Top 5 Mages in "Mobile Legends" 2019

Updated on July 31, 2020
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List of Few of the Mages in "Mobile Legends"
List of Few of the Mages in "Mobile Legends"

With the increasing number of mages in Mobile Legends, it’s a bit of a challenge to pick which mage suits better in the team. Each of the mages in Mobile Legends is pretty unique and each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the heroes of the opposing team. Of course, half of the game is already won based on the picks of your team and the enemy team. And it is exactly why you definitely have to pick the right mage for your team to perfectly counter the enemy heroes.

In order to narrow down your choices, we have made up a list of the best mages in Mobile Legends. Now, the list is strongly based upon our own research. It is a result of the testing we’ve done in all of the mages in Mobile Legends as well as the reviews and recommendations based on a few people we know in the Mobile Legends community.

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Our Criteria in Choosing the Best Mages in "Mobile Legends"

Anyway, how do we rank the mages on the list? Well, we’re going to rank them based on the following criteria:

1.) Skill/Ability: Considering the skills and abilities mages bring in a battle is really important to the success of the team. Do their skills do AOE or non-AOE damage? Do their skills do crowd controlling effects? How do their skills fare in solo or team fights? Taking advantage of the skills and abilities of a mage can certainly change the course of the battle in the Land of Dawn. Thus, we will have to check out the skills and abilities that each of the mages has.

2.) Mobility: We all know how fragile most of the mages are, right? Instead of relying on their ability to endure damage, we will rely more in their mobility. Their ability to move in to and out from battles help them stay alive in team or solo fights.

3.) Difficulty: A few mages might be pretty difficult to use. Mastering all their skills and how to perfectly use them in battle might be a steep learning curve. Although this can be ignored through practice, we will still consider this in ranking our list. This is because this list of the top mages in Mobile Legends will help beginners better than experienced players in Mobile Legends.

By the way, we will only have up to 5 mages in this list. It is already very challenging to list only 5 mages so it will even be more difficult if we will expand the list. However, we will continue to update the list as more and more mages are being introduced in the game. And hopefully, add more numbers of top mages in this list.

As I’ve said earlier, this is strongly based on our own opinion. The mages in our list may not reflect your own list. However, we will surely do our best to keep the list to only the best and strongest mages among all the mages in Mobile Legends.

Lunox in her Libra Skin
Lunox in her Libra Skin

5. Lunox

Lunox can easily kill any hero, even tanks, through dishing out high magic damage. She can easily solo kill any hero, especially during the early game. However, it doesn’t mean she won’t be that useful during late game. She’ll be even more deadly, as a marksman, during late game.

Skill/Ability - 4/5

Lunox has more skills than most heroes in Mobile Legends. In fact, she has 5 active skills: Starlight Pulse, Chaos Assault, Cosmic Fission and two types of Order & Chaos. However, the right stack of power must be activated in order to use any of the type of her ultimate skill. Most of her skills are able to dish out high magic damage. In fact, as I’ve mentioned, she can solo kill any hero. Her high DPS from Chaos Assault and Order & Chaos can easily kill heroes. Starlight Pulse to heal her and help endure damage during battle. Plus, she can escape any dire situation using her Order & Chaos (Power of Order activated) since it transforms her into an orb, disables any incoming damage and damages any nearby enemy. She ultimately has all the skills we need: high damage dealing ability, healing ability and immune ability.

Mobility - 3/5

Lunox does have dash ability by using her Order & Chaos (Power of Chaos activated) skill but it’s not really meant for escaping or for quickly moving away from enemies. She can probably use her Order & Chaos skill to escape or avoid any dire situation but it won’t be that long enough to help her flee from enemies. At least, it’s great enough to avoid any burst damaging or crowd controlling enemy skill.

Difficulty - 4/5

In terms of difficulty, Lunox is very easy to master. Yes, she has a lot of skills in her arsenal but that doesn’t mean she’s pretty difficult to master. Just a few gameplay reviews from professional Lunox users and you’re probably good to go.

Valir's Shikigami Summoner
Valir's Shikigami Summoner

4. Valir

As of this time’s latest patch, the revamped Valir is ultimately on a whole new level. His high burst damage and AOE crowd control abilities are on a different level. It is no wonder why he is been banned pretty often lately.

Skill/Ability – 4/5

Valir’s passive skill, Ashing, adds continuous damage and crowd controlling effect to his skills. This added effect causes his skills almost unfair for most players. Unleashing a combo between his Burst Fireball and Searing Torrent, with the added effect of Ashing, makes most enemy heroes kneel before him. And activating his ultimate skill, Vengeance Flame, totally makes it difficult for enemy heroes to confront him.

Mobility – 4/5

Vengeance Flame, Valir’s revamped ultimate skill, increases his movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds. This temporary mobility greatly increases his chances of survival from team fights and ambushes. Plus, activating this skill removes all the Crowd Controlling effects from him. It definitely increases his chance of escape.

Difficulty – 4/5

Well, Valir is not difficult to use. However, you definitely need to practice in aiming his Burst Fireball and Searing Torrent in order to maximize the potential damage and effects of his skill. Once you’ve mastered it, I’m pretty sure enemy heroes will have a hard time getting near him.

Zhask is looking white in his Bone Flamen Skin
Zhask is looking white in his Bone Flamen Skin

3. Zhask

Zhask doesn’t possess any high magic burst damaging or impressive crowd controlling skills. However, his ability to summon a powerful minion, the Nightmaric Spawn, makes him very hard to kill and hard to deal with in the game. True, his Nightmaric Spawn alone isn’t something you need to worry about but once he merges with it, enemies will think twice on getting near him.

Skill/Ability – 5/5

Zhask is also one of the other heroes who have more than 3 skills. In fact, he has a total of 5 skills that he can use. Aside from that, his skills change if he is mounted to the Nightmaric Spawn or not. Having lots of skills in his arsenal, he has multiple crowd controlling abilities which may slow or stun the target. Yes, he does not have any high burst damage dealing skill but he has a high DPS damage dealing skill. Adding the slow effect on this damaging skill will easily kill enemy heroes near him and the Nightamaric Spawn.

Mobility – 3/5

Zhask doesn’t possess any high mobility skill. But his ability to jump in and out his Nightmaric Spawn and teleporting it does help him escape from any imminent danger. Although it’s not really meant to make him mobile, it still is pretty handy when trying to flee from any danger.

Difficulty – 4/5

Zhask might be a bit difficult to use. His skills need proper aim and accuracy to utilize its full potential. If you don’t know, his Nightmaric Spawn mimics most of the skill Zhask uses. In fact, it puts up a stun effect to his skill if both him and his spawn are able to hit the same target. Thus, you might probably have to learn the mechanics of aiming his and his spawn’s skill. Although lots of players say it isn’t that hard once you get familiar with it, still, it will definitely take some time to master.

Gusion's V.E.N.O.M Emperor Scorpion Skin looks badass
Gusion's V.E.N.O.M Emperor Scorpion Skin looks badass

2. Gusion

Gusion is definitely one of the best mages in the game. His ability to instantly jump in to an enemy target and deal significant burst damage makes him the second-best mage in my list. Once a target is marked, there is definitely no chance of escaping of him and there is probably a slight chance of surviving from his killer knives.

Skill/Ability – 5/5

As a mage and assassin type hero, it’s no wonder why Gusion has skills that make it possible for him to jump in and out from any battle and skills that deal with high burst damage which can kill any target instantly. Although he has only one pure damage dealing skill, Shadowblade Slaughter, it is already enough to easily kill any target. Well, it is because of his ultimate skill, Incandescence, which removes any cooldown on all of his skills. This allows him to instantly use again Shadowblade Slaughter to deal high burst magic damage again to the target. And on top of that, knives thrown from his skill deals damage again once it returns back to him. If done right, each knife can hit a target 4 times. Don’t you worry though, Sword Spike lets him jump to his target’s rear to make sure his knives will get to his target.

Mobility – 5/5

Gusion is probably one of the most mobile heroes in the game. Both his Sword Spike and Incandescence skills allow him to move from one place to another place in such a short time. It definitely makes it easy for him to help out ally heroes and escape from any nearby enemy heroes.

Difficulty – 3/5

Well, Gusion does only have a few skills to use but the need to aim his skills to perfectly hit the target with all of his knives and to perfectly mark the target take a while to master. Thereby, I would say he is a bit more difficult to use. It will take a bit of learning curve to master this hero.

Harith's Stardust Skin
Harith's Stardust Skin

1. Harith

Undeniably, Harith is still the best mage hero even after all the patches and updates on the game. His high DPS damage and high durability make it hard for most heroes to go against him.

Skill/Ability – 5/5

Harith’s Synchro Fission is an AOE damaging skill which deals damage twice to opponents caught in the area affected. Both damage deals high magic damage so enemy heroes would not definitely want to get caught on both. He also has another high damage dealing skill, Chrono Dash. It does not directly deal damage to a target but it imbues his basic attack with high magic damage. On top of that, he is able to generate a shield causing him to increase his durability during combat. A combination just two of his skills already makes him deadly and very hard to kill. Plus, it makes it easier for him to kill an opponent through his ultimate skill, Zaman Force. This skill crowd controls targets caught in the area by slowing them down by amount; thereby, preventing the enemy from any chance of escape. Also, it increases his cooldown reduction so he can spam his skills even more. Thus, he becomes even deadlier.

Mobility – 4/5

Harith’s dash ability, Chrono Dash and crowd control ability, Zaman Force makes him a bit mobile than his opponents. Chrono Dash allows him to move from place to place while Zaman Force slows down any enemy hero. Combining these skills make it easier for him to jump in and out of battle.

Difficulty – 5/5

Harith is definitely easy to use. Like most heroes, you just need to practice him a few matches and you should be good to go.

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Let us know what you think on our list. Answer the poll or show it in the comment box below.


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