Ultimate Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on December 7, 2019
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Edward of Woodstock Profile Page
Edward of Woodstock Profile Page

Edward of Woodstock is the new meta in full archer marches in Rise of Kingdoms. When I say meta, he is probably the best commander, as of this moment, in full archer builds. Not only is he an exceptional archer commander, he is a very powerful nuking commander who is capable of dealing the highest active skill damage to a single target. Nope, it is not Yi-Seong Gye. Yi-Seong Gye does deal the highest active skill damage in an area but the commander who deals the highest active skill damage is Edward of Woodstock.

Usually, powerful nuking commanders in the game are only capable of dealing a Damage Factor of around 1500 to 2000. But for Edward of Woodstock, he is capable of dealing a Damage Factor of up to 2500 to a single target by using his active skill, Archer’s Honor. Judging by his active skill alone, he may considerably be the best nuking commander in the game. However, if you try to compare Edward of Woodstock’s skillset to other nuking commanders, then it might be difficult to rank who is the best nuking commander in the game since all of them has a great set of nuking skills. But surely, it is not impossible to make him one of the most powerful nuking commanders. This Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build Guide will definitely show you how to make him one of the best nuking commanders of the game.

Have you summoned Edward of Woodstock?

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Win Edward of Woodstock Sculptures in Wheel of Fortune.
Win Edward of Woodstock Sculptures in Wheel of Fortune.

How to Summon Edward of Woodstock?

Edward of Woodstock is only available through the Wheel of Fortune. If you’re kingdom no longer offers his sculptures as a reward in the Wheel of Fortune, then you may try your luck to other kingdoms. Jump to newer kingdoms. His Wheel of Fortune Event might still be available. It’s better to try to win him in the Wheel of Fortune from another kingdom than to try to win him in your own kingdom’s “The Mightiest Governor”. Wheel of Fortune is definitely easier than “The Mightiest Governor” but the former is probably more expensive than the latter.

Skill Description of Edward of Woodstock's First Skill
Skill Description of Edward of Woodstock's First Skill
  1. Archer’s Honor: Deals massive damage to a single target (Damage Factor 2500, 1250 if this commander is serving as a secondary commander). Once used, will reduce the rage of Edward’s troop by 300 (cannot drop below 0 rage).
  2. Vengeful Crusade: Increases archer units’ health by 30% and march speed by 30% while troops are on the map.
  3. Crecy’s Campaign: When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, increases skill damage by 25% and increases damage dealt to infantry units by archer units by 5%.
  4. Limoges’ Ambush: When the army led by this commander is at 70% strength or higher, increases attack of archer units by 40% and decreases defense by 10%.
  5. All or Nothing: Increases normal attack and counterattack damage by 50% for 2 seconds after using a skill.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, Edward of Woodstock is the only commander, as of this writing, who is capable of dealing a Damage Factor of more than 2500. Other commanders usually just settle below a Damage Factor of 2000. However, the major drawback of Edward is his active skill’s rage requirement. And on top of that, it reduces his troop’s rage so it makes it more difficult for him to spam his active skill. But I don’t think it’s a drawback you should really worry since most of his skills buffs up his troops nuking damage; thereby, allowing him to deal very high burst damage. This probably compensates for his huge rage requirement.

Aside from that, Edward of Woodstock also provides great amounts of beneficial buffs to his archer troops. Check out the table below to see how much bonuses he provides to his archer troops:

Archer Buffs
Archer Health Bonus Increase
Archer March Speed Bonus Increase (While on Map)
Archer Damage against Infantry Bonus Increase
Archer Attack Bonus Increase

Obviously, Edward of Woodstock works well with an archer-only march. Filling his march with other troops will decrease the number of stat bonuses he receives with his skill. With this kind of commander, you surely won’t need any kind of troop in his march.

Just by looking at Edward of Woodstock’s skills, it would be easy to point out how good he is in PvP. Whether it is for open-field battles or rallies to reinforced structures, I’m pretty sure his powerful nuking ability will devastate the enemy. Although he lacks in defense, his high burst damage will definitely make sure he’ll wipe out the enemy in no time. There’s no telling how well can tanks keep up with his burst damage. Plus, through this Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build Guide, he will definitely be an exceptional nuking commander.

Talent Tree Build Guide

Edward of Woodstock is based on the following talent trees: Archer, Versatility and Skill Talent Trees. There is only one recommended talent build for him in this Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build Guide. This build will make him into a very powerful nuking commander by focusing mainly on his Skill Talent Tree. The rest of the talent points will be spent on the Archer Talent Tree to further improve the buffs that his archer march receives.

Skill Talents for Edward's Nuker Talent Build
Skill Talents for Edward's Nuker Talent Build

Nuker Talent Build

For a nuker, nuke damage and rage restoration is very important. Thus, for Edward of Woodstock’s nuking build, unlock Feral Nature to ramp up his rage restoration. Talents like Burning Blood, Rejuvenate and Feral of Nature from the Skill Talent Tree will significantly increase his rage restoration ability; thereby, enabling his ability to spam his active skill. Other than that, All For One, Tactical Mastery and Clarity will increase his march’s nuking damage. Lastly, Heraldic Shield will reduce his skill damage taken.

Archer Talents to Unlock for Edward's Nuker Talent Build
Archer Talents to Unlock for Edward's Nuker Talent Build

Next, move to the Archer Talent Tree and unlock talents that increase his archer march’s nuking damage and rage restoration. Unlock Full Quiver, Arrows Knocked, Rapid Fire, Venomous Sting and Thumb Ring to increase his archer troop’s nuking damage. Unlock Razor Sharp for more rage restoration. And further increase his archer troop’s health by unlocking Armed and Armored.

Once you’ve completed this Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build Guide, he will surely be a powerful nuking commander in PvP. Regardless if it is for Open-Field battle or for rallying reinforced structures, he will surely unleash a devastating attack to the target. His nuking damage from this build is very powerful that it will even make tanks suffer heavy losses. However, you should remember that even with this build, Edward still remains soft so you’ll have to take him to fight short battles when in the open field or keep him full when he is leading rallies to reinforced structures.

Recommended Pair/Secondary Commanders

Since Edward of Woodstock is a powerful nuking archer commander, this Edward of Woodstock Talent Tree Build Guide strongly recommends pairing him with other nuking archer commanders. Pairing him with archer nuking commanders will buff up his troop's overall nuking damage. The following commanders are recommended pairs/secondary commanders for Edward of Woodstock:

Tomyris Profile Page
Tomyris Profile Page

1. Tomyris

She is a newly introduced powerful nuking archer commander. She has a very unique ability of dealing poison damage to her target. Inflicting her target with poison damage allows her to significantly increase her nuking damage. Pairing her with Edward of Woodstock will even further increase their troop’s nuking damage. They are both great in open-field skirmishes and in city rallies. However, she is best paired with Edward when doing rallies since both of them are exceptional in nuking single targets. Another ideal nuking commander is El Cid.

Yi-Seong Gye Commander Page
Yi-Seong Gye Commander Page

2. Yi-Seong Gye

His powerful AOE nuking ability will always fit to any nuking commander. He does not only further increase the nuking ability of Edward but he does also deal nuking damage to any nearby enemy units. Plus, each of them has increased skill damage buffs so they'll both increase each other's skill damage; thereby, totally increasing the overall nuking damage of their march.

Kusunoki Masahige Profile Page
Kusunoki Masahige Profile Page

3. Kusunoki Masashige

If you only have exceptional epic nuking archer commanders, Kusunoki is a recommended choice for you. He has great nuking and archer skills which will surely complement to Edward's skills. Other ideal epic commanders as Edward's secondary commanders are Hermann and Scipio Africanus.

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