Ultimate Belisarius Talent Tree Build Guide: The Epic Pure Cavalry Commander in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on January 9, 2020
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Belisarius | Source

Belisarius is probably the best pure cavalry epic commander in Rise of Kingdoms. He has similar talent trees like the legendary commander Cao Cao. Unlike the other epic cavalry commanders, which are better in nuking, Belisarius can be considered a pure cavalry commander because his skills and talents significantly boost cavalry’s stats. His cavalry skills boost cavalry’s defense, which is the highest among any other type of troop, by a huge number and also, it boosts cavalry’s march speed, which is also the highest among any other type of troop. And it can be further improved by building the right talents for Belisarius. Well, this guide will exactly show you how to make Belisarius an unstoppable cavalry machine in the open field.

Belisarius' Skills Page
Belisarius' Skills Page | Source


Here's a rundown of Belisarius' skills to help us in building his talents:

  1. Deception: Decreases target attack by 30% and defense by 30% for the next 2 seconds, then deals massive damage (Damage Factor 450) to the target on the next turn.
  2. Irresistible: Increases damage dealt to barbarians and other neutral units by 35%.
  3. Bucellarii: Increases defense of cavalry units by 15%. Increases march speed by 25% for 10 seconds after leaving the battle.
  4. Oblique Tactics: When the target army has been reduced to less than 50% strength, it increases damage dealt to the target by Belisarius’ army by 25%.
  5. Bloodthirsty Bucellarii (Expertise): Enhances Bucellarii. Increases defense of cavalry units by 30%. Increases march speed by 50% for 10 seconds after leaving the battle.

Belisarius’ active skill which decreases the target’s attack and defense, in a way, improves his troop’s attack and defense in a short amount of time. The buff may only be great for 2 seconds but the amount of reduction in the target’s offense and defense which is 30% is definitely a huge number. Plus, there is an added Damage Factor of up to 450. This is definitely a powerful buff in attacking other governor’s marches. And if you plan on bringing only cavalry troops in his march, he can further improve his march’s ability to sustain damage through his two cavalry skills. His third skill and expertise, Bucellarii and Bloodthirsty Bucellarii respectively, significantly increases cavalry unit’s defense; thereby supplementing his active skill and his cavalry troop’s high defense. But that doesn’t stop there, his fourth skill, Oblique Tactics, also further improves his troop’s attack damage. Adding up talents, which we will tackle in this Belisarius Talent Tree Build, that boosts Belisarius attack, defense, and rage restoration, he will definitely become a strong cavalry commander for PvP battles.

Not only is Belisarius good in PvP battles, but he is also good in PvE battles against neutral units and forts through his second skill, Irresistible. This skill allows him to deal more damage, which can reach up to a maximum of 35%, to neutral units. However, in this Belisarius Talent Tree Build Guide, we will focus more on building talents good for cavalry-only marches, rather than barbarian hunting marches. Although this build is not optimally for barbarian hunting, it will still make your Belisarius a solid barbarian hunter.


Getting Started

Leveling up can be a bummer, so in this guide, I suggest you unlock Quick Study initially, from the Peacekeeping Talent Tree, to boost your experience gain from neutral units.


Ramp up the Calvary

Once Belisarius’ experience gain from neutral units is maximized, significantly ramp up his cavalry-only troops' attack, defense, march speed, and rage restoration by unlocking most of the talents in the Cavalry Talent Tree. First, take Undying Fury to increase rage restoration. This helps him spam his active skill, thereby increasing the duration of his powerful buff. Next, take Galea and Halberd to improves his troop’s health and damage respectively. Then, take Charge to increase his march speed and take Disarm to decrease the target’s attack damage. Once you've unlocked basically all of the talents in the Cavalry Talent Tree, work your way up and unlock Rallying Cry. This will significantly increase your damage for a certain amount of time after entering battle. Also, unlocking Rallying Cry will let you unlock different stat boost for cavalry units such as attack, defense, health, and march speed from the talents before the Rallying Cry Talent. Completing most of the Cavalry Talent Tree significantly increases your Cavalry-only Troop’s stats.

Rallying Cry Talent largely increases Belisarius's troop’s damage for a short amount of time after entering a battle. Since his troop has high march speed, he can basically abuse this talent. He can quickly enter and exit battles to keep the boost from the talent. Attack other troops and enter a battle with them. After entering the battle, keep on battling until the 10 seconds and 2-second buffer period are up to benefit the attack boost of his troops and the target’s attack and defense reduction. This way, you can maximize Belisarius’ Skills. Once you’ve exited the battle, he will have increased march speed through his third skill and expertise which will help you catch up with the enemy again and enter another battle with them. The cycle just continues until you are able to defeat them.


Invest in March Speed

Since we’ve basically unlocked most of the talents that boost Belisarius cavalry-only troops, invest the remaining talent points on talents that increase march speed. So this guide suggests taking Lightning Charge from the Mobility Talent Tree and Thoroughbreds from the Peacekeeping Talent Tree. From here, you’ll still have some talent points to spend, so you should use it to take Saving Cross to increase his tanking ability against skill damage or nukers.

At this point, Belisarius's march speed is totally at another level. He can easily engage and disengage in battles through his fast march speed. He can hunt and kill fleeing enemy marches through his march speed and fourth skill, Oblique Tactics, which deals more damage when the target’s health is less than 50%. And if you are at a disadvantage, you can easily flee and avoid your troops entering the hospital. On top of his march speed, his cavalry-only troop’s stats are also great even in PvP. He’ll definitely be a cavalry commander to be feared by his enemies.


Recommended Secondary Commanders for Belisarius

Commanders that have ff. skills are the best pair for Belisarius:

  1. Cavalry Skills: Commander with skills that significantly boosts cavalry troop's stats are the best pair for Belisarius. It significantly boosts his entire cavalry-only march if you pair him with another strong cavalry commander.
  2. Buff Skills: Belisarius's active skill is one of the powerful buffs among any other commanders. Maximize it further by pairing him with commanders having powerful buffs as well. Buffs that increase both offense and defense are definitely good ones.
  3. Mobility Skills: Since march speed in this Belisarius Talent Tree Build Guide is totally ramped up, increase it significantly if you can pair him with commanders having mobility or march speed boost skills.


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