Ultimate Baibars Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on July 14, 2020
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Baibars Profile Page
Baibars Profile Page

Baibars is an excellent cavalry-nuking commander in Rise of Kingdoms. He is one of the best options for F2P players in field battles as a cavalry-nuking commander or in city attacks as a city-conquering commander. He has a set of solid nuking skills and abilities that allow him to be a sufficient commander in open-field battles and in rallying cities or reinforced structures.

Although he has lower base stats compared to legendary commanders, considering that he is an epic commander, he is still a widely used commander even for P2P players. His AOE nuking ability and march speed reduction are really useful in open-field skirmishes, especially in events like the Ark of Osiris and Lost Kingdom.

Choose the Right Talents to Create the Best Baibars

However, his capability will still be limited if his talents are built incorrectly. To get the best out of Baibars, this talent tree build guide will show you how to make him a powerful nuking commander and a powerful conquering commander by using these recommended talent builds.

Baibars Origin Page
Baibars Origin Page

How to Summon Baibars in Rise of Kingdoms

Like all epic commanders, Baibar’s sculptures can be obtained through:

  • Tavern’s Silver and Golden Chests: Yes, he is a bit easier to obtain as compared to legendary commanders. You’ll have a daily chance of obtaining him through the Tavern’s free silver and golden key and through the VIP Chest’s free golden key.
  • Expedition’s Store: The featured epic commander in the Expedition store is changed regularly. Hold on to your Expedition currency until Baibars gets featured in the store.

Also, it is easy to obtain epic sculptures; thus, it will be much easier for you to max out Baibar’s skills.

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Skill Description of Baibars First Skill
Skill Description of Baibars First Skill

List of Baibar's Skills in Rise of Kingdoms

  1. Sandstorm: Deals massive damage (Damage Factor 750) to enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area (maximum 3 targets) and reduces current target's march speed by 30% for the next 2 seconds.
  2. Arabian Knights: Increases attack of cavalry units by 20%
  3. No Escape: When attacking cities, normal attacks have a 100% chance to decrease garrison attack by 7% and defense by 7%.
  4. Lord Panther: Upon leaving battle (But not when routed), heals a portion of slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 200) and increases march speed by 50% for the next 10 seconds.
  5. Blot Out The Sun: Deals massive damage (Damage Factor 1000) to enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area (maximum 5 targets) and reduces the current target's march speed by 50% for the next 2 seconds.

Baibar’s first skill, Sandstorm, with his expertise, Lord Panther, allows him to deal huge AOE damage of up to 5 targets. It is definitely a great nuking skill, even for an epic commander like him, that provides a huge impact on the battlefield. Not only does his active skill deal AOE damage, but it also significantly reduces the march speed of the affected enemy troop. This makes a really effective skill during open-field skirmishes like Ark of Osiris and Lost Kingdom. Aside from that, Baibar’s Arabian Knights further increases his nuking ability by increasing his cavalry units’ attack by a significant percent; thereby, improving his active skill’s damage if he only has cavalry units in his march.

As I’ve mentioned, F2P players can rely on Baibars for rallying reinforced structures. His third skill, No Escape, allows him to deal more damage to a reinforced structure and receive lesser damage from a reinforced structure.

Since Baibars is mainly a nuking commander, he lacks pretty much in defense. But don’t you worry though. His fourth skill, Lord Panther, will allow him to control the battle. If he can eliminate an enemy march, his march speed reduction will allow him to chase off such marches. But if he is in trouble, he can easily go in and out of battles to activate the healing effect and march speed bonus from his Lord Panther Skill.

Ultimately, Baibar’s is one of the best epic commanders you can rely on the battlefield. He has great AOE nuking abilities that can be utilized for alliance wars or during large scale battles. And he has city conquering skills which help in attacking reinforced structures. He is definitely a great commander; thus, you should try to build him the best way possible using this Baibars Talent Tree Build Guide.

Baibars Talent Tree Build Guide

Baibars is based on the Cavalry, Conquering and Skill Talent Trees. In this Baibars Talent Tree Build Guide, this will be recommending two builds for Baibars: Nuking build and City Conquering build. For both of these talent builds, we will mainly focus on the Skill Talent Tree to maximize Baibar’s nuking ability. The remaining talents will be a mix of Conquering & Cavalry Talents.

Skill Talents for Baibars Nuking Talent Build
Skill Talents for Baibars Nuking Talent Build

Baibars Nuking Talent Tree Build Guide

First, for this nuking build for Baibars, this build recommends taking almost all of the talents in the Skill Talent Tree. Get your way up to Feral Nature and unlock all of the required talents for Feral Nature. Unlocking Feral Nature and all of the required Skill Talents will significantly increase Baibar’s nuking ability. It does not only increase his rage restoration to improve his spamming ability but it also increases his skill damage. All of the recommended talents in the Skill Talent Tree increases his nuking damage and spamming ability.

Cavalry Talents for Baibars Nuking Talent Build
Cavalry Talents for Baibars Nuking Talent Build

Next, unlock Emblazoned Shield and Galea to improve the damage sustain ability of Baibar’s troops. Unlock Halberd to increase additional damage. And unlock Charge to increase march speed.

Same Skill Talents for Baibars Conquering Talent Build
Same Skill Talents for Baibars Conquering Talent Build

Baibars City-Conquering Talent Build

For our city-conquering build, we will still take up most of the talents from the Skill Talent Tree. There won’t be any changes on the Skill Talent Tree for this city-conquering build; thus, we will unlock all of the talents in the Skill Talent Tree up to the Feral Nature Talent.

Conquering Talents for Baibars Conquering Talent Build
Conquering Talents for Baibars Conquering Talent Build

Move to Baibar’s Conquering Talent Tree and unlock the Entrenched Talent. Increase his army’s offense and defense in attacking reinforced structures by unlocking Moment of Triumph, Buckler Shield and Entrenched.

Cavalry Talents for Baibars Conquering Talent Build
Cavalry Talents for Baibars Conquering Talent Build

Finally, unlock Halberd and Galea to increase his cavalry units’ attack damage and health respectively.

Recommended Secondary Commanders/Pair for Baibars

This Baibars Talent Tree Build Guide recommends the following commanders are secondary commanders or pair for Baibars:

Aethelfaed Profile Page
Aethelfaed Profile Page

1. Aethelfaed

Aethelfaed set of skills create a great synergy with Baibars. She does not only have an AOE nuking skill but she also deals extra damage to enemies who have been slowed. Baibar’s active skill causes an march speed reduction on an enemy target which means it will always activate Aethelfaed’s bonus damage. Both of them will definitely create an excellent nuking pair. Other ideal secondary commanders for Baibars are Genghis Khan, Mehmed II, Yi-Seong Gye and Saladin.

Sun Tzu Profile Page
Sun Tzu Profile Page

2. Sun Tzu

If you’re looking for a great epic commander to pair with Baibars, Sun Tzu would be a great option. Although Sun Tzu specializes in infantry units, his AOE damage and rage restoration will create a great synergy with Baibars. It will certainly level up their nuking ability even as epic commanders. Other ideal secondary commanders for Baibars are Pelagius, Osman and Kusunoki.


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