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Ultimate "Clicker Heroes" Guide for Beginners

Kristian has always played games and insists that he will never grow out of it! His dream is to play with a pro gamer one day.

Get advice on how to play this fun mobile game!

Get advice on how to play this fun mobile game!

Are You New to Clicker Heroes?

Welcome to this Clicker Heroes guide! This guide is aimed at newer players that are trying to understand the basic progression of the game. It assumes that you have a basic understanding of how to play.

In this guide, I cover the top level of how to get through challenges and make it to the end of the game's content, and I cover what you should be looking to achieve along the way. There are various tips and tricks throughout that will supplement the walkthrough and make sure you are efficient as you progress.

At the bottom, I have provided a basic summary of each of the terms commonly used within the game to help newer players get started. If at any point you don't understand the terminology being used, please refer to this and it should help you out.

The Basics: Clicking and More

Clicker Heroes falls within the Cookie Clicker genre of games. The player must click on monsters in order to defeat them.

  • The monsters appear on an "island" on the right hand side of the screen, whilst your heroes, total gold and abilities appear on the left.
  • Once defeated, the monster will drop gold that the player can then pick up by hovering the mouse over it. This gold can then be used to upgrade your abilities or damage per click or tap.
  • Once the player has defeated 10 creatures (or a boss), they can then proceed to fight tougher monsters in the next zone. The game then progresses from here through many different aspects, explained in more detail below and in the summary section at the bottom of this guide.

Hint: Ensure that you sign up and log in to the game so that your game saves and you don't lose your progress at any point!

Early Game: Pre-Ascension

When you begin your first run on Clicker Heroes, it is a good idea to decide on your build. Typically it is split in a decision on three fronts:

  • Passive play style: These builds focus on increasing DPS (damage per second) outside of clicking.
  • Active play style: These builds focus on click damage.
  • Hybrid: This build mixes both the passive and active play styles.

It is recommended that most players should focus on a passive play style. This allows you to leave the game running in the background, building up gold quickly. It should be noted however that your build doesn't effect how you start to play the game as many runs will begin the same way up through the first zones.

When Do You Start Ascending?

The first goal should be to get through the first 100–150 zones, learning how to play the game as you go. Exactly when you should ascend for the first time is debatable, but bear in mind that you want to try and unlock as many hero souls as possible when you do. Therefore try to level up your heroes as much as possible in order to get a better return on investment when you do invest to ascend.

As a general rule of thumb you will receive 1 hero soul for every 2000 hero levels; 10 hero souls is a good aim for your first ascension. Ascending will unlock hero souls which are vital to you being able to progress past zones 150+. Depending on your activity and experience, it is suggested that it could take you up to a day to progress to this point.

Do You Keep Anything?

Note that when you ascend you will lose everything except for:

  • Rubies
  • Achievements
  • Ancients
  • Relics
  • Clans

Hint: To ascend, level up Amenhotep (hero) to level 150 and unlock his last upgrade.

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The "Level Up" screen.

The "Level Up" screen.

Early to Mid Game: Your First Ascension

Once you have ascended for the first time, you will start to choose a build path. With your new hero souls you can choose an ancient to give you some nice buffs.

  • If you have chosen the passive path, head for the ancients which give good passive buffs.
  • If you have chosen the active path, focus on upgrading your clicking abilities.

Hint: It is worth bearing in mind that hero souls give you a flat 10% boost to DPS before you spend them. Think wisely before upgrading your hero as a +25% boost to DPS for 1 hero soul might not be worth it initially.

What to Do Next

From here on out focus on clearing the zones passed floor 100 to start unlocking gilds and relics.

  • Gilds are hero bonuses unlocked each time you complete every 10th zone for the first time, past zone 100.
  • Relics are buffs to ancients and only 4 can be equipped. You get your first one for getting past zone 100 and then will get more at any random point beyond zone 100 for each ascendancy run.

Once you hit zone 300 you can transcend for the first time once you have beaten the boss on floor 300. To do this you should ascend once you have beat him and click on the last tab to transcend and hit the true Clicker Heroes mid game.

Beat the boss on floor 300 to reach the true mid game.

Beat the boss on floor 300 to reach the true mid game.

Mid to Late Game: Transcendence

If you have made it this far then you are already very familiar with the basic game play. Transcending does reset most of what you have been working hard to build up, however, does open up a few new aspects to the game which generally speeds it all up quite a lot.

  • You will now be able to collect ancient souls which are used to level up outsiders. Outsiders work much like ancients and have powerful buffs to your play. There are five to chose from in total.
  • You will also be awarded bonus hero souls when you defeat primal bosses.

What Are Ancient Souls?

Ancient souls works just like hero souls and ascending. When you transcend you will be rewarded with ancient souls. The quantity of the rewarded ancient souls is dependent on how many hero souls you unlocked during your run.

So as above, make sure you spend all of your gold on hero levels before transcend to make it as efficient as possible! You should look to transcend for around 10–15 ancient souls.

Hint: It is highly recommended that you save enough rubies for a Quick Ascension when you transcend. This can save a dramatic amount of time taken to power up once you reset.

Late Game

From this point onward the aim is to get as far into the game as you can. Earn more ancient souls and keep upgrading and buffing your outsiders.

If you have got this far, you have mastered all of the basic mechanics of the game and this Clicker Heroes guide can not help you any further.

Keep grinding through and see just how far into the game you can get beyond this point.

Summary of Game Terms

Below is a summary of terms commonly used by the community and is commonly used throughout this Clicker Heroes guide:

  • Achievements - These are rewards for achieving a certain goal or task. Some provide bonuses to your overall damage or income. There are currently 161 achievements to unlock.
  • Ancients - Ancients are bonuses that give the player buffs for the rest of the game. There are currently 26 ancients to unlock.
  • Ascension - This is the games version of a soft reset. All hero upgrades are reset but achievements, ancients etc are preserved.
  • Bosses - Strong monsters encountered every 5 levels. Time limit applies to killing them.
  • Builds - This is the style of game that the player intends to play. Typically either passive, active or a combination of both.
  • Clickables - Random pop ups that you can click on that rewards the player with gold or rubies.
  • Clans - Groups of players. Unlocked after defeating zone 50.
  • DPS - Acronym for Damage Per Second.
  • Forge Cores - Used to buff the relics in your relic slots. Received by using relics from the junk pile.
  • Gold - The currency used to upgrade your heroes.
  • Heroes - The characters in your army used to upgrade your DPS.
  • Hero Souls - Used to buff your damage, also used to summon and buff ancients.
  • Monsters - The main creatures killed to receive gold.
  • Outsiders - Buffs ancients, levelled up with ancient souls.
  • Primal Bosses - After zone 100, these replace regular bosses and give hero souls.
  • Relics - Equipped to give buffs.
  • Rubies - Real life currency used in-game.
  • Save Game - Refers to the save game that you are playing on.
  • Skills - Player used abilities with varying effects unlocked by levelling up heroes. 9 are available in total.
  • Transcendence - Reset similar to ascendance, unlocks ancient souls.
  • Upgrades - Bonuses and buffs to your heroes.
  • Zones - The basic levels of the game.

Enjoying Exploring and Experimenting With the Game

I hope that you have found this Clicker Heroes guide useful and have learnt something useful.

There are many different aspects to this game that haven't been explained in tremendous detail as this guide is to show you the path. Experiment with different styles of play and see just how far into this clicker game you can really get!

© 2017 Kristian Howe


Projectlazy on February 05, 2018:

I'm curious, what's your highest level. I'm playing RO CLicker which is s reskinned version of this and I'm almost at 1k.

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