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How to Beat "Trivia Crack"

Jeremy enjoys gaming when not helping manage the college he graduated from.

"Trivia Crack"

"Trivia Crack"

What Is Trivia Crack?

Trivia Crack is a free trivia game you can play on your phone or computer. You'll compete with friends or random opponents in a variety of categories spanning thousands of questions. Along the way, you'll collect mascot cards to help you accumulate resources you spend on powerups to help you through tricky questions.

Read on to learn the details of, and strategies for, Trivia Crack!

The Trivia Wheel

The Trivia Wheel

How to Play

Once you start a match, you'll spin this Trivia Wheel land on one of seven categories that dictate the question you'll receive.

The question will be multiple choice with four possible answers. You have twenty seconds to answer; get it right, and you fill up one portion of the crown meter (see the yellow bar at the bottom of the picture) and spin the wheel again.

Once three portions are filled, you select a category and answer a question; if you answer correctly, you earn the mascot for that category and need to refill the crown meter to try for another. Whoever gets all six characters first wins!

When you miss a question, your turn ends and you wait for your opponent to play. However, your crown meter won't deplete unless you were answering a question to earn a mascot, so don't fret.

The Trivia Mascots

The Trivia Mascots

Trivia Categories

The Wheel composes seven sections; here's a quick summary of each.

  1. Entertainment (Pink): Questions about movies, books, television shows, and such. Nerds like me tend to favor this category.
  2. Art (Red): Questions about paintings and music. You may be surprised to find some grammar questions thrown in here. Another category I excel at.
  3. Sports (Orange): Questions about, well, sports. I'm not a huge sports buff, but this is a great category for NBA and NFL experts.
  4. History (Yellow): Questions about global history. Can be pretty tricky considering it covers all eras and nations!
  5. Science (Green): Questions covering sciences, typically biology and chemistry. As a science major, I love them, but others may find them difficult
  6. Geography (Blue): Questions about geography, big surprise. Seem to especially focus on US cities, but can quiz you about any location on Earth. Not gonna lie, I need some practice with these.
  7. Crown (Purple): The best place to land, you don't have to answer a question; instead, your crown meter will automatically fill, allowing you to pick a category and try for a mascot!

Challenging Opponents

If you fill your crown meter, and both players have at least one mascot, instead of opting to earn a mascot like normal, you can instead "challenge" your opponent. Both players will be asked the same series of six questions; whoever gets more right wins.

In the event of a tie, the challenged player answers an additional question, and if they get it right, they win. Should they miss it, the challenger triumphs.

If the challenger wins, they steal a mascot from their opponent. However, if they fail, they lose a mascot (but the opponent doesn't gain it). Basically, challenging presents a high-risk, high-reward option for players lagging desperately behind their opponent.

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The card Infecto

The card Infecto

Mascot Cards

As you answer questions, you'll gradually earn Gems, which you can spend in a vending machine in exchange for a random mascot card. Mascot cards are more than collectable; they provide bonuses that can be redeemed after a certain amount of time. Three may be active at once; let's glimpse at the various prizes you can win!

  • Lives: Needed to start a game. You start with three, and one will refill automatically every hour. Some mascot cards also grant you additional lives.
  • Spins: Play one of these bad boys to respin the wheel when it lands on a category you don't like. These don't refill automatically; you'll need to either buy them with real money or collect a mascot card that will grant them.
  • Coins: Spent to use a power-up (covered below) on difficult questions. Earned gradually as you win games, and through some mascots.
  • Gems: Used to buy mascot cards. Earned slowly as you answer questions, and a few mascots bestow them.

You can buy any of these using real money, but why bother, since they're all available for free with mascots. If you have cash burning a hole in your wallet, contact me and I'll take care of the problem for ya.

An example History question

An example History question


How many people died in the Oklahoma City bombing? Yikes, if you don't the answer, you only have a 25% chance of guessing right? What can you do to even the odds?

Spend your coins on power-ups, that's what. Let's take a look at their effects, but keep in mind you can only use one per question.

  • Extra Time: Self-explanatory, this grants extra time to think over a question. As of this writing, has been removed from the game, because some players would use the extra time to look up the answer.
  • Bomb: Removes two wrong answers, giving you a 50% chance even if you have no idea.
  • Double Chance: Lets you answer two choices, and you pass if either is correct. My preferred power-up, it gives the same odds as Bomb but offers more control.
  • Skip: Lets you answer a different question instead of your current one. Hopefully it's easier!

Final Tips

Now that you know how to play, go give Trivia Crack a shot and see if it compels you as much as it does me! Feel free to vote for your favorite category, and I'll leave you with some final pointers:

  • If an answer choice is "All of the Above," it's usually correct.
  • Spend coins on the Double Chance power-up.
  • Use mascots for extra coins and gems, which are generally more helpful than spins.
  • Challenge opponents if you're losing; don't if you're winning.
  • Remember to have fun!

Questions & Answers

Question: How can I win right answer power-ups in Trivia Crack?

Answer: To get power-ups, you can either watch ads or spend coins on them. Coins are accumulated naturally through playing, as well as through mascots bonuses.

Question: How can I win green powerups in Trivia Crack?

Answer: You can earn all types of powerups by spending coins or watching advertisements.

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