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The Sus Checklist for the Pro Gamer

In case you were just born or have never been on the internet, Among Us is an online multiplayer game developed in 2018 by Innersloth. The game hadn't hit its breakout year until mid 2020 when the game had gained thousands, even millions of downloads worldwide. Since then, they have won three prestigious awards; The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game (2020), Game Award for Best Mobile Game (2020), Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Award for Best Award for Best Videogame (2021).

In Among Us, you and your friends prepare the ship as it takes its course throughout space. However, one of the players will act as a threat and attempt to sabotage and murder the other crewmates. The crew must defeat the imposter by either completing all the task onboard or find the imposter and kick them off the ship.


"Bro, that's kinda sus."

— A gamer.

When in the midst of a time-consuming meeting, there is no one certain way of determining who is and isn't the imposter. There are many ways to determine who is the imposter and you have to make crucial decisions at desperate times. Luckily for you, I have constructed a checklist of things to make sure that you're getting the right guy. Here are five ways you can determine who is the imposter like an epic pro-gamer!

1. Buddy System

The basic rule in any horror film: Always have a buddy. They taught you that in kindergarten when you were going on a school field trip. If a person is suspected as the imposter, check to see if they had any partners to clear their name or to call themselves the culprit. The imposter doesn't have a friend in the world and no buddy. If you don't want to be a part of the crazy wall, get yourself a buddy to follow you do tasks, socialize, and vouch for your innocence.


2. Retracing the Steps

POV: You're in a meeting with the remaining players, the host announces where the body is and asks, "Where were you?" This can knock out possible suspects or put you on FBI watch list if not careful. The imposter will be near the scene or lie about their behavior to make them seem innocent. If they're lying or stretching the truth, then the suspect only has a 40/60 chance on them skipping the round or voting them off immediately. The only way out of this is the truth, and hopefully you're not anywhere near the body. If you aren't the imposter and you find yourself being framed, remember that when there's a body, there also the imposter near. It's more than likely that there are multiple people around the corpse and there's hope after all. The real imposter could be near a vent or the body.

3. Gone Fishing

This person needs to be carefully watched. If not, they could simply be the imposter lurking around for a quick kill when the lights are off or during any other miscellaneous acts. This players wanders alone, like a lonely ranger during the game. There are pros and cons to this particular player. They tend to mind themselves and finish the game; good or bad. The only con to this player is that they have no one to vouch for them. No one can help them inside a meeting. Thus, them being the only logical crook, they get voted off the ship, rage quit, and delete the game. To avoid being that guy, just be involved in a group (RULE #1) to prove your innocence from a distant crime scene.

4. Silent Library Winner

Nostalgic isn't? Inside the meeting, this menace is waiting patiently on the outside so that they won't be blamed for the crime. This rule is for the player who may be very quiet during the meeting. There's a small chance the group will notice them, and statically, this player has the best chance at winning the game and killing all the crewmates. This could be your chance to spot the imposter. Find who's quiet for the majority of the meeting and ask them some interrogation questions. Be sure to look out for cues on how their story is told when they're confronted. You may find is a sign that they are either hiding information or letting the crewmates take themselves out one by one.


5. Into the Thick of Information

The last player to be considered sus or the imposter would be the person who gives too much information. You could catch false information if you get them at the right time. If this player is currently you, then you don't need all that information to prove yourself. TMI and you don't need to get nervous if you're not the imposter, right? Being nervous is still acting sus to others.


Now that you have read the checklist above, you can see if you or a friend is sus with the quiz below. Results of quiz will give you either a yes or no on whether you're the imposter. The map used in the scenarios is the original map from launch, The Skeld Ship. As always, stay tuned.

The SUS Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. Where are you on the map?
    • Hallway
    • Engine
    • Electrical
    • O2
    • Med Bay
  2. What task did you perform last?
    • Wires
    • Garbage
    • Download
    • Scan
    • Card Swipe
  3. Are you alone?
    • No I'm with [Candice].
    • Yes, I'm alone.
  4. While everyone's talking, someone notices you're a bit silent at the moment. He then confronts you, how do you respond?
    • Bathroom Break
    • Gathering Evidence
    • A Logical Answer
    • Confront them
    • Play it off with a joke
  5. FINAL QUESTION: Who are you voting out? REMINDER: You're telling the group your answer.
    • Pink (GIRL GAMER)
    • Green (VOUCHER)
    • Orange (SPAMMMER)
    • Red (HOST)


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. Where are you on the map?
    • Hallway: +3 points
    • Engine: +5 points
    • Electrical: +2 points
    • O2: +4 points
    • Med Bay: +1 point
  2. What task did you perform last?
    • Wires: +1 point
    • Garbage: +4 points
    • Download: +2 points
    • Scan: +5 points
    • Card Swipe: +3 points
  3. Are you alone?
    • No I'm with [Candice].: +5 points
    • Yes, I'm alone.: +1 point
  4. While everyone's talking, someone notices you're a bit silent at the moment. He then confronts you, how do you respond?
    • Bathroom Break: +2 points
    • Gathering Evidence: +1 point
    • A Logical Answer: +3 points
    • Confront them: +4 points
    • Play it off with a joke: +5 points
  5. FINAL QUESTION: Who are you voting out? REMINDER: You're telling the group your answer.
    • Pink (GIRL GAMER): +3 points
    • White (CURRENT CULPRIT): +4 points
    • Green (VOUCHER): +1 point
    • Orange (SPAMMMER): +5 points
    • Red (HOST): +2 points

Interpreting Your Score

A score between 5 and 11 means: "My guy, we caught you in 4K, cupcake and all, and the sun is still out. YOU ARE SUS."

A score between 12 and 17 means: "Almost got me there. But you're not that guy pal. Trust me, you're not that guy. YOU ARE SUS."

A score between 18 and 21 means: "You have sus tendencies, however, you are NOT THE IMPOSTER."

A score between 22 and 23 means: "Good work, I always believed in you. You are NOT SUS.

A score between 24 and 25 means: "You're either a master imposter or a S Tier crewmate! You are NOT SUS."

© 2021 Terry Donald Edwards