Tips and Tricks for Beating Frosting Levels in Candy Crush Soda Saga

Updated on December 9, 2017
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Frosting levels are the most common level type in Candy Crush Soda Saga. Sometimes these levels can be frustrating. Finding the bears in the frosting can be hard. I am going to give advice that has helped me beat these levels.

The Properties of Frosting

The goal of frosting levels is to find the green gummy bears. The goal is to not clear all the frosting! The bears may be at random or fixed locations. I check the Candy Crush Soda Saga Fandom Wiki to be sure. Frosting can have two layers. When frosting has two layers, you can't see what is under it. You need to clear one layer of frosting to see what is hiding under it.

An example of a frosting level.
An example of a frosting level. | Source

Use Stripped and Wrapped Candies

Most of the time I focus on making stripped and wrapped candies. I try to target the frosting that clears the most bears at once. I have found wrapped candies are very helpful for clearing double frosting. Wrapped candies can clear a double frosting tile in one move. Using two wrapped candies together in the right spot is helpful as this clears a lot of a level. Stripped candies can be helpful if you get the orientation that hits what you need. Combining striped candies with wrapped candies is a very helpful move. This combination creates a cross blast, and this can help find the bears you need. This combination is great to use when bears are in columns or rows, and you can hit them all.

Exploding wrapped candies!
Exploding wrapped candies! | Source

How I use Color Bombs and Wrapped Candies

I save color bombs and coloring candies to combine with other specials. Pretty much anything is helpful most of the time.

  • Wrapped candy combination makes explosions in many places. This action helps destroy blockers and clear frosting.
  • Stripped candy combination does the same by shooting blasts in many directions.
  • Fish candy combination clears lots of frosting at once.
  • Matching with another color bomb hits everything once.

Candy Fish Are Sometimes Helpful

Candy fish do not target the bears under the frosting. Candy randomly target frosting. So most of the time they are not very helpful. In frosting levels, I recommend prioritizing making other special candies first. I have found that they are most helpful near the end of a level when there is less frosting. There is a higher chance of them targeting a tile with a bear under it.

Process of Elimination Strategy

If you can use a candy fish with a color bomb or a coloring candy, this helps clear a lot of frosting. This combination creates many candy fish, and they will get rid of lots of frosting. This a strategy based on the idea of getting rid of most or all the frosting. Doing so forces candy fish to target the bears. This strategy can be risky if you spend too much time trying to get rid of all the frosting. It helps to have the double candy fish starting booster if you want to try this.

When I Use Boosters

Sometimes I use many boosters to beat a hard level. Using many boosters is worth it if you are stuck on a level. If you are low on boosters, you can get more from check-ins, quests, and events. I tend to use free switches and candy hammers to finish a level if I have one or two bears remaining.

Using the starter boosters will help on levels with difficult blockers. Sometimes I have got lucky and gotten the coloring candy and color bomb right next to each other. Matching these special candies can greatly reduce the difficulty of hard levels.

My Overall Strategy

  1. Know where the bears are. If they are random, make matches in the game area to find them.
  2. Work towards clearing any blockers that stop me from matching near the bears.
  3. Use special candies to hit the bears and clear them all.
  4. Repeat the strategy until you find all the bears and win the level or run out of moves.

Hopefully This Advice Helps

Use my advice and, you will beat many frosting levels! I hope my advice helps you beat as many Candy Crush Soda Saga levels as possible.

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