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7 Stunning Android Air Combat Games

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There aren’t many air combat games for Android, but a few titles can give PC combat simulation games a run for their money. In addition, there are some cartoonish aerial-combat-themed games for your mobile device, including 2D titles that let you take control of a fighter jet or group of air fighters and engage rival planes in dogfights. Here’s a rundown of some of the top air combat titles for Android.

The Top 7 Air Combat and Fighter Plane Games for Android

  1. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory
  2. Winds of Steel
  3. Air Patriots
  4. Steambirds
  5. Dogfight
  6. C.H.A.O.S.
  7. Mini Squadron

1. Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory

Sky Gamblers is one of the few good 3D air combat titles to grace the Android platform. A WWI-themed game, this game allows you to fly deadly air fighters like Ilya Bomber, Fokker DR1, and several other historic combat planes. Using your device’s touch-screen and accelerometer, the game offers a brand-new combat simulation experience. You can engage in dogfights against rival planes or bomb ground defenses in challenging air-to-ground scenarios.

The full version has more than 100 dogfight missions as well as a design mode, which allows you to create your own missions. The game also offers multiplayer aerial dogfights: you can go against seven other players in intense air-to-air combat, all in real-time. A slew of familiar multiplayer modes are available through the paid version, including Capture the Flag and Team Death Match. But try the Lite (free) version before buying the full version.


2. Winds of Steel

Winds of Steel (occasionally called Wings of Steel, which is confusing) is an impressive 3D air combat game simulating WWII in the Pacific. In its first half, it puts you into the cockpit of Japanese fighters and bombers over Pearl Harbor, and in the second half, it has you playing the American part, flying US Air Force fighter planes over the mainland.

Throughout both campaigns, you will be taking on enemy aircraft and battle stations. When engaging in a dogfight, a square target will assist you in ripping through the defenses of a rival air fighter. But the real fun is dropping bombs over islands and battleships. The targeting system is admirable; I have never seen such a simple-to-use aiming system. It really makes dogfights exciting.

Graphically, Winds of Steel offers excellent 3D visuals. It offers intense missions revolving around the bombing of Pearl Harbor and its aftermath: a good number of historic air battles, although some of the campaign missions are a bit repetitive. All in all, the game offers a rich air simulation experience.


3. Air Patriots

Air Patriots gives a fresh spin to the air combat genre by combining tower-defense gameplay with air-to-land combat. Instead of installing stationary units to protect your terrain, you will be controlling a colorful group of cartoonish air fighters to bomb tanks and other land units.

Maneuvering mobile units can be quite challenging as you will need to chalk out a strategy to destroy enemies. To do this, you will need to constantly draw paths for each of your air fighters. You can also draw a series of patterns for each airplane to make sure enemy units don’t escape to the other side of the terrain.

Air Patriots offers plenty of missions to play. There are over 10 unlockable aircraft, each with its own abilities and firepower. Map variety makes gameplay more interesting. The complexity of each terrain adds more fun and challenge to the entire gameplay.

Adding an air combat twist to the tower-defense genre, Air Patriots is a daring experiment. It combines two totally different genres and presents an engaging air-to-land battle.


4. Steambirds

Steambirds brings turn-based strategy to air combat gameplay mechanics. This unique combination makes things really interesting. How it works is that players draw paths for their planes and wait for their opponents to do the same. All this takes place in turns, with each player outmaneuvering the other and getting their targets right.

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The game offers a top-down simplified map view, which works great for a turn-based dogfight game. You feel like you are commanding a squadron of air fighters in a war room.

Your controls are limited to drawing paths for aircraft maneuvering; all fighter planes will attack rival planes automatically once they come into their line of sight. This doesn't mean the game is easy; you need to draw a correct pattern. Make sure you hit the pause button and plan your combat maneuvers before enemy aircraft turns your airplanes into toast.

Steambirds takes place in an alternate history, with a steampunk theme. In this path of history, a super steam fuel power has been discovered, giving your zeppelins and spitfires an extra zing. The firepower is potent, and bombs can easily destroy an island in seconds. The alternate history angle adds a nice twist to the WWII era. While the game isn't as fast-paced as other Android air combat games, it will appeal to strategy fans.


5. Dogfight

Dogfight is another engaging air combat simulation game that takes place during the First World War. It features colossal air combat in different environments. You will be maneuvering WWI-era fighter planes over snowy deserts, oceans, and lush green fields as you take on rival airplanes in head-to-head air battles.

The game can be downloaded for free, but one needs to pay for the full version in-game. The free version includes a few training levels and a single airplane. The full version consists of a variety of historical WWI airplanes and plenty of missions to play.

The best gameplay feature of Dogfight is its multiplayer mode. You can lock horns with other players in massive dogfights. Developers have created a special community for players to share their combat simulation experience and tips.


6. C. H. A. O. S

C.H.A.O.S is a decent 3D helicopter combat simulation game available for Android. The game puts you into the cockpits of some of the fiercest choppers, such as the Comanche, Black Hawk, AH 64 Apache, and Hind.

The game has some of the most deadly aerial dogfights I have ever seen. Remember, you will be controlling realistic-looking, difficult-to-maneuver helicopters, so engaging an enemy helicopter in air-to-air combat can be very challenging. Fortunately, several training missions help you get experience with the touchscreen-based controls.

C.H.A.O.S has a very Hollywood-like plot. A league of dictators has decided to take control of Earth, and it is up to you to stop their evil plans. You can upgrade your helicopters through a ranking-an- experience system that earns you in-game currency to buy upgrades. The 3D visuals are top-notch.


7. Mini Squadron

Mini Squadron is a beautiful air combat title that lets you take control of cute little biplanes as you dominate the skies, fighting rival air fighters.

The animated dogfights taking place in the 2D background are just incredible to watch. You can maneuver your biplane using a virtual scroll wheel, showering cartoonish bullets while showing some serious acrobatic stunts. The game infuses plenty of arcade elements that make gameplay interesting. You will come across power-ups, “hearts,” and other abilities while taking on rivals in the air.

Mini Squadron’s smooth airplane animation is a treat to watch. Your biplane swoops and performs complex aerial stunts with grace. A simple virtual wheel-based control lets you control your plane effortlessly. The game makes pretty good use of the touchscreen.

There are around eight levels. When you complete levels, you get to unlock a variety of biplanes, of different designs, each with unique characteristics like weapon type, speed, and size.

The really fun part of this game is multiplayer air combat via Wi-Fi. All in all, Mini Squadron is one of the best 2D air combat games available for Android.


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U haven't play Extreme Landing pro ! It's AMAZING !!

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Bombshells form Glu is the best

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