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Top 5 Best Arena Defense Creatures in "Summoner's War"

Cleo has been playing "Summoner's War" since it came out. He's a huge fan.


Tired of losing arena points while away from your phone, stomped by the best of the best offensive teams? Look no further, the solution is here! Today, we will be going over the best team comps for defending your Summoner's War arena.

Note, these don't follow any specific order as most of them all have different strengths and weaknesses!

Ellena: Water High Elemental

Ellena: Water High Elemental

Ellena: Water High Elemental

Despite being a three-star creature, Elena has it going for her. She's not that hard to get, being found via the following methods: Unknown Scrolls, Social Summons, Mystical Scrolls, Mystical Summons, Water Scrolls, Temple of Wishes, and last but not least, Hydeni Ruins. For starters, she has the only two-turn freeze in the entire game.

Her leader skill is great if you have a team full of water creatures, seeing as it increases the critical rate of monsters with the water element by 23%. Although if you don't have any other defending water creatures, it is not recommended to put her in that vital slot.

Cross Attack, her first skill, is purely meant for offense. It scales off of her attack stat for 380% and has a 20% chance to deal continuous damage over three turns at Lv. 1.

Her second attack, Tectonic Shift, contributed to her spot on this list, ignores the enemy's armor to inflict significant amounts of damage. It starts out with a relatively high cooldown of four turns, although it becomes three turns at Lv. 5.

Finally, we arrive upon Ice Prison, Elena's awakened ability. Scaling at a massive 530% of your attack stat, it deals damage and freeze's the enemy for a whole two turns, rendering them unable to do anything without a cleanse.

Overall, the High Water Elemental is easy to get, makes for a great offensive support, and is great for crowd control as well as defense splitting.

The best rune recommendations for her, in my opinion, would focus purely on her attack. We're looking at a Rage / Blade build, while prioritizing Attack% and CriticalDamage%.

Amarna: Light Anubis

Amarna: Light Anubis

Amarna: Light Anubis

Rated as a must-have creature, the Light Anubis has a decent mix of offensive and defensive play styles. Starting at four stars, it is only obtainable via Light & Dark scrolls, and the Temple of Wishes. While it's not the hardest creature to acquire, you might need a bit more patience before you find Amarna in your roster.

If you happen to use the Light Anubis in guild battles, his leader skill would come in handy. Amarna's leader skill increases the defense of ally creatures by 33%.

Pierce Soul, his first skill, prevents HP recovery after attacking the enemy two times and has a 30% chance to decrease their defense. This skill is definitely worth trying to skill up using devilmons, seeing as it'll have a 50% chance to lower defense as of Lv. 5.

Next in the line of debuffs is going to fall Amarna's second skill, Brand of Hell. Scaling off of his attack stat from 220% to 440%, he'll attack three times. With each attack, it'll have a 50% chance to leave the enemies Branded. If you're unsure how branding works as a debuff, pay close attention to this next line. Enemy creatures afflicted by brands will receive 25% more damage, and this only increases the more the enemy's health is lowered. In short, it is perfect when paired with a great offensive team for melting those who dare challenge you.

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Secret of Eternal Life, Amarna's third and final skill, is what brings the balance to his kit. It cleanses all allies of harmful effects and heals them by 30%, also reviving dead allies with 30% HP. The only drawback to this is that the cooldown on this ability is increased for each ally revived, but the reward far outweighs the price, for this one.

As for runes, there is a bit of a branch for the Light Anubis. If you happen to get him early game, great! You'd slap some Swift/Energy runes on this bad boy, prioritizing speed and HP%. Come end game, however, you'd prioritize the same stats but the best choice would be Violent / Will runes, although Nemesis and Revenge are very popular vs. Will, so it really comes down to using your best judgment.

Orion: Water Brownie Magician

Orion: Water Brownie Magician

Orion: Water Brownie Magician

As most of you who have played Summoner's War might have found out by now, Orion is super annoying in nearly any setting. Starting at four stars and pretty easy to obtain, you might acquire him the following ways: Mystical Scrolls, Mystical Summons, Water Scrolls, Legendary Scrolls, and the Temple of Wishes.

Orion's leader skill is worthy of occupying the leader slot, seeing as it increases the defense of allies by 25%. That might not sound like a lot, but it really can be a game-changer.

Run Run, the first in this little bugger's line of attacks, does an alright amount of damage while having a 30% chance to grant him another turn. We'll expand on this one a little more when we get to his runes.

Fly Fly, is unique in its own way because it always lands as a crushing hit, no matter the enemy's attribute. On top of that, it lowers their defense for one turn, which leaves an open opportunity for a large damage output.

Last but not least, Harmless Prank. What's great about this ability, (or not great, it's up to your preference) is that it'll randomly select an enemy four times, and afflict them with one of the following debuffs: remove a buff, stun, decrease defense, or block HP recovery. Besides the harmful effects, it'll increase your ally's attack bars by 30%. With random number generation on your side, there is no real downside to this ability.

Runes with the Water Brownie Magician a widely debated amongst players, but that leaves many options open for whatever you're looking to accomplish. The most obvious choice would first be a speed build of Swift / Focus runes. Although any other end game builds would be any combination of Swift, Violent, and Despair runes all paired with Will. No matter what you decide to go with, you will always want to prioritize the speed stat, secondarily prioritizing defense% or HP% along with it.

Bastet: Water Desert Queen

Bastet: Water Desert Queen

Bastet: Water Desert Queen

Along with our many other water and support combinations we have going on here, why not add another one? Starting at five stars, Bastet might fall into your hand via the following ways: Mystical Scrolls, Mystical Summons, Legendary Scrolls, Water Scrolls, or the Temple of Wishes.

Her leader skill puts her one step above Orion, increasing allies defenses by 33%, which is 8% more than what the water brownie magician has to offer.

Touch of Seduction, the first in her line of attacks, deals 400% of her attack stat, which is a pretty large percentage compared to most other creatures. The accompanying debuff has a 50% chance to lower the enemy's attack stat for two turns. A fair trade, if I do say so myself.

Curse of the Beautiful, not only attacks all enemies three times, but also has a 50% chance to inflict them with the following harmful effects: defense decrease, increase in chance to land glancing attacks, and a stop in HP recovery, all for two turns.

Thirdly, Oasis's Blessing, scales on a base rate of 120 x Bastet's Lv. So if she's Lv. 40, then it'll add up to 4800. This ability shields Bastet based on the scaling above, increasing her attack power for three turns. As a bonus, it also increases her ally's attack bars by 25%.

Overall, the Water Desert Queen's abilities have longer cooldowns than most, but the debuffs and amount of damage she does more than makes up for it.

Let's talk runes. This one is going to branch slightly, much like those above her. If you are lucky enough to get her early game, please do her the service of equipping her properly. Any combination is alright, as long as it has Swift runes in it and prioritizes speed and HP%. Late game, however, the world is your oyster. If you would like to go the basic, safe route, you could easily do that with a Swift / Will combo. But why do that when you could easily have Revenge / Will or Swift / Nemesis. Ultimately, as with the rest, it is up to you, the player.

Darion: Light Vagabond

Darion: Light Vagabond

Darion: Light Vagabond

For those of you looking for something simple as the cherry on top of an unfinished team comp, please don't overlook the wonders that are the Light Vagabond. Easily obtained by Secret Dungeons, Scrolls of Light & Darkness, or the Temple of Wishes, he's a great contender for the early game.

With no leader skill to date and only two abilities, let's jump right in.

Slash Rocks, his first ability, is interesting because scales not only off of 100% attack, but also 18% of your HP stat. The higher your max HP, the more damage it'll do. Besides the damage we see here, it also has a 40% chance to lower the enemy's defense stat. This might seem low, but once the skill reaches Lv. 9, that chance jumps to 100%. Given how common the vagabonds are, this is relatively easy to accomplish.

Slash Waves, following Darion's first skill, this also scales off of both attack and HP, dealing more damage according to his max HP. He attacks the enemies twice, having a 50% chance to decrease their attack for two turns. By skill Lv. 4, this jumps to 70%.

Early game, which is when you'd most likely get him, you'd just want to stack Energy / Energy / Energy while prioritizing HP%. If you're going to be using him in any sort of end game PvP, however, this simply will not do. You'll definitely want to do with either Violent / Revenge or Violent / Will. The stats you'll want will be Speed and HP% or CriticalRate% and HP%. It honestly depends on what the rest of your defense team would look like, so I'd take that into account before making a decision.

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