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The 5 Best Sniper Games to Find in the App Store

Arthur is knowledgeable about the various sniper games available for purchase from the App Store.

I am not a hunter; I don’t have guns in my house, and the idea of shooting anyone or anything for that matter makes me a little queasy. That said, I enjoy a good sniper game; for me, it is more about the skill and precision that goes into taking down your target than the violence involved.

What I recently noted during a barrage of ads during a different game is that there are way too many sniper games to choose from on the iOS and a lot of them aren’t worth the time it takes to download them. I have taken some time to play through a large selection of these sniper games and pick out some of the best, so those interested in some high-caliber shooting don’t need to waste your time on low caliber games.

1. Sniper X

The fact that this game features Jason Statham should already inform you that it is going to be awesome. This is a fast-paced game filled with side missions using other weapons, so you never have to worry about gameplay becoming too repetitive. Each mission earns you money that you can put toward buying and upgrading new weapons. If I had anything bad to say about this game, it would have to be that a lot of the missions are similar, so it feels like lazy storytelling in the game. That is more of an issue at the beginning of the game and gets better as you advance.

Visually, this game is not the best-looking game ever, but it’s clear enough. I would compare the graphics to those of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64. Sniper X has been around for a while, so it makes sense that it would not be as crisp as some of the newer iOS games. Where the game lacks in graphics, I think it makes up for them with sound effects that are clean and realistic.

The mechanics of this game are perfect, in my opinion. You have a free-moving joystick in the bottom left corner, a sliding zoom on the right side, and a trigger on the bottom right. All of these make for easy maneuvering, zooming, and shooting in under a second. Each challenge takes less than a minute to complete, so this is the perfect pick-up-and-play sniper game. Overall, I would have to put this on the top of the list for sniper games.


2. Sniper Shooter

This game is the silliest on the list; it's as silly as you can be while shooting people in the head. Sniper Shooter is incredibly self-aware with stick figure targets, weird missions, and puns galore. There are not a lot of options in this game as far as customization or choice in gameplay. You must play through five missions every time you play, or you will forfeit your spot in the level. Most of this sounds negative, but the game itself is surprisingly addicting, and even though you have to play through five missions, you can get through them in under two minutes.

As mentioned before, this game is sillier, and they know it, so it makes sense that the graphics would be cartoonish. The mechanics of this game couldn't be any easier, it is a tilt screen game which I usually hate but works surprisingly well here, and you can touch anywhere on the screen to shoot. Two simple controls make for easy and fun gameplay. This game may not be for everyone, but if you are looking for an easy game to kill some time and get a good chuckle, this one is worth checking out.

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3. Sniper 3D

Though I think that Sniper X is the most complete sniper game there is out there, Sniper 3D is my personal favorite. The game is simplistic in design but executed perfectly. There are five separate sniper areas, including an infinite area that allows you to continue to kill marks to earn money; a story mode that requires gun upgrades; a special ops mode that is like the story mode but with special missions and big payouts; a daily challenge; and an area that allows you to step away from sniping and use a pistol, shotgun, or assault rifle. Depending on which area you are playing in, each mission takes about 30 seconds to complete, which makes it awesome to pick up and play whenever you have a down minute.

Sniper 3D isn’t winning any awards for graphics, but they are workable. I would compare the graphics to the 32 bits of the original PlayStation. It is probably a good thing because out of all of the games, this is probably the most graphic when it comes to blood. The game mechanics are about as smooth as they get with your right thumb controlling movement and your left thumb zooming and firing. Though I have deleted this game a few times, I keep finding my way back to it.


4. Sniper Arena

Sniper Arena is unlike any other sniper game you will find. The best way to describe the gameplay is if you were playing Time Crisis except that you are a sniper playing against other players. Of course, the game offers ways for you to upgrade your weapon and become a more formidable opponent. What I like about this game is the fact that you can gain money, health, and experience by shooting power-ups in the game. If you decide to play this one, I would suggest your magazine be one of the first upgrades that you put your money toward because more shots will give you a huge advantage against opponents who need to reload constantly.

Like most of the other games on this list, Sniper Arena hovers in that 32–64-bit range for graphics. Given the graphic nature of these games, I don’t think that we need the graphics to be any better, to be honest. The game mechanics can be a little clunky if you are someone who likes to zoom in and out because the zoom adjuster is in the center of the screen. If you are ok with your zoom constantly being in one spot, then the mechanics are similar to other games. You scroll using your left thumb and shoot and move in and out of zoom mode using buttons on the right side of your screen. Though I’m not sure if this game would keep my attention for too long, I think the idea is fresh and something that could be built upon by the developer.


5. Contract Killer

Contract Killer could be seen as not an actual sniper game because sniping is just one part of this multi-faceted hitman game. You must complete missions using sniper rifles, assault rifles, and even throwing knives to accomplish your goals. Of course, you can upgrade your weapons to beat your missions. What’s cool about this game is that you are not just killing someone over and over again; there are plenty of different missions to keep gameplay engaging.

Contract Killer is no different than the other games on this list with graphics that clear enough to make out but not so clear that the bloodshed is graphic. For the most part, the game mechanics are pretty self-explanatory with your left thumb moving your view and your right thumb performing all other tasks, including zooming, firing, and changing positions. Most of the levels only take a few minutes tops to play, but this game is much more immersive than the rest, and you will find yourself wanting to play the campaign mode for hours at a time.


These are not nearly close to the number of sniper games available on the App Store, but they are some of the best that I have played. If you have a suggestion for a sniper game for me to check out, please let me know in the comments; I am always looking for new games to play.

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