Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Playing "Summoners War"

Updated on May 5, 2020
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Things to Know When Starting Summoners War

When I first started Summoners War, I had no idea what I was doing. It took me a long time to learn the basics. Later, I helped a friend get into the game, and I watched him blow through all the benchmarks, such as Giants 10 and Trials of Ascension floor 100, way fast then I did. I realized the help of having someone to guide you in the first month or two can make all difference. So below, I'm going to show you some of the things I learned while playing Summoners War in the hopes it will help you move forward faster.

If you are a seasoned player and you have some ideas I missed, please feel to add them to the bottom of the page.

Don't bench Lapis!
Don't bench Lapis!

The Starting Monsters Are Good!

The tutorial in Summoners War can be a little slow but it rewards you with a few good monsters. Almost all of these are useful and some even see action even in the late game. Water Magic Knight (Lapis) is especially useful as an exp farmer. There's no shame in using these monsters. As a rule, I would suggest keeping all of them.

Devilmons make all the difference in "Summoners War."
Devilmons make all the difference in "Summoners War."

Devilmons Are the Most Valuable Resource

Pretty early into the game, you'll notice these cute little guys call Devilmons. They are the most important resource in this game. They are very limited quantity and extremely useful. Devilmons will act as a duplicate of any monster and level up a monster's abilities when they are fed to them. Only use them on 5* monsters and a select few 4* monsters. (This is up for debate).

You can get one Devilmon every week from the Arena shop. DO NOT MISS IT.

Light Inugami From Hall of Light
Light Inugami From Hall of Light

Hall of Light Is the Best

You'll notice that every day of the week has a different elemental dungeon open. Hall of Light is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Every time you clear you will get awakening materials and also a chance to open a secret dungeon. Secret dungeon gives you the opportunity to farm monster parts. Since light scrolls aren't common this ends up being the best way to get a lot of the best 2-3* light monsters. Here are the ones to look out for.

  • Vagabond
  • Inugami
  • Cowgirl

Those three units are pretty key to a lot of parts of the game. If you see someone in chat open up one of these dungeons try to make friends so you can enter their dungeon too.

Dark Salamander is underrated.
Dark Salamander is underrated.

Every Monster Is Viable

Summoners War is different than most games like. One of the biggest differences is the ability to use just about any monster in the game and find success. There are certainly monsters that will help you progress faster, but don't be discouraged if you aren't pulling 4 and 5-star monsters all the time. The game balances things out by making common monsters way easier to skill up with duplicate monsters. Colleen and Belladeon are two easy examples. Both are low star common units and both are considered to be some of the best healers in the game.

Verdehile is key for most Dragon teams.
Verdehile is key for most Dragon teams.

Key Units Are Important

Here's a list of "key" units in Summoners war. These are units most of the community will agree are super useful for progression. None are necessary though. I can't stress that enough. That being said, if you can get any of these units, take good care of them, and they will be good to you.

  • Lushen-Wind Joker: Good for PVP, Giants 10
  • Galleon-Water Pirate: Good for Guild content, PVP, Dragons 10
  • Colleen-Fire Harpu: Good for Necro 10, Raids
  • Belladeon-Light Inugami: Good for Everything
  • Barretta-Fire Sylph: Good for TOA, Dots
  • Tyron-Water Sylph: Good for TOA , Freeze
  • Darion-Light Vagabond: Good for Passive that reduces damage done to allies
  • Shannon-Wind Pixie: Good for Giants, TOA
  • Verdehile-Fire Vampire: Good for Speed Leader, Dragons 10

Summoners War Will Eat Your Data If . . .

Summoners War has a sort of glitch that can cause it to use way more data then it should. It's totally avoidable once you know about it, but if it catches you off guard it will eat through your data.

Sometimes when you update the name you will see the loading bar on the home screen. Everything will look fine and the bar will go from 1-100% but then the next time you open your game it will say it needs to update again. Rinse and Repeat. What's happening is that if your device doesn't have enough storage space it won't finish the download. Oddly enough the game will let you play without the update finished and give you no notification that the update wasn't complete. This can cause you to download several times without noticing and using so much of your data.

If Summoners War asks you to update constantly, check to make sure you have enough space for it. Because it won't tell you. This is a pain for me because I keep a lot of photos and videos of my family on my phone. Once I month I try to move everything to an external hard drive to make space.

Who to Fuse First? Veromos or Sigmarus

This almost a question for its own page but a lot of players aren't sure which fusion to work on first. Both the Dark Ifrit and Water Phoenix can improve your game vastly. The short answer is whichever you need more. Veromos has crowd control and a cleanse. He's very safe and can be used in basically all content. Sigmarus is one of the hardest-hitting monsters in the game. I personally think Veromos is a more useful monster, but he can also be replaced easier. It's best to substitute monsters like Lulu.

Ask yourself if you need stability or damage.

Sanctum of Energy and Mysterious Plant

In Summoners War, you are limited by how much energy you have. Once you run out you can't do anything else until it comes back. Pretty simple to understand. Inside the glory shop there are two structures that effectively give you more energy. More energy means more Mana Stones, more experience, more runes, etc. These structures are the Sanctum of energy that raises the maximum amount of energy you can have and the Mysterious Plant which increases the rate your energy refills. Both are extremely important for progression and I would even go as far to say you should max these structures first.

It's boring one but it's worthwhile.

Cookie-Cutter Teams

In Summoners War, you will find there is a cookie-cutter team for just about anything. These are tried, tested and true teams that most players will recommend. It sucks to just fall into the same mold as everyone else, but I suggest starting with these. Pretty quickly, you will break away from them and find your own improvements. The most important thing here is to learn from them.

  • Giant: Veromos, Shannon, Bernard, Belladeon, Darion
  • Dragon: Verdehile, Belladeon, Galleon,Lapis, Veromos
  • TOA: Barretta, Spectra, Mav, Belladeon

Secret Dungeons Are Worth Doing

In Summoners War, there are two types of Secret Dungeons. The first lasts an hour and can be found and shared with anyone on your friends list. The second is brought out by Com2us periodically and will usually last a few days. Whenever you see this second type you should always try to get at least enough pieces to summon one of the monsters in it. You don't have to summon it right away, though. You can hold the pieces for as long as you want so it doesn't take up storage space.

Com2us likes to bring out useful monsters in these multi-day Secret Dungeons. Often, these monsters are used for fusion or are likely to get a near-future update.

Start Second Awakening Monsters Early

As you work your way through the main scenario missions you will get access to a new set of dungeons called the Dimension Hole. These are for 2nd awakening certain monsters. All the monster that you can upgrade through the Dimension Hole are 2 or 3 star monsters. Likely you will have a few of them already. Some are better than others but all of them will get a substantial upgrade. There's levels of difficulty and the higher levels will awaken monsters fast but there is still lots to be gained from even the lowest level, like crafting materials and mana stones. This also uses a completely different pool of energy so it won't take away from farming other things.

A lot of players get discouraged by how slow the 2nd awakening process can be on lower levels and then because of that waste a lot of energy by letting it sit at 100/100 until the are ready to commit.

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