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Top 5 Best Buff Creatures in Summoner's War

Cleo has been playing "Summoner's War" since it came out. He's a huge fan.

Hello, fellow Summoners! Today, this article will be focusing on a Debuff/Buff team meant for the Tower of Ascension in Summoner's War. However, if you find it works for you in other ways, more power to you!

Please note that all attack cooldowns and damage are the base damage of the awakened monsters without ability upgrades. With that, let's dive in!


Kroa: Dark Harg

Starting off with a creature we haven't covered before, the Dark Harg is full of buffs for your team, and debuffs for your enemies.

Kroa's first and basic attack, Breeze, deals damage to a target then increases the attack bar of the ally with the lowest attack bar by 15%. Not bad for an attack with no cooldown.

Moving on, Wood Vine has a damage multiplier of 200%, plus another 320% that scales off of his defense. After dealing damage, the attack has a 70% chance to lower the enemies attack bar by 50%, and another 70% chance to lower the target's attack speed for two turns. The base cooldown, without upgrades, is four turns. Pairing this with his basic, makes if difficult for the enemy monster's to raise up that attack bar!

Owl's Hoot, our last ability to cover for out precious Dark Harg, is an ability to turn the tides in a fight. It applies a 15% heal over time to allies for three turns, as well as increasing their attack speed over those three turns. This can give you the ability to hold out for cooldowns and win!

Moving onto possible rune combinations for Kroa, there are two that I would consider viable.

If you are lucky enough to get him in the early game, it would be a swift and energy mix, prioritizing speed for two of the runes, and defense% for the other four.

Now as for later in the game, this changes to violent and revenge, focusing solely on defense%. This maximizes debuff stacks with counterattacks, as well as the scaling on his Wood Vine for extra damage.


Mantura: Dark Serpent

If you decide to take from this article and apply it to your own, different builds, Mantura might just be the dark serpent for you.

The leader skill of this legendary beast raises your allies HP by 21% while in the arena. So if you decide to test run this team composition in the arena, he would be optimal in the leader slot. Tell us how it goes in the comments if you try it!

Moving onwards, the basic attack of all serpents, Sonic Boom, has a damage multipier of 400% and a 75% chance to remove a buff from the enemy. Very simplistic, but effective in terms of attacks.

Dark Blast, the next spell, is an area of effect spell that is guaranteed to decrease all enemies attack speed for two turns. On top of that, this skill scales with 100% plus 16% of your serpent's max HP. It is on a relatively short base cooldown of a mere three turns,

The awakened ability of Mantura, Poison Mist, introduces a debuff we haven't yet covered in this article. With another guaranteed debuff, it lowers the enemies defense and applies a damage over time for two turns. This damage is on a 28% multiplier and scales off of Mantura's HP. Naturally for such a strong ability, it is on a cooldown of 5 turns, but can be upgraded into only having a 4 turn cooldown.

As for runes, an early game Mantura would require all energy runes with the main stat focusing on HP%. This is to get the most possible damage from your abilities as they scale off of his health.

Later on, you would want to scrap the old runes in exchange for despair and revenge runes with the main stats being one part CriticalDamage% and two parts HP%. The stun and counterattack both being good for his kit.

Overall, Mantura's kit is very simplistic and straightforward, but his health scaling make him a powerful ally in terms of working your way through the tower.


Sekhmet: Fire Desert Queen

We encroach upon the territory of our favorite fire Desert Queen, Sekhmet. Or as we should call her, the debuff queen.

To start, Sekhmet has a leader skill that increases the HP of ally monsters by 33%, which pairs with our Mantura that we've covered right above, as well as just increasing the general sustain of our team.

Moving on, Sekhmet's basic attack, Touch of Seduction, deals damage that scales off of a multiplier of 400% as well as has a 50% chance to lower the enemies attack power for two turns. This is just the start.

Curse of the Beautiful is an area of effect attack that damages all enemies three times with a multiplier of 100% x 3. On top of that, this attack has a 50% chance to lower the enemies defense, increase their chances of landing a glancing hit, as well as nullifying HP recovery for the enemy team for two turns. With a base cooldown of five turns, that's a lot of debuffs for just one attack!

Lastly, Sekhmet's Charming Voice really is an ability fit or a queen. Dealing damage on a massive multiplier of 720% damage, she damages a single enemy, stealing all of their beneficial effects and setting all of their ability cooldowns to their max. For each beneficial effect she steals, it takes a tick off of her cooldown. Furthermore, if the target's skills are already max cooldown, the cooldown for Charming Voice will reset. So not only does it steal buffs, but it can easily turn the tables and put you ahead of the game.

Onto our mighty queen's runes. Much like our Dark Harg in the first column, there aren't too many options for if you acquire her in the early game, so the best options we would have to settle for are swift and energy runes.

Into the late game, a violent and will combination is generally recommended for the extra turn chance as well as the immunity.

For both early and late game, the main stats you want to focus on will be one part speed, and two parts HP%.

To conclude this column, we may as well have covered one of the strongest building blocks to our team comp.


Bastet: Water Desert Queen

Our second to last creature to cover today is actually one that I covered in a previous article for arena defense, given that her kit is just that good that it tends to bleed into many other team builds.

As you can see, we already have Bastet's Fire counterpart, Sekhmet, right above. Her first two abilities mirror that of her sister, so we'll only be covering her ultimate ability and other relevant information and how it applies.

Starting off, Bastet's leader skill increases your parties defense by 33%, which can be good in some ways, but it is better to keep Sekhmet in that slot for the HP. If you were to change it up to include creatures who scale off of defense, that might be a bit of a different story.

The Water Desert Queen's third ability, Oasis's Blessing, deals no damage. Instead, it increases allies attack bars by 25%, on top of increasing their attack power and giving them a shield for three turns. The shield scales off of her level by 120xLevel. The base cooldown of this spell is 5 turns, but by the time the buffs run out, you'd only have another two turns to wait.

The runes for out Bastet mirror the runes for our Sekhmet, with the same base stats and scaling, so refer to the end of the above column.


Smokey: Fire Jack-o'-Lantern

If you're looking for something spooky to spice up your team, look no further than this capsule.

Hoping to include a little bit of something for everyone, the leader skill of Smokey increases the HP of allies in dungeons by 33%, which is a considerable amount.

Something to note before we get into Smokey's abilities is that they all scale off of his attack speed stat, so the multipliers may look a little odd given the math behind it.

Starting off with the basic attack, as always, Trickster strikes a single target three times, dealing damage proportionate to his speed stat. This spell has a 30% chance to decrease the foes attack speed for two turns. That might not seem like too high of a chance, but it can rise up to 50% with upgrades.

Ghost Appearance, our second ability attacks a target four times with each attack having a 30% chance to give the enemy one of the following debuffs: null HP recovery, increased chance of a glancing hit, or to weaken the enemies attack power. Given that this ability hits four separate times, you have the chance to apply all of the debuffs with good luck. Like with Trickster, you can increase the debuff chance by upgrading Smokey's abilities. It is on a 4 turn CD.

Following the theme of AoE spells with our creatures, Firestarter fits into that category perfectly. With a damage modifier of 220% x 2, Smokey hits all enemies two times, both attacks having a 50% chance to lower the foes attack power and nullify HP regeneration. The base cooldown of this spell is 5 turns.

Looking at the early game, there aren't too many options for maximizing our attack speed potential. That being said, it is alright to go for a fatal and blade rune pairing, focusing on the attack% stat. This is to get the most out of his spells damage before you're able to go for something better.

When you are able to pursue those greener pastures, violent and revenge runes are what do the trick in order to get those extra turns and attacks in.

Overall, it seems as though the Fire Jack-o'-Lantern is severely underrated, seeing as most polls show that it's Water counterpart is favored. But for the purpose of our team that we're building, he fits right in.

Poll time!