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5 Best Football Game Apps to Get You Ready for the Season

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Mobile Games to Get You Into the Spirit of Football Season

If you are anything like me, when football season approaches, you can't wait to cheer for your favorite team again. Every year around this time, I get the itch to play some football games to get myself in the mood for football season—so this year I thought I would compile a list of the best games so you don't have to mess with the rest like I did.

Here are five of the best titles in the app store along with a short summary as to why they may fit your individual playing style.

  1. Mike Vick's Game Time
  2. Madden Mobile 2017
  3. Flick Quarterback 2017
  4. Flick Field Goal 17
  5. Football Hero

1. Mike Vick's Game Time

Put aside your feelings about Mike Vick's career and his off-the-field antics, and you will have a great time playing this game. This is one of my favorite football games to play because it is simple enough to pick up and play, but there is a ton of customization and playability to the game.

It is an excellent pick up and play game with the average length of a match being less than two minutes depending on your skill level. The game starts at one minute, but you can earn an additional five seconds of play from first downs and 10 seconds from touchdowns. Simple swipe and tap controls make the game easy to learn and play, but still, make you part of the action. There is some skill involved but not so much that it will turn you off from the game.

There is a lot of customization you can do in this game including team uniforms, picking up new players in free agency, and adding more plays to your play book. All of this can be done with the use of cash you earn from winning games, there is no need to spend any real life dollars on this game though the option is available.

The only other aspect of the game that bears mentioning is the sound and graphics. These components are average as this is an older game that hasn't seen much in the way of updates. We are not talking 8-bit, but it hasn't been updated to the graphics that the iPhone 7 can run. When it comes to straight up game play though, this is my favorite football game app.

2. Madden Mobile 2017

It's not like Madden is going to sully their good name by putting out a subpar product. The only problem with this game is that it may be too good. If you are looking for the fully immersive football experience, this is going to be the game for you as it is one of the few games where you play both sides of the ball.

The problem that I have with Madden Mobile 2017 is that it is not just a pick up and play football game. Like the real Madden, there is a lot that goes into playing including strategy, coaching, and trading for players. The controls are easy to use and give you control over every move your character makes. At one minute per quarter (give or take) you are not looking at too much of a commitment per game. There is also the option to play against other Madden Mobile 2017 users in head to head competition if you think you're too good to play the AI.

There are many positives to this game, but the one that stands out to me the most is the amazing graphics. Madden Mobile 2017 delivers a crisp visual and audio experience that aids in the enjoyment of this game. Though it is not my favorite, this game will get you in the football mood and is probably the best gaming experience for hardcore football lovers.

3. Flick Quarterback 2017

This game is about as simple as it gets, but it is still a whole lot of fun. Flick QB is a pick up and play game that can be played while you are standing in line at the bank and you won't see any repercussions if you have to cut the game short. As the name suggests, everything is played from the quarterback's perspective.

Though the game play is limited this game manages to keep you engaged. It is your job to pass the ball to two receivers by swiping up on your screen to place the ball in the right spot. When not in the regular game mode you can also practice trick shots and race against the clock. To keep from being too boring and repetitive, you can upgrade your quarterback and receivers for longer win streaks and higher points.

The game is simple, but it still looks pretty good for a game that doesn't need great graphics. Flick QB also has some pretty good background music that is not annoying to listen to during and between games. If you are looking for a fun QB game with no commitment required this one is for you.

4. Flick Field Goal 17

Flick Field Goal is brought to you by the same people who made Flick QB. Realizing that some people just have a passion for special teams, they put together this game for the field goal lovers out there.

The main game is simple and maybe a little boring, but that is not where this game really shines. If you can make it through the first few rounds of traditional kicking through the uprights, you will be treated to the Coffin Corners mode which is the real fun. You can also play against the clock if you want to test your skill under pressure. Players can upgrade their kicker and buy boosters, but I think the coolest part of this game is the ability to customize your ball to your liking.

Just like Flick QB the graphics in this game are better than they need to be. There is not a lot in the vein of sound effects but the sound that is used is perfect. This is another example of a great pick up and play game that can last seconds or hours depending on your skill and patience level.

5. Football Hero

Football Hero is in a category all its own, and though it is not a traditional football game, it is still all kinds of fun. Imagine if someone were to combine a traditional football game where you get to play both sides of the ball with a fighting game where you get to punch out your opponent. What you get is this unique game that is just as fun as it is stupid.

The controls of football hero are straight forward. You tap where you want the ball to go and you tap vigorously if you are trying to stop an opponent with the ball. Instead of tackling or stiff-arming opponents you beat the ever living crap out of them in a cartoony way. You can buy power ups and special moves along with upgrading your players so there is plenty of room to grow and customize in the game.

The graphics are cartoonish, but that lends itself to the feel of the game. The sound effects have a fun throwback '90s Madden kind of vibe. Though there are some silly elements to Football Hero, it is a pretty complete football game with you playing all 22 as well as special teams. I would not recommend this game if you want a real-feel football game but if you just love the game you may find yourself getting immersed in Football Hero by accident.

Get Into the Action With These Apps

It is surprisingly hard to find good football games out there, especially when you search for "football games," because you get a lot of soccer in there. These five games are all fun to kill some time with and have varying degrees of involvement level. One thing I know for sure is that if you are as excited as I am about football season, you are going to love getting into the action with a few of these apps.