and fortune because, after all, you have to pay that rent!

You get sent on missions and virtually everything comes with a choice. Do you want to get an agent? Maybe you'd like to try out for a clothes detergent commercial? Go for it! Every choice you make will have consequences, and sometimes the game will prod you in the right direction.

As with a lot of free games, you have limited energy (which does increase as you level up) and limits the amount of things you can do in one turn. For example, working might take all of your energy leaving you to wait for it to refill before you can do anything else. This is one of those games that sells "dollars" which enable you to do things, like refilling your energy, for cash.

I haven't played this game for very long but it is interesting and even funny, so I'm going to stick with it.

Hello Kitty fans rejoice, there are free games available for your Kindle Fire!
Hello Kitty fans rejoice, there are free games available for your Kindle Fire! | Source

Hello Kitty Cafe for Kindle Fire

I think all of these games started way back with Diner Dash. I even have a Spongebob version for the PC that I got from BigFish games. This time, Sanrio has gotten their piece of the action with Hello Kitty Cafe.

This is pretty much your standard diner game, with cute Hello Kitty pink graphics. It is challenging, you start out doing everything slowly when you need to do it quickly and eventually earn enough points to become faster and buy cooler stuff.

The only drawback I really see in this game is that, in order to play the cooler characters, like Badtz-Maru or Hello Kitty, you have to buy hearts to purchase them.

If you like this game, there are also Hello Kitty Cafe Seasons and Hello Kitty Pie Shop!

This one is fun, but watch out for the aliens!
This one is fun, but watch out for the aliens! | Source

Cows vs Aliens for Kindle Fire

XMG Studio is really on to something with Cows vs Aliens. This game, though simple, takes practice - you will need to use both hands, unless you have really long fingers.

The setup is simple. You've got a barn and a bunch of cows. You have to herd the little guys into the barn while managing to not let any aliens get in, or they will steal your cows. And we all know what happens when aliens get a hold of cows!

Even at the lowest levels, this game is a little challenging and some folks think it gets boring quickly, but I'm having a blast with it. This free Kindle Game does have the option to buy "Milk Bucks" to get extra stuff, but it's really unnecessary for normal game play.

If you want even more cow related fun, get Cow Tipping by Paperplate LLC. Fun stuff, and we all got a little hillbilly bone down deep inside!

EDIT: As of August 11, 2013, this game is no longer free.

It is virtually impossible to get an in-game screenshot of Fruit Ninja!
It is virtually impossible to get an in-game screenshot of Fruit Ninja! | Source

Fruit Ninja for Kindle Fire

Fruit Ninja, from Halfbrick Studios, is a very popular game where the player slashes through fruit to advance levels. The motions are fluid and, as you progress, the levels become more difficult. Just make sure that you don't slice up the bombs or your game is over!

I think that Fruit Ninja is different from most of the other games of its type in that is is visually stunning. Halfbrick spared no expense on these graphics, even for the free version. And, though it seems as if it would get boring swiping at fruit after a while, the game gets more challenging as it progresses.

This is a good game for kids, too, as it definitely helps define eye-hand coordination!

There is a paid version, usually available for around a buck, gives more game play options as well as more fruit to unlock. Multi-player is also available and does require an internet connection to play.

These four pictures come together to make one word - I'm stuck on this particular level. Do you know the answer?
These four pictures come together to make one word - I'm stuck on this particular level. Do you know the answer? | Source

Four Pics One Word for Kindle Fire

BrainVM Games has given us their version of Four Pics One Word which is available for free for the Kindle Fire. For the most part, we are given four different pictures that have one thing in common. We're also given letters that unscramble to give the answer - and a few extra letters just to confuse us.

This game is challenging and fun all at the same time. Some of the answers are easy yet others are insanely difficult. I have had to put the game away for a while and come back to it to see if I can figure it out later.

There are hints available and you can connect with your friends on Facebook to see if they can figure out the answer for you, which I think is a great addition to the game. Some of these are HARD!

There are multiple different versions of this game as well as a pro version that allows for more in-game options. I think the free version is worth a play, especially if you're one of those folks that is great with obscure details.

If you can't guess KFC, then you've been living under a rock. Note: The letters aren't put on until after you correctly guess the logo.
If you can't guess KFC, then you've been living under a rock. Note: The letters aren't put on until after you correctly guess the logo. | Source

LogoQuiz for Kindle Fire

LogoQuiz, from Emerging Games, is one of my favorite games lately. We're given logos, like Pringles or Netflix with some identifying information removed. We've got to correctly guess the name of the company or product, and spelling counts!

The more right answers you get, the more levels you unlock and the more hints you accrue. Some of them are easy, but others are obscure or even foreign companies that most of us may never have heard of. Just try to get through the game without Googling, I dare you!

There are many levels and seemingly endless logos to guess, so this one will keep you busy for quite some time!

LogoQuiz is free and ad supported, as you can see in the screenshot. You can buy the pro version for a buck or two and save yourself the ad hassle, but the free version is just as fun.

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Recommend a Kindle Fire Game!

Games for any device are all a matter of taste, but I've tried to share some of my favorites that I think would appeal to lots of different folks.

If you have any free (or paid games for that matter) for the Kindle Fire that you think I'd like, please share them in the comments. I have a lot of time on my hands and I love games that help me fill it!

A Demonstration Video of Several Popular Kindle Fire Games

Questions & Answers

  • Where do I go to download games for my kindle?

    Go to Amazon.com and search the game. Follow the prompts from there.

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    • profile image

      annoyed mom 

      7 weeks ago

      It dose not say the game names!!! How are we supposed to find the ones we liked?!?

    • profile image


      13 months ago

      How about P vs. Z heros?

    • profile image


      18 months ago

      What Espanol game

    • profile image


      24 months ago

      I think that school girl simulator is good ya might like it

    • SimilarSam profile image

      Samuel Franklin 

      5 years ago

      Not many great games on the Kindle Fire really. Fruit Ninja and Cows Vs Ninjas would be my favourites though.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hey what is the name of that boat racing game in that video

    • Georgie Lowery profile imageAUTHOR

      GH Price 

      7 years ago from North Florida


      Just more proof that the Kindle Fire is an amazing device!


      Some people might not like me wasting their time like this! ;)


      I haven't tried Fantasy Garden yet, but I will get it since you recommended it. I love hidden object games!


      There are tons of great games for the Kindle Fire. Sometimes I'll just download ones that look interesting. It's usually more miss than hit, but I've found some really great ones!


      Four Pics is driving me nuts. I will be able to get a whole bunch of them in a row and then I get stumped. It's a good thing, though. Keeps my ego in check. ;)


      Thank you, and some of them are very addicting!


      I love my Kindle Fire, maybe more than any other electronic gadget I've ever had. And Song Pop is definitely addictive. If you do play, hunt me down. Though I'd probably never be able to beat yo!


      I've been a games addict for a very long time and gameson the Kinle Fire are beautiful. I hunt for words whenever I need something relaxing to do.

      Thank you all for the comments and the compliments. I really appreciate them! :D

    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 

      7 years ago from Orlando, FL

      I'm going to download WordSearch as soon as I fire up my Kindle Fire! I normally just use my Kindle for reading and movies, never thought about games. Thanks for the list Georgie! Congrats on HOTD!

    • spartucusjones profile image

      CJ Baker 

      7 years ago from Parts Unknown

      I actually don't have a Kindle Fire which is why I didn't really bother reading this hub the first time around. But I did want to pay a visit to offer congrats on the HOTD!

      Also I was thinking of trying Song Pop for Facebook, but was worried that it might come addictive.

    • pinto2011 profile image


      7 years ago from New Delhi, India

      This great list is going to kindle fire inside me to get addicted to it. Very nice compilation.

    • savingkathy profile image

      Kathy Sima 

      7 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      What a great list! I don't have a Kindle Fire, but I have played Fruit Ninja and Four Pics on my iPhone and my daughter loves the LogoQuiz one. I'm sure that anyone with a Kindle Fire will appreciate your suggestions. Congratulations on the Hub of the Day, Georgie!

    • DanielleCherise profile image

      Dani Norris 

      7 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Thanks for posting this! I have a Kindle Fire and I absolutely love it. I never have enough games on it though, and Im always looking for some to try out. This is a great list, and I will definitely try some of these games out.

    • Hyphenbird profile image

      Brenda Barnes 

      7 years ago from America-Broken But Still Beautiful

      I LOVE my Kindle Fire. One of my favorite games is Fantasy Garden. It was .99 I believe. One searches for hidden ladybugs, bees or butterflies. The backgrounds are lovely and the games is very relaxing. I will download the word search you recommend. Thanks.

    • CZCZCZ profile image


      7 years ago from Oregon

      This is a great collection of Kindle fire games. Thanks for compiling it and sharing it for the kindle users that are looking for a few fun games to install on their devices.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      7 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Awesome list and sounds a great idea for a kindle fire.


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