Ultimate Aurora One-Hit Combo Killer Guide 2019 in "Mobile Legends"

Updated on August 22, 2019
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Aurora's Story and Profile Page
Aurora's Story and Profile Page

Aurora, the frost queen who deserves a rightful place in the Land of Dawn, is one of the best burst mages in Mobile Legends. Each of her skill is capable of dealing high skill damage to the target. On top of that, she can even add crowd control effect by adding freeze in each of her skill. She is definitely a high damage dealing nuker in the game who can easily kill any marksman or assassin. And if Aurora is built right, she can even put fighter and tank type heroes on their knees. This Aurora build guide will definitely show you on how to make Aurora in to a one-hit combo killing machine.

However, like most mages, she greatly lacks in defense. Any hero can easily kill her due to her easily penetrable defense. This is basically why I often call her a glass cannon because she can definitely output high damage to the target whilst being very fragile to any incoming attack. But don’t you worry though this Aurora Build Guide will also tackle strategies and techniques on how to properly utilize Aurora in the battlefield.

List of Aurora's Skills

Description on Aurora's Pride of Ice Skill
Description on Aurora's Pride of Ice Skill
Cooldown: 4 seconds
Mana Cost:105 (Max Level)
Aurora fires a Frost Energy Missile, when it hits the enemy it will detonate and deal 600, at max level, (+130% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage at an area and slow enemies by 30% which lasts up to 1.5 seconds.
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Mana Cost: 185 (Max Level)
Aurora deals 830, at Max Level, (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage at designated target and slow the target by 80% which lasts up to 1.5 seconds.
Cooldown: 30s (Max Level)
Mana Cost: 240 (Max Level)
Aurora summons a giant icy rock to bombard a designated target location, all enemies hit will take 1300, at max level, (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and be slowed by 90% which lasts up to 1.5 seconds. Surrounding enemies of the target will also take 650, at max level, (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slowed down by 60% which lasts up to 1.5 seconds.
Each time her skill is cast, one unit of frost energy will be added to Aurora. When 4 units of frost energy is collected, the next damage of Frozen freezes the target which lasts up to 1.5 seconds. All skills can deal extra 30% magic damage to the targets with frozen effect.

Aurora's Skills: Review and Tips

  1. Aurora’s first skill, Frost Shock, can deal AOE damage at a circular area where the ice ball blasted. The skill has pretty low cool-down, so you can definitely spam it to enemy targets. Apart from that, unleashing this skill does not require any target, you can spam this to easily fill up your frost energy to the maximum level.
  2. Bitter Frost is a non-AOE skill which needs to lock on to a target. Aurora won’t be able to use this skill unless a target is locked. Although this is not an AOE skill, it’s still a great skill because of its damage and accuracy. You’ll just have to manually aim the skill in order to avoid any miss on the target. By default, our attacks and skills automatically targets any nearby low HP enemy hero so you’ll most likely miss if you just do auto-targeting.
  3. 3.) The Cold Destruction, Aurora’s ultimate skill, is one of the deadliest AOE skills among all mages in Mobile Legends. This skill deals high burst damage in a huge area. It won’t be definitely not that easy to dodge considering the large area the skill can affect. It’s definitely great to have ally heroes who have AOE crowd control abilities like Tigreal, Minotaur, Terizla, etc. so that they can stop your enemies’ tracks and allow you to easily use Aurora’s ultimate skill on them. Use it with a maxed out frost energy will definitely put them at a great disadvantage.
  4. The frozen effect from Aurora’s passive skill, Pride of Ice, is necessary when doing magical combo attacks against her target. Freezing her opponents drastically increases the magic damage received by her target. Always spam your first skill regardless if there is an enemy or not in order to keep your frost energy full.

Core Equipment Build for Aurora

Being a burst damage type of mage, this Aurora Build guide for Mobile Legends strongly suggests equipment with high Magic Power and Magic Penetration stats. Thus, the following items are pretty much necessary in order for Aurora to have high burst damage.

Suggested Main Equipment for Aurora Build
Suggested Main Equipment for Aurora Build

1. Arcane Boots

The 15 points of Magic Penetration Aurora can get from these boots totally improves her magical damage. Although she lacks movement speed, this is still a recommended movement equipment for her because of the Magic Penetration it gives to her.

2. Lightning Truncheon

This does not only give Aurora adequate Magic Power but it also gives Mana Points and Cool Down Reduction which are also important attributes of a mage. Since most of her skills require huge mana and high cool-down time, this is a must equipment for her in order to somehow address these two issues for Aurora. Aside from that, this equipment gives an additional passive effect called Resonate. Resonate deals extra Magic Damage to her enemies; thereby, this increases her burst magic damage ability.

3. Divine Glaive

This is a piece of equipment which is a great anti for tanks and shielded heroes. This adds Magic Power and Magic Penetration to Aurora. Through the high magic power and high magic penetration it provides, this extremely improves her burst magic damage. On top of that, it greatly increases its Magic Penetration effect by 30% if the hero’s health points are above 70%. Since Aurora is pretty fragile, most of the times, she is either in full health or dead so you definitely can count on the added passive effect if you’re in the battlefield.

4. Holy Crystal

This is probably the best equipment in terms of increasing the hero’s total Magic Power. The high magic power is not the only attributes it gives to Aurora but it also gives a significant percent of increase to her Magic Attack. The increase percentages scales up with level so the higher the level Aurora has, the more added Magic Power she’ll have.

Recommended Situational Equipment

Situational Equipment for Aurora Build
Situational Equipment for Aurora Build

1. Genius Wand and Ice Queen Wand

Both wands increase Aurora’s Magic Power by 75 points. It’s a great boost to her burst damage but it’s actually the added bonus movement speed that comes after. The Arcane Boots is definitely not enough to improve Aurora’s low movement speed so it’s pretty difficult for her to get in and out of battles. Thus, this equipment makes her more mobile whilst increasing her magic damage. Plus, Genius Wand adds Magic Penetration while Ice Queen Wand adds Magic Lifesteal, Mana Points and Slow effect.

2. Blood Wings and Clock of Destiny

Gives out Magic Damage and Health Points to Aurora. Both of these are good in increasing her magic power but also her ability to sustain damage by increasing her health. Blood Wings is totally better than Clock of Destiny in terms of the amount of Magic Power and Health Points but Clock of Destiny also adds Mana Points and extra 5% of Magic Attack. All are good equipment for magic damage and damage sustain but Clock of Destiny is for early game while Blood Wings is for late game.

Recommended Emblem

Level 54 Mage Emblem for Aurora
Level 54 Mage Emblem for Aurora

1. Agility – 3 Talent Points

A plus movement speed of 6% increases Aurora’s ability to get in and out of battles much faster. As I’ve mentioned, she has pretty low movement speed so this greatly helps her mobility in the battle arena, the Land of Dawn.

2. Observation – 3 Talent Points

Most of the core equipment suggested in this Aurora Build Guide gives out high Magic Power but can only give decent Magic Penetration. This allows her to increase her Magic Penetration; thereby, this increases her magic damage against enemy heroes with high magic defense.

3. Impure Rage

This deals extra damage that equals to the target’s current HP. It’s definitely great against tanks, fighters or any hero who has high base HP. Plus, it restores Mana Points so it helps Aurora’s longevity in the battle arena.

Recommended Spells

Flicker or Sprint Spells for Aurora
Flicker or Sprint Spells for Aurora

1. Sprint/Flicker

Yes, talents which improve Aurora’s mobility are highly recommended for her. Thus, either Sprint or Flicker would be great for her.

Aurora's Skill Combo Guide for One-Hit Combo Kill

Before doing any skill combos, its best that you learn and understand Aurora’s skills. There are two things you need to put in mind when using her.

  1. Frozen Enemies take more magic damage from Aurora’s skills.
  2. Aurora’s Cold Destruction deals direct damage to enemies and side damage to surrounding enemies. The more enemies hit with her ultimate skill, the more burst damage will Aurora output.

It is very necessary for Aurora to have full Frost Energy at all times. Keep on spamming your first skill and second skill to easily fill up her Frost Energy. This makes her ready for ganks or crowd controlling enemies.


When ganking or going for a solo enemy kill, you could either use:

  1. Bitter Frost – Cold Destruction – Frost Shock
  2. Frost Shock – Cold Destruction – Bitter Frost

Aurora's Second Skill Locks on the Enemy Target
Aurora's Second Skill Locks on the Enemy Target

The first combo is highly recommended since its very accurate. You can directly target the enemy hero using her second skill. On the other hand, the second combo is not as accurate as the first. However, this is great when your enemies are a bit far from you. Usually, they’ll be off guard for any skills or attacks if they see that you are a bit in a distant from them. Once you unleash your first skill, they can either dodge it or not. If not, then unleash your combo.

Cold Destruction will always be your second skill. This is because Aurora’s first skill will freeze your opponent. Once frozen, it will increase her magic damage. Thus, her skill with the highest burst damage, her ultimate skill, should be next to maximize the burst damage she can deal to her enemy target.


When CCing multiple enemy heroes for clashes or team fights, the best combo for Aurora is

  1. Cold Destruction – Bitter Frost – Frost Shock

Aurora Aiming Her First Skill to the Enemy Target
Aurora Aiming Her First Skill to the Enemy Target

Using Cold Destruction whilst Aurora’s Frost Charge is full freezes multiple targets. This gives your team a great advantage during the clash. Plus, it will surely deal huge burst magic damage to multiple targets.

Gameplay and Usage Guide

Suggested Lanes for Aurora
Suggested Lanes for Aurora


Aurora is best used in top or bottom lane where you have another teammate in your lane. She is pretty fragile so she might have a hard time laning, especially against very harassing enemy heroes. Try to pair with mid-gamer or late-gamer heroes to help them during early game. She’s great at babysitting heroes by keeping enemy heroes at bay through her slow and freeze abilities.

Aurora Using Her First Skill while Hiding in the Bush
Aurora Using Her First Skill while Hiding in the Bush


Once Aurora unlocks her ultimate skill, you should start ganking enemy heroes. Visit other lanes. Lanes with only one enemy hero are very ideal for ganking. Keep your tracks unnoticeable when ambushing enemy heroes. Hide in bushes. Make sure you have nearby ally heroes to help you deliver the kill. Most likely, she may not be able to one-hit combo her enemies yet so having an ally can easily help get the kill.

Once she has the right range, unleash her skills. Freeze your enemy first. Use the second skill for accuracy. Don’t use auto-targeting to make sure that you are targeting the right enemy hero. Once you have frozen your enemy, use her ultimate skill than her first skill. Her slow and freeze abilities will surely put any enemy at a disadvantage. Either Aurora or her teammates can then finish the kill.

Aurora is not only good for ambushes or ganks. She’s also great in crowd controlling during clashes. With her frost energy full, use her ultimate skill to freeze all the enemies in the area. Keeping them frozen for a second and a half is already enough time to wipe them out during the clash. Not only that they’ll be frozen but they’ll also feel the burst magic damage just from Aurora’s Cold Destruction. She’s definitely great when paired with Tigreal or Terizla.

An Impenetrable Burst Mage Hero

Aurora is ultimately an excellent burst mage hero. However, her fragile defense often gets her in trouble. But if you followed this Aurora Build Guide, no enemies can penetrate her offensive abilities.


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