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Ultimate Charles Martel Talent Tree Build: Impenetrable Infantry Tank

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Charles Martel's Commander Profile Page

Charles Martel's Commander Profile Page

Charles Martel's Defensive and Offensive Capabilities in Rise of Kingdoms

Charles Martel is one of the two best defensive commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. His almost impenetrable defense makes him stand against enemies not only in open field battles but also in city garrison attacks. Not only that, he is also one of the best infantry commanders in the game. He possesses skills which boost his infantry troops' defense and health, thereby significantly increasing his full march's defensive capability.

He might be known for his excellent defense, but he is also good in terms of offense. He does have skills which boost his troops' attack damage and counterattack damage, which both increase his march’s total offensive capability. With Charles Martel leading a full infantry march, may it be in an open field battle, in a garrison defense or even in a city rally, he’ll surely remain standing and still be up for another battle.

If his talents are perfectly built, then he’ll be one of the greatest commanders in PVP and PVE in Rise of Kingdoms. You don’t have to worry, though, because this guide will show you how to build the perfect Charles Martel.

Skills Page of Charles Martel

Skills Page of Charles Martel

Commander Skills

Here's a list of Charles Martel's skills:

  1. Shield of Francia: Charles activates a shield that can absorb massive damage (Damage Factor 1200) for the next 4 seconds. Also increases troop’s damage by 30% while the shield is active.
  2. Heavy Infantry: Increases infantry units’ defense by 15% and health by 15%.
  3. The Uncrowned King: Increases watchtower defense by 10% and garrison damage by 10% when this commander is serving as garrison commander.
  4. Martel’s Counterattack: Increases troops’ counter attack damage by 30%.
  5. Rise From the Ashes (Expertise): Enhances Heavy Infantry. Increases infantry units’ defense by 20%, health by 20%, and march speed by 20%.

Shield of Francia

Charles Martel’s first skill, Shield of Francia, is a near-pure defensive skill which, when activated, soaks up a lot of damage up to a Damage Factor of 1200. This skill makes his troops able to withstand attacks from enemy forces and allows him to drag them to longer battles which clearly puts the enemy at a disadvantage. Even most of the nuking commanders’ high skill damage can be nullified by his first skill.

On the offensive end, Shield of Francia not only puts up a shield that nullifies incoming attacks but also boost Charles’ troop’s damage by a significant number of 30%.

Heavy Infantry and Rise From the Ashes

If Charles leads a full infantry march, his troop’s defensive capability further improves thru his second skill, Heavy Infantry and expertise skill, Rise from the Ashes. Both skills improve infantry units’ defense and health; thereby, improving their overall defensive capability.

Martel's Counterattack

Charles Martel does not only have skills which excel in defense but he also has skills which improves his offense. His third skill, Martel’s Counterattack, increases his troops’ counter attack damage. Although he mainly excels in defense, it doesn’t mean you can count him out in terms of offense because his skills are a testament of how deadly he is.

The Uncrowned King

Pretty much, Charles Martel is a force to be reckoned with in the open field. But aside from that, he is also a great garrison defender through his third skill, The Uncrowned King, which increases garrison defense and damage. Supplemented with this skill and his other defensive skills, putting him as a garrison commander, with a full infantry reinforcement, will surely make a structure/city almost impenetrable. His enemies will surely face massive casualties.

Talent Build for Charles Martel: Defensive Infantry Commander

Through Charles Martel’s skills, he is already a strong commander for PVP and PVE. And we can further improve him in both of these categories by building his talents right. In this guide, this will mainly focus on building him as a highly defensive infantry commander. Thus, all of the talents will focus on his Infantry and Defense Talent Trees. True, he is a great garrison commander but we will tackle on how to build him as a strong garrison commander in another guide.

Anyway, you can easily switch in between talent builds through Talent Reset Scrolls and the Talent Build Templates. In this guide, this will be more on building him as a deadly and almost impenetrable infantry commander in whatever battlefield.

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Burning Blood and Undying Fury

Initially, Charles Martel’s rage restoration should be ramped up to be able to spam his active skill which not only makes his troops’ damage sustain ability increase but also increase his troops’ attack. To raise his rage restoration, this guide suggests taking Burning Blood and Undying Fury at his early levels.

Unlocking Burning Blood in Defense Talent Tree

Unlocking Burning Blood in Defense Talent Tree

Charles Martel's Undying Fury in Infantry Talent Tree

Charles Martel's Undying Fury in Infantry Talent Tree

Master Armorer and Testudo Formation

After that, let’s ramp up Charles Martel’s defense by taking Master Armorer and Testudo Formation from the Defense Talent Tree. Both talents increase significantly his defense stats.

Defensive Talents in the Defense Talent Tree

Defensive Talents in the Defense Talent Tree

Elite Soldier

Next, this Charles Martel Talent Tree Build Guide suggests unlocking the top talent in the Infantry Talent Tree. Unlock Elite Soldier to increase his full infantry troop’s attack, defense and health.

Other Infantry Tree Unlocks

Working your way to the top, allows you to unlock the following:

  • Iron Spear and Double Headed Axe for increased attack damage
  • Call of the Pack, Strong of Body and Hold the Line for increased damage sustain ability
  • Fleet of Foot and Snare of Thorns for increased march speed
Completing the Infantry Talent Tree

Completing the Infantry Talent Tree

Balance and Attack (All Troops)

Most of Charles Martel’s talent points have already been spent. However, there are still remaining talent points to spend. This guide suggests unlocking Balance from the Defense Talent Tree to further increase his defense and spend some talents on Attack (All Troops) to increase his attack damage.

Spending Remaining Talent Points on the Defense Talent Tree

Spending Remaining Talent Points on the Defense Talent Tree

An All-Around Great Commander

At this point, Charles Martel’s important talents have been unlocked already. He is already a powerful and defensive infantry commander good for PVP and PVE battles. He can be good for tanking damage from rallies or march attacks. Also, he can be utilized for open field battles and city sieges through solo hits and rallies.

Apart from that, he might not be the best in PVE but he is definitely more than capable in doing rallies and hunts to barbarians. In fact, you can even do multiple barbarian hunts without even refreshing your march thru his defensive ability. Overall, he is all-round great.

Secondary Commander Skills to Pair With Charles Martel

Since this guide molds Martel into a tanky infantry commander, commanders having the following skills are good secondary:

  1. Defensive/Healing Skills: These type of skills further improves Charles Martel's ability to soak damage. Defense skills increases his damage received reduction while healing skills increases his damage sustain ability. With comm
  2. Infantry Skills: Further increase Charles Martel's Full-Infantry March's stats by pairing him with commanders having Infantry Buff skills. Defense and Health bonus would definitely be better to maximize his tanky infantry build but any other stat buff skill is still good.

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