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10+ Tips for Playing "Animal Restaurant"

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15+ tips, tricks, and hints for playing Animal Restaurant!

15+ tips, tricks, and hints for playing Animal Restaurant!

Animal Restaurant is a free restaurant management game available on Android and iOS devices. Animal Restaurant is primarily an "incremental game" (also known as "idle" or "tap" games), meaning the majority of the gameplay is tapping the screen to increase in-game profits and turning those profits into ways to make more profit.

However, there are a lot of different areas of the restaurant, facilities to upgrade and unlock, and mini-games to play, which makes Animal Restaurant more complex than the typical idle game.

Whether you're a new player to Animal Restaurant, or you've earned 10 million cod, here are 10+ gameplay tips to help you play the game better.

1. Focus On Upgrading the Tip Desk and Buffet First

Unless you plan to stay logged into the game non-stop and ensure that you're actively earning cod (which defeats the purpose of an "idle" game such as this), you'll want to upgrade your Tip Desk and Buffet first.

The Tip Desk allows you to earn more cod while you're away. The maximum amount of cod the Tip Desk holds increases as you upgrade it. For example, the initial Stone Bowl Tip Desk can hold a maximum amount of 10,000 cod. The Reverie Register can store a maximum of 180,000 cod.

The Buffet also generates a passive income; the amount of cod that accrues is based on which Conveyor Belt you upgrade to, and the maximum amount you earn per hour caps off at 12 hours away from the game.

If you've upgraded your Tip Desk and Buffet first, you can check into the game twice a day and collect cod even when you've not been actively playing!

Watch (or skip) ads to earn more cod!

Watch (or skip) ads to earn more cod!

2. Take Advantage of Ads to Increase Income

When logging back into the game and collecting cod from the Tip Desk and the Buffet, you'll be prompted with the option to watch a 30-second ad to increase your income. The game has various ad prompts to skip cooldowns or play mini-games, but this is one of the few times it's really beneficial to watch ads.

I always watch the ads to double my Tip Desk income, or to increase the money earned at the Buffet while away. I also watch the ads to double the plates earned while working at a friend's restaurant.

You can also purchase "skip ad" tickets via the in-game store (more on that later) and use them to skip watching the ads and reap the same rewards.

3. Join the Discord Server to Add Friends and Restaurant Workers

You'll notice this game relies heavily on social interaction. The game will prompt you to add friends via Facebook whom you can visit daily for rewards, or invite friends to play with you and work in your Buffet (and vice versa). I don't have any friends on Facebook who play Animal Restaurant (and I'm certainly not going to spam them with invites to do so), but you don't want to miss out on the social aspect and rewards of the game.

To easily make some friends, I recommend joining the Animal Restaurant Discord server.

Once there, you can share your friend code (located by clicking on the Friends Board in the Courtyard and then tapping the "Send Name Card" button) directly to the Courtyard Friends channel on the server, where other people can add you as a friend. You can also add other people as friends through links shared there. The default Friend Board allows a maximum of 10 friends at a time (but can be upgraded with film to hold a maximum of 65 friends).

Once you've unlocked the Buffet, you can invite friends to work for you and increase how much cod you get per hour. Share the invite link into the Buffet Links channel of the server, and people will work at your buffet for 4 hours at a time. You can also click the link to someone else's invite and work at their buffet for 4 hours to earn 200 plates (or 400 plates, if you watch the ad).

Visiting friend's restaurants will reward both of you with in-game currency!

Visiting friend's restaurants will reward both of you with in-game currency!

4. Visit Friends Daily

Speaking of making friends, once you have them, make sure you visit them daily.

Each day you can visit friend's restaurants via the Friend Board and search for Lucky Bags which hold cod, film (used to upgrade your courtyard), stars, invite tickets (for concerts in the courtyard), and magnifying glasses (which can help you find Lucky Bags that you can't see with your naked eye).

A pop-up will advise if there are Lucky Bags hidden in a friend's restaurant (if you don't see this pop-up, there are no Lucky Bags), if you've found all the Lucky Bags, and it's time to move on to the next friend, and when you've collected the maximum amount of Lucky Bags per day.

Your friends can also visit you and leave behind cod, film, and magnifying glasses!

5. Fish at Your Friend’s Pond

Another benefit of having friends in the game is that you can fish in their pond instead of your own. The fishing mini-game is all about timing and how many fish are visible when you put your hook in the water, which can get frustrating.

However, when you load a friend's pond, more items spawn than at your pond. You have a higher chance of catching something in a friend's pond, even if it's just a stick (and hey, sticks are still valuable in Animal Restaurant!)

6. Save Fish for When You Need to Unlock Booth Owners for Daily Tasks

Every day, the game will give you a list of tasks to complete to earn more cod and stars. The list refreshes daily with different objectives, and some days you'll get a task to invite a certain amount of booth owners to the pond.

While it may be tempting to immediately place your caught fish onto the lease spot and attract a booth owner, I recommend waiting until it's your daily task to do so, since the chances of getting a booth owner to appear are low, and catching fish is hard.

You can store an unlimited amount of fish on the ground around your pond - just don't drag them to the lease spot. You can also buy a storage tank and hold fish there, once you've unlocked the Takeout section of your restaurant.

Once you unlock the Takeout, you'll want to save some flowers to buy items for orders!

Once you unlock the Takeout, you'll want to save some flowers to buy items for orders!

7. Save Flowers to Complete Takeout Orders

Just like saving your fish, it's not a bad idea to save the flowers grown in the Garden for purchasing items used in Takeout orders.

Once you've unlocked the Takeout section, you'll have to purchase snacks, fruit, drinks, and frozen food to fulfil the orders. These items are primarily purchasable by using flowers, sometimes fish, or cod, but the cod prices are very expensive.

If you need stars to next upgrade a facility, keep displaying your flowers at the Garden Table to earn them quickly. However, if you have enough stars and are just working on earning cod to upgrade a facility, it's better to save your flowers.

Again, flowers can be left on your Garden floor or in a purchasable storage box until you use them to buy items for Takeout.

8. Remember to Buy New Recipes

Though I've advised you to primarily focus on upgrading your Tip Desk and Buffet first, don't forget to also buy new recipes. New recipes unlock new patrons to the restaurant, who will pay more cod and sometimes stars, per order.

You can also upgrade recipes to earn more cod per serving.

If you don't unlock recipes as your restaurant grows, the animal patrons will get upset and leave if you don't have the food they want - meaning you'll miss out on the cod they could have paid you.

Don't forget to also unlock and upgrade your Buffet recipes by using plates; in turn, you'll earn more cod when you collect it at the end of a shift.

9. Upgrade Your Staff

You can employ staff to help out at your restaurant. The staff does various tasks, from a waiter who will automatically take orders for you without you needing to tap the screen, to a cashier who will collect cod off the floor for you.

The staff only work for small periods before resting, but you can upgrade them to work longer.

Upgrading staff can also increase the amount of cod you earn per minute. Check the Menu and Staff buttons to see which staff you can upgrade, and what benefits you'll get for doing so.

10. Look For Facilities Which Increase Tips to Earn More Cod

When choosing which facility to upgrade next, check each option and upgrade the ones that have the effect to increase tips earned per minute.

Upgrading these facilities (such as tables in the restaurant, and decor items like curtains, mats, and wall decor) will allow you to earn money faster while you play the game (or when you're away).

Don't forget to collect 10 free Diamonds every day!  Diamonds can be used to buy other currency (cod, film, or bells) or buy Skip Ad Tickets!

Don't forget to collect 10 free Diamonds every day! Diamonds can be used to buy other currency (cod, film, or bells) or buy Skip Ad Tickets!

11. Claim 10 Free Diamonds Every Day

You can collect 10 free diamonds (premium currency) each day by clicking on the plus button next to the cod display at the top left of the screen.

Diamonds don't have a direct use in the game, but can be used to exchange for other in-game currency, like more cod, bells (for Takeout upgrades), plates (upgrading the Buffet or playing Gachapon), or stars. You can also use 40 diamonds to purchase 5 skip ad tickets, which will allow you to skip watching the ads but still receive rewards.

12. Pay Attention to On-Screen Tips

While playing the game, you'll notice text scrolling across the screen almost constantly. Mostly, it's the game reminding you to hit the "promote" button to bring in new customers, or greetings when customers arrive (is anyone else sick of seeing, "Welcome to Gumi's Kitchen!" fly across the screen?).

But the tips will also let you know if something important has happened: like when Hedwig returns, if a performer has finished in the courtyard, when the Rich Kid or Cod-Stealing Rabbit have arrived, or when a customer has a special request in the Terrace.

13. Use the “Gather” Button During Concerts

In the Courtyard, you can throw concerts to earn more cod and film. You'll passively earn tips while the concert is being performed, but to maximise profits, you can use the "Gather" button (the whistle icon on the bottom left) to bring 6-10 customers to the Courtyard, who will tip the concert performer AND leave cod, film, and stars behind after they leave.

You only get 3 free gathers a day (3 more by watching ads), so I recommend only using the gather button while you have a concert running, to maximise how many tips you can collect.

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