Ultimate Aethelflaed Talent Tree Build : Debuffer Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on November 4, 2019
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Ever since I was a child, I have been an avid PC Gamer. So, it is no wonder if I write topics about PC gaming and building PC's for gaming.

Aethelfaed's Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"
Aethelfaed's Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Aethaelfaed is yet another legendary commander in Rise of Kingdoms who originated from England hundreds of years ago. She is considered one of the greatest rulers in England and she is widely known for her success in defending her kingdom against Viking invasions. Now, she takes her leadership in Rise of Kingdoms as she takes on other popular commanders known in history. And with this Aethaelfaed Talent Tree Build guide, learn how to best utilize her and build her talents.

How to Get Aethelfaed for Free in "Rise of Kingdoms"?

Aethelfaed Sculptures in Expedition's Medal Store
Aethelfaed Sculptures in Expedition's Medal Store

Rejoice Free to Play players, Aethaelfaed is ultimately a free to play legendary commander. Yes, unlike most of legendary commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, you can get her through the Medal Store in Expedition Mode. Her sculpture costs about 1500 medals. You can buy 3 sculptures of Aethaelfaed every day in the store. So it would probably take a year to max out her skills. Don’t you worry though you can also get free Aethaelfaed Sculptures from chests. True, it will definitely take you sometime, probably a year, to max out her skills. However, the fact that she is obtainable through the medal store, without having to pay real money, is already enough for free to play players. You may be able to use legendary sculptures to speed up the process of maxing her skills out. But I strongly won’t recommend it. Save it for other better legendary commanders.

A Quick Review on Aethelfaed's Skills

Aethefaed's Skill Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"
Aethefaed's Skill Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"
  1. Arrow of Iron – Deals damage to up to 5 enemies in a forward-facing-fan-shaped area (Damage Factor 800), reducing their attack, defense and health by 30% for the next 2 seconds.
  2. Thunderous Force – Counterattack damage against your troops is reduced by 20%. When actively attacking, you have a 10% chance to reduce the movement speed of enemy cavalry by 50% and the movement speed of other troops by 30%. Slow effect lasts 3 seconds.
  3. Synergy – All troops under your command gain attack +35% against Barbarians and other neutral units, and all Commanders get EXP +35%.
  4. Fortress of Mercia – When this Commander leads a rally attack, all armies joining the rally have 10% higher troop limit. When this Commander is leading at least 3 different troop types, their damage is increased by 20%.
  5. Warrior Queen (Expertise Skill) – Deal an extra 20% damage to enemies who have been slowed.

Definitely, Aethaelfaed is on a different level compared to other legendary commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Her active skill deals the least amount of Damage Factor compared to all of the legendary commanders in the game. Of course, she is definitely not a nuking commander based on her skills. She is also not an infantry, not a cavalry and not an archer commander since none of her skills specializes on those. Does that mean she is only good in hunting barbarians and neutral units or is she pretty much useless? Well, she might not fare well with other legendary commanders but she is actually a great debuffer.

Aethaelfaed’s ability to reduce the target’s attack, defense, health and march speed by a significant amount is very useful. It is a powerful debuff which greatly affects the target’s stats. It might pretty much turn the tables for you and your opponent. However, this does not mean she is great for direct attack on enemy marches or direct hits on enemy cities. She is best to be utilized as a counter rally or as an offensive support in swarming marches or cities.

Apart from being a great debuffer, Aethaelfaed is also good for hunting barbarians and neutral units. She can be great for experience farming. Her Synergy skill increases her experience gain. Thus, pairing her with another commander that you’d like to be levelled up is definitely helpful. Aside from that, her bonus damage against neutral units is really helpful during barbarian fort rallies, hunts and other events. Pair her up with another barbarian killing commander and it’ll be much easier for you to attack neutral units. She is absolutely great not only as a debuffer but also as a neutral unit killing machine.

However, in this Aethaelfaed Talent Tree Build Guide, this will focus more on building her as a great debuffer and damager.

How to Build Aethelfaed's Talent Tree as a Great Debuffer

To maximize the use of Aethaelfaed’s expertise skill, Warrior Queen, this talent build guide will strongly suggest on getting Cage of Thorns, at least one talent point, and spend the rest of the talent points in rage restoration and troop stat buffs.

First, take Rejuvenate and Burning Blood to significantly increase Aethaelfaed’s rage restoration. Take Hasty Departure along the way.

Initial Talents to Unlock in Aethelfaed's Support Talent Tree
Initial Talents to Unlock in Aethelfaed's Support Talent Tree

Next, take Emergency Protection, Loose Formation and Elixir to improve her troop’s damage sustain ability. These talents increase their damage reduction and healing ability. At this point, you may take Cage of Thorns to add speed reduction effect to her active skill. This supplements her expertise skill which increases her damage to a target who is under the speed reduction effect. However, this is strongly recommended when her expertise skill is already unlocked. Well, you may spend a talent point on it even without maxing her skills out since it doesn’t really matter that much. Anyway, it’s just 1 talent point.

Spend only 1 Talent Point of Aethelfaed in Cage of Thorns
Spend only 1 Talent Point of Aethelfaed in Cage of Thorns

You’ve pretty much completed all the talents suggested in the Support Talent Tree for this Aethaelfaed Talent Tree Build Guide. Well, you can now proceed on the Leadership Talent Tree. First, unlock Strategic Prowess and Healing Herbs to increase her troop’s damage sustain ability, Armed to the Teeth to increase her troop’s damage and Hidden Wrath for rage restoration.

Initial Talents to Unlock in Aethelfaed's Leadership Talent Tree
Initial Talents to Unlock in Aethelfaed's Leadership Talent Tree

Next, focus on unlocking Armored to the Teeth for increased defense. Take Fresh Recruits along the way to increase maximum troop capacity. You’ve pretty much spent most of her talent points.

Spend the Remaining Talent Points in the Leadership Talent Tree
Spend the Remaining Talent Points in the Leadership Talent Tree

Spend the remaining talent points on Steely Soul.

Unlock and Spend a few Points in Steely Soul Talent
Unlock and Spend a few Points in Steely Soul Talent

Recommended Secondary Commander for this Aethelfaed's Debuff Talent Build

Hannibal Barca significantly improves Aethelfaed's Debuff Ability
Hannibal Barca significantly improves Aethelfaed's Debuff Ability

Commanders having debuff skills will significantly increase the debuffing ability of Aethaelfaed’s troop. Supplementing her ability to decrease the target’s attack, defense and health with another debuff definitely puts the target at grave disadvantage. Hannibal Barca, a great debuffer, is a strongly recommended pair for Aethaelfaed.


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