Tips and Tricks for Playing the Covet Fashion Game

Updated on September 11, 2017
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The most addictive fashion game ever...
The most addictive fashion game ever... | Source

What is Covet Fashion?

What is Covet? The best way to describe it is as a virtual styling game, using REAL clothes from real designers that you can actually buy in a store (or even online by clicking links on Covet). It's like an adult version of paper dolls. It's completely addictive if you love women's fashion and is free to download from the app store.

In short, the game provides fashion challenges where you dress the 'model' in appropriate clothing for the described event. Fellow players vote on the looks of other players. If you receive a score of 4 or above, you win a prize - an item of clothing for your virtual closet. Each time you enter an event you are paid Covet dollars to use on purchasing further items.

You move through levels in the game as your closet value increases. With each new level reached, you receive new hair and makeup to use when entering events.

What can be tricky about this game is not running out of cash. It's easy to play if you don't mind using real life cash to progress, but with a little bit of strategy you can get through the game with little or no real cash input.

I've been playing for years now and am up to Level 50 of 53 levels, so I'm here to share with you some of the tips I've figured out.


Join a Fashion House & link with Facebook Friends

Try to join a fashion house as soon as possible. Some fashion houses are very selective - they won't allow you to join unless you're at a certain level or if you enter events every day etc etc. The only restriction in my fashion house is that I will evict members who haven't played for over a month so that playing members can join.

If you can't find a fashion house to join, start your own! If you leave it open, you'll be surprised how quickly it fills.

The advantage of having a fashion house is that you can borrow items of clothing from members within your fashion house. This can save you serious cash and enable you to enter events that you wouldn't be able to afford to do otherwise.

Similarly you can link up with any Facebook friends you have who also play and borrow from each other too.

When borrowing, try to borrow the most expensive item! You are limited to borrowing once every few days with Facebook friends but once every 24 hours (calculated from midnight PDT) from Fashion House members.

Enter the Daily 500

If you do nothing else with this game, enter the 'Daily 500' each day. This is the ONLY event where you are paid $500 dollars for entering.

The other advantage of entering the Daily 500 is that there are absolutely no restrictions on what you dress your model in. Therefore, even if you don't have a great outfit to win the prize for the event, you can still enter just to grab your $500 cash. Do this every day and you'll be surprised how quickly your dollars add up.

Collect Your Cash and Tickets Every Day

Every 24 hours Covet gives you 100 diamonds and 20 tickets. Diamonds can be used to purchase out-of-season clothing items and if you have 1000 of them can be converted into Covet cash. Collect them as soon as you can, as the countdown to the 24 hours until you next receive them starts when you collect them.

Tickets are what you need to enter events. The other way to earn tickets is to vote on other players' looks. You can also use diamonds to enter events if you're too lazy to vote but it's a little crazy to waste diamonds when you could be using them to add to your wardrobe!

Maximise your Current Season & Unworn Items

When you enter an event your score is determined by the votes received by other players. But there are two other ways to increase your likelihood of winning the event.

The first of these is to wear as many items as you can from the current season. The greater the dollar value of your overall look from the current season, the more bonus points you receive. So wear the four items of current season jewellery, even if you can't see them with your outfit. Be a little sneaky by adding current season hosiery or leggings under pants, or a swimsuit under a look. Add current season accessories where possible. Try to wear the most expensive items when possible.

You are also given extra points for wearing items your haven't worn before, even if they're borrowed items. Also Covet gives you the option of using the unworn bonus from other items in your closet even if you're not adding them to your look. This can a good way to use your unworn bonus from prizes that you would never use.

To win the prize you need to score of 4 or higher. If your score is 4.5 or higher you also win 25 diamonds. If your score is 5 or higher you win the initial prize, the 25 diamonds and a bonus prize so it's worth striving for the highest score possible.

If you get a score of 5.8 you win these prizes PLUS 5,000 diamonds.

Try to maximise your Season and Unworn bonuses.
Try to maximise your Season and Unworn bonuses. | Source

Be Cautious when entering Flashback Events

Flashback events are events that require you to dress your model in items from one past season, eg. Spring 2014. This is great if you've been playing for a long time and have the required items.

If you're a new player, however, be wary about entering these events. Remember that you have to use diamonds to purchase items that are out of season and they won't add to your season bonus in future events (unless of course it's another Flashback event from that season). In most cases its better to skip these events and use your money to buy clothes for the current season.

One way to decide whether to enter or not is to look at the prize - sometimes the Flashback event prizes are really good so if you only need to buy one item to be able to enter the event it may be worth it. Usually though you need to have at least four items from the "Styling Trunk" - a group of selected items to be able to enter that event so if you don't have any of them, it makes more sense to skip it.

Complete the Styling Spree

Each week there's a "Styling Spree". If you enter a certain number of events (seems to vary - usually between 28-32, you win a bonus prize. This prize is well worth collecting if you can! It's usually worth around $5000 and often a piece of jewellery. Having expensive items like this in your closet, besides providing a big boost to your closet value, can significantly boost your current season bonus, even it's the only current season item in your entire look.

I usually push myself to enter enough events to get the Styling Spree prize, but once I have, I won't enter any other events in that Styling Spree where I have to purchase items - it makes more sense to save my cash for the next styling spree.


Hair and Makeup

Hair, skin and makeup can make a huge difference to your overall look. Unfortunately, the hairstyles and makeup looks you get in the beginning are not great, but they do improve as you move along.

There's a few mistakes people make which I believe make it harder to be scored well for events. I've noticed this through voting for events and seeing what is scoring well. Firstly I would say that the most pale skin colour is not a good look unless it's an event where you're creating a vampire. This is hard for me to write, since it's the skin colour that most accurately matches mine in real life.

Short hairstyles tend not to do well, especially those offered at levels 1-5. Simple long styles and updos seem popular. In hair colours - blonde (surprise surprise) does well. In makeup there's now a couple of good looks in the early levels- Bonita (Level 1) and Evening (Level 2)

Runway Rallies

Runway Rallies are tricky to succeed at and my laid-back fashion house has had little success with them. It counts on a certain number of fashion house members entering events and achieving a certain score in order to win bonus prizes. Every now and then we win a bonus prize anyway, so it's worth doing but I prefer not to stress about it.

Jet Set Events

Jet set events are events that do not have a time limit to enter. You don't win a prize for each event but each time you complete a set of 3 challenges with a sufficient score you win 500 diamonds which can go a long way towards your closet value. The next set of challenges is then unlocked for you to enter as well. You can do these events over and over until you get the score you want. Covet no longer adds to these, but they're worth completing for the diamonds. Also, you're usually competing against other new players so it's easier to score well.

Completing Jet Set events allows you earn 500 diamonds each time you successfully complete a series.  Worth doing!
Completing Jet Set events allows you earn 500 diamonds each time you successfully complete a series. Worth doing! | Source

Time Wasters

Covet can be a time-consuming game and there's a couple of things people do which I can't quite understand why.

In Fashion Houses a lot people like to post their looks in the chat section for opinions and "Likes". Likes are not the same as votes and do nothing to help you progress through the game, so I never do this, nor do I comment on the looks people post in our chat section.

Similarly asking for advice on looks is also a time waster - especially since Covet Players cross so many time zones there's no guarantee you'll even get a timely response. Just go with your gut.

Money Wasters

To save money, don't buy items just for the fun of it. Wait until you are entering an event and try to keep cash for needed items.

Be cautious about purchasing items you don't like, are outrageously expensive, or out of season items. Try to borrow these items, or skip the event altogether.

Remember, you can buy extra cash with real money, but you can succeed without it with a little bit of strategy and common sense. Have fun!


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    • profile image

      Cass 11 days ago

      Hi! May i ask, how is that some players can wear items not in the requirement and enter the challenge? Like for example, the challenge require this specific dress, so i have no choice but to buy the required dress., then during voting, i saw someone wears a dress not in the choices, like i coul’ve use that dress also coz i do have that in my closet so as to save me cash from buying., pls help! Thank you

    • profile image

      KTownChic 13 days ago

      Hi this is really helpful as I've just started playing. Can you tell me I'm only at L3 & I paid for a hair accessory - Crown ...the game took my $$ but I cant access the accessory as its still greyed! The accessory I wanted was a L8 &

      I thought if I bought it I could use it? Hmmm I may have just answered my question - but it would be nice to hear your advice on accessories. Thanks

    • profile image

      _lkdp 3 weeks ago

      Hi! Your article makes complete sense to me! It’s true that earning money in Covet sure is hard. I’m so inlove with this game but I had a bad start so I restarted it. You’re absolutely right about everything. I also realized (and guilty) about the posting of looks part in the fashion house chatroom. Thanks for enlightening me that that’s not really necessary. Hope I’d be able to come across your profile in the game!