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"The Impossible Test" Answers

Andrea is a freelance writer from Los Angeles and is the lucky owner of two pug puppies. She enjoys playing various mobile games.

Do you know how to pass "The Impossible Test"? This article can help.

Do you know how to pass "The Impossible Test"? This article can help.

How to Win Each Stage of The Impossible Test

The Impossible Test by PixelCube is one of the most addicting iPhone games out there. It's second only to Angry Birds in its ability to keep its players captivated and their attention locked. Figuring out each level is rewarding, but if some of the stages are a little too hard to figure out on your own, we've provided a list of The Impossible Test answers. Feel free to add any secret finds or additional input in the comments section below.

"The Impossible Test" stage 1

"The Impossible Test" stage 1

Stages 1–25

1. Tap the red light.

2. Tap the guy in the middle (the enemy) until the health bar runs out.

3. Tap all of the ninja stars (including the one at the top of the screen).

5. Tap the cloud on the top right; it's slightly larger than the rest.

6. This is a trick; don't tap anything, you'll advance to the next screen in a few seconds.

7. Simply tap the balloon on the right, then the ones in the middle, then on the left.

8. Drag the blue bubble to the square on the right (which is actually slightly rectangular).

9. Tap the money in this order: top right, bottom right, top left, bottom left.

10. Tap the fish on the bottom left. It is the only one with an eyebrow.

11. Tap the blue square at the bottom right of the screen.

12. Drag both the objects to the center of the black hole.

13. Tap the words at the top instead of the colored circles.

14. Move the saw up and down many times until the wood is cut in half.

15. Tap the square on the right. It will turn and reveal a diamond.

16. Drag the cute penguin to any corner to reveal the egg, then tap it.

17. Drag the exclamation point from the sentence at the top to the end of the sentence in the middle of the screen.

18. Spin your phone so that the words are facing up, then turn your phone back over.

19. Tap green, then yellow, then wait for the colors to change, then click red.

20. Tap only the red ninja throwing stars.

21. Shake your phone and water will drop from the cloud and fill up the cup.

22. Tap the moving targets quickly. If you miss one, you'll lose a life.

23. You don't need to do anything. Just wait for the next screen.

24. Tap the far left ballon, then the far right, middle right, middle left, and then the top.

25. Tap the bottom rectangle with the "S" on it quickly! You only have a second.

Stage 29

Stage 29

Stages 26–50

26. Drag the #1 chip to the #1 spot, and do the same for chips 2–4.

27. Tap the colored circles in this order: green, orange, red, blue. The red and orange look alike, so be sure to take a second to determine which is which.

28. Tap the bottom right fish; its middle bubble is different.

29. Shake your phone and the penguin will eventually crack through the ice.

30. Tap the guy in the middle of the screen rapidly until his health goes down to 0.

31. Tap "25" two times, then tap "5" once.

32. Simply tap "10" two times.

33. Tap the eyes on the top right.

34. Tap the moving targets before they disappear, starting with the number 5 and counting down to the number 1.

35. Tap the 5th ring down from the top. Remember the hint from earlier?

36. The light bulb flickers 11 times.

37. Tap the red, blue, and yellow colors.

38. Tap all the candles at one time. You can use multiple fingers.

39. Drag "the electric coil" at the top out of the way, and it will reveal the word "continue." Tap it.

40. Tap the green traffic light.

41. Tap "to continue" at the top.

42. Drag the bulb out of the square and drag the bottom yellow bulb into it.

43. Tap the "X" on the left.

44. Drag the UFO to the right so that it is over the second to last person, then click "beam."

45. Drag the bottom key and drop it on the lock.

46. Touch the heart on the right, then the word "clubs" at the top, then the word "diamonds" at the top, then the spade on the left.

47. Click the green "talk" button.

48. Tap on the right side a little bit below halfway between the top and bottom of the screen.

49. Shake your phone really fast.

50. Tap the blue ice cube on the left.

Stages 51–74

51. Tap the thing on the left.

52. Tap the button that says "continue."

53. Turn your phone so the plus sign on the battery points down.

54. Tap 2, 2, 0.

55. Move the green alien, then the purple one, then move the text, then tap the continue button.

56. Tap the top knob on the television set.

57. Tap the weight until it reveals the continue button, then tap the button.

58. Type in the word "bananas."

59. Rotate your phone 360 degrees until the windmill spins.

60. Tap the full pizza on the right 5 times.

61. Wait for the green "Go" sign, then tap it.

62. Tap the colors in this order: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

63. The moon had 6 craters.

64. It looks like you failed, but you didn't. Tap "CONTINUE" on the top right.

65. Drag the left cherry away, then tap the cherry on the right.

66. Drag the envelope in the box to the right of the hyphen, then drag the letter "e" from the top to the left side of the hyphen.

67. Tap the words in this order: bottom bun, patty, ketchup, lettuce, tomato, top bun.

68. Keep the white ball between the double lines by holding your phone still.

69. Drag the "rk" away from the word "spork," then tap "spoon," then tap the top of the fork.

70. Tap the light blue "blue" lollipop, then pink, then purple, then red.

71. Drag the rectangle off the flashlight, then drag the battery out of the compartment.

72. Swipe the knob on top of the camera near the middle until the status light turns green, then click the shutter button to take a picture.

73. Shake your phone to develop the picture.

74. Tap the word "Defend," then drag the block on the bottom right so that it is in the way of the moving sword.

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Andre Dion u need to turn your device upside down and then click the ‘x’

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How do u get egg on level 56?

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To get the Easter egg you get to that level at 2:00 on ur device, to beat it u w8 for timer to get to 200 tap it. Then in the box type "other"

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How do u get the Easter egg on level 56?

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Omg it's so simple to figure out #35. The fifth ring down refers to the metal loops on the left of the screen. There are about 10 of them (I'd have to look at it again but I don't wanna right now). You tap the 5th one down from the top.

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@ Jenn: 5th ring down on left

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There is a secret behind the big blue fuzzy guy that it tells you to remember.

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Please help!

Cory on November 29, 2010:

Ok for question 31 just tap 25$ 3 times it's so much faster and everyone seams to think that you tap 25$ twice then 5$ and 10$ twice. The object is to hit 55$ but as soon as you get to the second 25$ tap it changes so just hit it again...

Betty on October 05, 2010:

I would still be on the 10th stage if it weren't for these answers. Thanks Andrea!

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Thanks JoeT, that stage was difficult for me too, probably tried it like 20 times before I got it. Good luck!!

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Wow, you pretty much covered all the bases. I was really confused on the stage with colored circles for a while.