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10 Tips for Winning "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes"

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

"Galaxy of Heroes"

"Galaxy of Heroes"

Galaxy of Heroes

Whether it's through the movies, books, or video games, Star Wars fans can experience their favorite galaxy through a plethora of mediums. Today, we'll discuss the free-to-play mobile game Galaxy of Heroes, wherein players strategically assemble a team of champions from the series and compete in a variety of battles. The game has many slowly recharging energy meters to fuel the fights you choose and encourages frequent log-ins throughout the day.

New players may feel somewhat overwhelmed by the plethora of options and characters available. Then there are the numerous currencies to collect: Credits, Cantina Credits, Arena Tokens, Ally Points, Crystals, War Tokens, and more. And even advanced players may be unaware of some of the tricks and secrets hidden throughout the galaxy.

But no worries, today we'll review a variety of tips for both new and experienced players to maximize your Galaxy of Heroes experience!

1. Use Healers

Characters who can heal your team keep them alive long enough to defeat stronger bosses, and they're always useful. They especially shine in Galactic War, a mode where players have to find a long series of battles where damage carries over, making healers absolutely essential to success.

My personal favorites include Luminara, Barriss, and Old Daka. Jedi Consular and Talia also get the job done, especially since they're available to lower-level players.

The "Strength" Daily Challenge allows only attackers, like the above team.

The "Strength" Daily Challenge allows only attackers, like the above team.

2. Unlock Characters From Each Class

As you pick which battles to spend your energy on, and thus which character shards to collect, remember the daily challenges, many of which restrict you to a certain type of class. To complete these challenges, you'll want at least five characters from the three most basic classes (attacker, healer/support, tank) so you can enter the matches with a full party.

Plus, using different classes will result in a more balanced team, so it's in your best interest to develop a well-rounded group.

3. Utilize Galactic War

Likely the hardest mode of Galaxy of Heroes, Galactic War challenges players to fight a series on increasingly difficult battles against teams built by other players. Your characters aren't automatically healed between fights, nor do their cooldowns reset, so victory demands careful planning and precise healing.

Galactic War takes more time than other modes, and is harder to win with the autobattle feature, but those who conquer it receive oodles of credits, training droids, hard-to-collect crystals, and War Tokens, which can be used to collect many characters. Competitive players simply need the extra treasures provided by GW to maintain their high ranking.

Bonus Tip: Some consider it questionable, but if you close your game while in the midst of a Galactic War battle, you can restart it and make different choices in the fight. This helps somewhat alleviate the difficulty of GW.

The Mega-Pack can reward players with characters from upcoming films.

The Mega-Pack can reward players with characters from upcoming films.

4. Spend Crystals on the Chromium Mega-Pack

Unless you're willing to shell out some real-life dough, Crystals are by far the slowest-accumulating resource in GoH. You get them the first time you complete a new battle, once per day as an award for your current rank in the arena, and through Galactic War. Since they build so slowly, players are often tempted to spend them on lower-costing purchases as soon as they have enough. For example, for 150 Crystals you can buy three character shards for one character. Or, you can spend a similar amount for a number of training droids to level up your fighters.

But the best purchase has to be the Chromium Mega-Pack. As of this writing, it's priced at 2520 Crystals, a staggering amount that will take lots of play to acquire. However, it simply gives more bang for your buck. With every Mega-Pack, you receive eight prizes, which can each be either a set of 10-12 character shards, or an entire character. Though it'll take time to gather the necessary Crystals, Mega-Packs are better values than the smaller sets, and you're also guaranteed to receive at least one entire character. Take advantage of this discounted offering!

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5. Harness Bonus Energy

This one's pretty simple. Three times a day, players can login and receive bonus 45 bonus energy (a large amount to fuel several fights). That's a total of 135 extra energy a day, more than enough to receive many extra goodies. Depending on where you live, the energy will come at different times; for me, it's 1, 7, and 10 pm. The surplus energy will be available for less than 2 hours, so if you get the chance, login at those times of the day to collect some extra prizes and give yourself an advantage.

Darth Sidious, whose basic attack can inflict Healing Immunity.

Darth Sidious, whose basic attack can inflict Healing Immunity.

6. Inflict Healing Immunity

GoH features several positive and negative status conditions. One of the most brutal is Healing Immunity; a character suffering it can't have their health refilled. Healing Immunity is often key to victory, preventing opponents from regenerating. Additionally, the game's AI is smart enough to heal damaged allies but doesn't take Immunity into account, which crafty players can exploit. For example, inflict the condition, then watch as an enemy healer wastes their turn fruitlessly attempting to restore their damaged teammate.

Darth Sidious, Anakin Skywalker, Kylo Ren, and IG-88 are great choices for inflicting healing immunity.

7. Only Use SIM Tickets When Necessary

Simulation tickets, or SIM tickets, let you instantly replay a battle you've already won, saving lots of time. They're great for quickly using your energy without spending lots of time. However, SIM tickets only gather 10 Ally Points a pop, as opposed to the 20 you'll collect when actually doing the battles and using an ally's character.

Don't get me wrong, SIM tickets are great for us casual gamers, but hardcore players might want the extra points. Keep in mind the Auto-Battle feature can quickly breeze through easier fights, allowing non-ticket users to still complete battles swiftly.

Asajj Ventress can stun with her basic attack.

Asajj Ventress can stun with her basic attack.

8. Inflict Stun

The most annoying status condition? Gotta be stun; a stunned character can't act and entirely wastes their turn. Many of the best warriors in the game can inflict stun; a few can even apply it to multiple enemies. Stun your strongest foe to temporarily take them out of the action, or stun the healer to prevent recovery.

Old Daka, Count Dooku, Asajj Ventress and Luke Skywalker can all reliably stun opponents.

9. Play in Bursts, Not Marathons

Many of the battles in the game have timers, meaning you'll have to wait before you can redo them. Your various forms of energy to participate in battles similarly recharges over time. Thus, this is a game better suited for gamers wanting to play for a few minutes several times a day rather than an hours long marathon.

Daily challenges, Bronze data cards, allies to borrow for your battles, arena fights, and energy itself all recharge over time; to be the best, try to login periodically.

Much to learn indeed, Yoda.

Much to learn indeed, Yoda.

10. Be Patient, and Have Fun

Seems obvious, right? True, but this is a game where (unless you spend unholy amounts of real-life money) victory will take patience. So will gathering the characters. Try not to get discouraged; the slower pace of the game means there's always a goal to achieve and a new battle to conquer. You'll get there in time.

And, of course, remember to have fun. GoH is a fun way to revisit a classic series and play an enticing strategy game, but make sure you treat it as a game, not work. I once found myself slowly going through the motions of the game, ensuring I collected every daily bonus and never let my energy cap (so that it was always recharging and not wasted). But then I remembered that GoH only has value to me as long as I'm enjoying it. I took a break, came back when I felt like it, and was far more excited and rejuvenated to revisit the battles.

In short, truly hardcore players may want every last scrap of energy, but most of us probably need a breather every so often.

Future Tips

Hopefully, you'll benefit from today's pointers. Keep on the lookout for more character and strategy reviews; Galaxy of Heroes often expands their roster and installs new modes.

Newer warriors demonstrate increased power, like the lethal Emperor Palpatine, Yoda, General Grievous, and Jar Jar Binks. Alright, maybe not that last one. Hopefully, we'll never suffer the fate of having him added.


Jeremy Gill (author) from Louisiana on September 08, 2020:


Thanks, I'm glad most of the tips have held up over time (I'll try to update later). For a time, I was ranked 200th before I dropped down; the time commitment needed to stay high is pretty significant.

Gamenight999 on September 08, 2020:

This has some great tips. Just healing immunity is out of date and so is SIM tickets. You will rank up thousands. I have 30,000 and still only use all f them that I can

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