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Ultimate Alice Build Guide 2019 in "Mobile Legends"

If I'm up for some MOBA fun, playing "Mobile Legends" is a great choice for me. Tune in for my exclusive guides.

Alice's Hero Description in "Mobile Legends"

Alice's Hero Description in "Mobile Legends"

Alice, the Blood Demon Queen, is one of my most favorite mages in Mobile Legends. She is a very versatile mage. Through her skills, she may be either a high AOE DPS mage or a semi-tank mage. Depending on the needs of the team, Alice can easily adjust by picking out the right equipment. We will tackle the best builds for Alice and how to use her effectively in this guide.


Alice has a high damage output from all of her skills. Each of her skills is able to deal AOE damage, so they're great for clashes and team fights. Apart from the significant damage that she can dish out, she is also considered to be a great nuker because of her skill’s low cooldown. Adding a few cooldown-reduction effects from her equipment will allow her to spam her skills even more often.


Since she's a mage, you'd expect Alice to be weak against any incoming damage, especially burst damage. However, her third skill allows her to increase her ability to sustain damage through its AOE lifesteal effect. The more enemies affected by the lifesteal effect, the more damage she can sustain. Apart from that, her passive skill permanently increases her HP for every blood orb she absorbs from killing enemy minions. Thus, it makes her more durable in the late game. But again, she definitely has to watch out for any burst damage.

Flowing Blood Description of Alice's Skill

Flowing Blood Description of Alice's Skill

Alice's Skill List

Blood Ancestry

Passive Skill

When a nearby minion dies, a blood orb will generate. Absorbing blood orb will permanently increase maximum HP by 10 pts for Alice.

Alice can somehow be a great late game player since her passive skill, Blood Ancestry, allows her to increase her health by stacking blood orbs from dead enemy minions. The more orbs she can absorb; the more health will Alice have. This allows her to increase her ability to sustain damage

Flowing Blood

Cooldown 6, Mana Cost 90

Shoots a blob of blood in a specified direction, dealing 350(+180% Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to the enemy. Afterwards the hero can use this skill again to instantly teleport to wherever the blood blob is.

Alice’s first skill, Flowing Blood, deals high magic damage to anyone that comes across the ball of energy. And if the skill is used again, it allows her to teleport to the area where the ball of energy is. This skill is great for initiating any offense and escaping from enemy attacks.

Blood Awe

Cooldown 7, Mana Cost 90

Deals 270(+90% Total Magic Power) magical damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for 1.2. The enemies are slowed for 2s after that.

Apart from escaping through Alice’s first skill, she is also able to temporarily immobilize her enemies through her second skill, Blood Awe. This is good for preventing enemies from escaping and also good for helping her from escaping her enemies.

Blood Ode

Cooldown 42, Mana Cost 135

For the next 4 seconds after using the skill, the blood princess will be in blood-drinking mode, dealing 160(+70% Total Magic Power) pts of magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5seconds and restoring 40(+15% Total Magic Power) pts of HP for herself at the same time.

Alice’s ultimate skill, Blood Ode, is an AOE skill which damages, for every half of a second, all enemy or neutral units surrounding her. It also, as an additional effect, steals health points from the affected enemy units. It allows her to sustain damage from nearby enemies while at the same time dealing high DPS to nearby enemies.

Core Equipment for Alice in "Mobile Legends"

Core Equipment for Alice in "Mobile Legends"

Core Items/Equipment for Alice

1. Demon Shoes

Alice requires lots of mana to stay longer in battle without having to go back to the fountain for regeneration. To improve her mana regeneration, simply adding Demon Shoes allows her to gain +30 Mana Regen and a specific percent of mana restoration when eliminating enemy heroes or minions. Since she is expected to gain a lot of assists due to her AOE damaging skills, she can easily restore her mana through this equipment.

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2. Clock of Destiny

It might not give Alice an instant ramp up of her Magic Power but its effect of giving a decent amount of magic power whilst adding health points over time is definitely useful for her. As I’ve mentioned before, as a mage, she is pretty fragile; thus, this equipment will help her improve her damage sustain ability and also, improve her magic power. Also, this stacks 30 HP for every half of a minute. Once it reaches up to 10 stacks, it’ll be able to give her a maximum of 915 HP, 900 Mana, 60 Magic Power and extra 5% increase of Magic Power.

3. Lightning Truncheon

This our core damage equipment for Alice. It provides 75 Magic Power, 300 Mana and 10% CD Reduction. Although this equipment does not give the most amount of Magic Power as compared to other mage equipment, considering this is our core damage equipment, it is still one of the best early game equipment for Alice due to its passive effect, Resonate. This adds up an additional damage, that scales with hero’s mana, to your next skill with a cooldown of 6 seconds. On top of that, it is capable of damaging a maximum of 3 enemies. It significantly improves Alice’s AOE damaging skills’; thus, this is why it’s considered a core item for Alice.

4. Winter Truncheon

To further improve Alice’s magic damage whilst increasing her damage sustain ability, the Winter Truncheon is the perfect item for that. This adds 60 Magic Power, 25 Physical Defense and 400 HP. The additional defense and HP are definitely what Alice needs to increase her ability to sustain damage. Aside from that, it has an added active skill, Frozen, which freezes the hero and makes the hero immune for 2 seconds. It’s a good combination for her ultimate skill.

Situational Items/Equipment

Divine Glaive and Genius Wand

These equipment are a must if enemy heroes have high magic defense. The additional Magic Penetration from these equipment increases the damage Alice can output to her foes. If you want to have significant damage in late game, then these equipment are definitely what you need. I’d prefer Divine Glaive over Genius Wand if you have to pick one because it has a bonus effect of drastically increasing Magic Penetration up to 30%.

Concentrated Energy and Ice Queen Wand

Alice should have either of the two items, or even both, if the opposing team consists of heroes who deal high DPS damage. This equipment adds additional life steal to all of her skills; thereby, improving her damage sustain ability and longevity in battle. Concentrated Energy does provide more life steal than the other one but Queen Wand slows down enemies so it will prevent your enemies from running away from you.

Necklace of Durance Equipment

Necklace of Durance Equipment

Necklace of Durance

Like Concentrated Energy and Ice Queen Wand, the Necklace of Durance also adds life steal effect to your skills. And other than that, it reduces the regen effect of enemies with skill damage. This is a great counter for enemy heroes with life steal. This prevents them from nullifying your skills through their life steal by reducing their life steal/regeneration ability.

Mage Emblem for Alice

Mage Emblem for Alice

As a mage hero, Alice is definitely suited in using the Mage Emblem. Talent points should be invested in the following talents:

1. CD Reduction: 2 Talent Points

Adding points in CD Reduction further improves Alice's skills spam ability. Her skills already have low CD so adding points in this talent totally improves her spamming ability.

2. Mobility: 1 Talent Point

Mages usually have averagely low movement speed compared to other heroes. Adding a talent point in this talent improves Alice's ability to go in and out of battles quickly. She already has a teleportation ability through her first skill but it doesn't mean she can't be caught with other heroes especially with assassins. It will be just one talent point since her movement speed will increase once she is able to absorb lots of blood orbs from enemy minions.

3. Magic Penetration: 3 Talent Points

To maximize Alice's magic damage output, adding talent points to magic penetration allows her to deal more magic damage by breaking/reducing the enemy's magic defense. This is ultimately beneficial to her because most of her skills deals AOE damage. Thus, adding all of the points here increases the potential damage received by the whole enemy team.

4. Mystery Shop

Alice is a bit equipment dependent. Adding a talent point in this talent allows her to buy equipment at a discounted rate. Thereby, this allows her to buy equipment without having to farm so much. This definitely helps her in securing equipment in early game.

Petrify Spell Description in "Mobile Legends"

Petrify Spell Description in "Mobile Legends"

1. Petrify

I’d strongly suggest using Petrify for Alice since this immobilizes your opponent. An additional immobilization skill/spell prevents your enemies from running away from you especially when you’ve used her ultimate skill. Use petrify to stop them from their tracks and keep on dishing out high DPS damage through her ultimate skill.

Retribution Spell for Jungling

Retribution Spell for Jungling

2. Retribution

Since Alice can solo Jungle especially once she has unlocked her ultimate skill, she can also be equipped with the Retribution Spell. This allows her to easily farm items during early game. Once she can buy adequate items for damage and defense, she'll be great in ambushing and hunting enemy heroes. However, if you already have hard farmers in your team, then this Alice Build Guide strongly suggests using Petrify instead.

Gameplay Guide for Alice


Lane your Alice on either top or bottom. She doesn’t need to farm that hard in the early game. She’s better off doing rotations to other lanes to help in securing kills. In the early parts of the game, keep your Alice’s aggression level low. Focus on collecting blood orbs from enemy minions. It’s the best part of the game to collect blood orbs because laning is not yet that difficult. As the game progresses, towers get destroyed and enemy heroes get stronger so staying at the lane might be difficult. Thus, more difficult to collect blood orbs so while it’s still early. Collect Blood Orbs as much as you can.

Suggested Lanes for Alice in Early Game

Suggested Lanes for Alice in Early Game

Once you’ve unlocked her ultimate skill, spam it. Use it to quickly kill enemy minions in your lane and then transfer to another lane for Blood Orbs. Keep on rotating to other lanes for Blood Orbs and also, for hero kills.

Alice using her Ultimate Skill against Enemy Minions

Alice using her Ultimate Skill against Enemy Minions

First Skill

Alice’s first skill allows her to jump towards the enemy so the enemy might be caught off guard if done right. Pressing her skill again before the timer, indicated by the blue bar surrounding the first skill, runs out will teleport her to the location of the ball of energy.

Alice shooting a Flowing Blood towards Enemy Minions

Alice shooting a Flowing Blood towards Enemy Minions

Second Skill

Once she has jumped in to your opponents, don’t forget to use her second skill, to immobilize the enemy units, then use her ultimate skill. You may also activate her ultimate skill before jumping but I prefer activating it after jumping to make sure her skill will be able to reach your enemies.

Ultimate Skill

Once her ultimate skill is activated, further immobilize them by using your Petrify spell. You can then follow up your first skill to chase enemy heroes or jump away from enemy heroes.

Alice immobilizes enemy minions through her second skill

Alice immobilizes enemy minions through her second skill

Winter Truncheon

If you already bought Winter Truncheon for Alice, you can use it after activating her ultimate skill. This allows her to damage and life steal surrounding enemy units while preventing any incoming damage. This is a great life saver especially for opponents that are capable of dishing out high burst damage. Once the Frozen effect is gone, you can use her first skill again to chase or jump out.

Alice activating her ultimate skill and the Winter Truncheon

Alice activating her ultimate skill and the Winter Truncheon

A Flexible, High-Damage Mage

With just the simple strategy above, Alice can be a great help to the team. She can easily jump in to assist in team fights, to penetrate towards the last line of offense, marksmen and long-range mages, and to ambush any nearby enemy heroes.

She's also a great help in pushing lanes. Her spammable skills can quickly get rid of enemy minions. And on top of that, she can quickly escape any nearby threats through her teleportation and immobilization abilities. She is definitely a great mage who is capable of dealing high magic damage, capable of sustaining decent damage and capable of moving from place to place quickly.

Questions & Answers

Question: In Mobile Legends, is Alice suitable for a face to face combat or should she ambush?

Answer: She's best for ambush. Although she can do face to face combat with any weaker prey (or even against with multiple heroes), she's still best for ambushing enemy heroes. Ambushing enemy heroes decreases their chances of escaping Alice's ultimate skill. They'll have less time to react when Alice just pops out of nowhere and unleashes her combo. That'll increase your chances of killing the enemy hero.

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