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Frederick I Talent Tree Build Guide: Nuking/Offensive Support

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Frederick I Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Frederick I Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Frederick I in Rise of Kingdoms

Frederick I is one of the legendary commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. He's one of the commanders from the German Civilization. Based on his skill set, he is primarily a nuking commander. He may also serve as a good secondary commander to act as an offensive support to the primary commander.

Well, wherever you may utilize him, he is both great in PvP and PvE. You just have to build his talents optimally in order to transform him into a powerful nuking commander. This Frederick I talent tree build guide will show you how to make a monster out of this already great legendary commander.

Exchanging Golden Sculptures with Frederick I Sculptures

Exchanging Golden Sculptures with Frederick I Sculptures

How to Unlock Frederick I

Like most legendary commanders, Frederick I is a bit difficult to summon. You’ll need to obtain 10 of his sculptures in order to unlock this commander. You may be able to get his sculptures from golden chests, wheel of fortune and events.

Maxing Out His Skills

Once you obtain Frederick I, it’ll be much easier to max his skills out than it is to summon him. This is because you’ll be able to use generic legendary sculptures rather than using Frederick I sculptures. Legendary sculptures can be obtained from golden chests, events and sold bundles. If you have the money, you’ll be able to obtain legendary sculptures by buying bundles.

Is He Worth It?

Well, is it worth it to max out Frederick I’s skill? It is definitely worth it. However, it should significantly depend on the commanders you already have. There are far better legendary commanders that you need to prioritize with your legendary sculptures. Thus, if you’ve managed to max them out already, then sure, max out Frederick I.

Maxing out his skills will make a significant difference. His nuking skills will be in a whole new level. But don’t you worry, though, maxing out his first skill and building his talents as suggested in this guide will make him powerful enough in PvP and PvE.

Maxed Out First Skill of Frederick I

Maxed Out First Skill of Frederick I

List of Frederick I's Skills

  1. Barbarossa – For the next 3 seconds, all attacks have an 80% chance to deal additional damage (Damage Factor 800) to the target.
  2. Never Give Up – Troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to heal a portion of slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 1000). This effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.
  3. Invasion – Increases all damage by 10% when attacking other Governors’ cities.
  4. King of Deutschland – Increase maximum troop capacity by 15%.
  5. Furious Barbarossa (Expertise Skill) – For the next 3 seconds, all attacks have a 100% chance to deal additional damage (Damage Factor 8000) to the target.


Frederick I’s active skill is purely a nuking skill. Although it does not deal significant direct damage, like most nuking commanders, it buffs up his troops which gives them an 80% chance of dealing an additional damage factor of up to 800. It might only be good for 3 seconds but it is already enough to deal significant damage to the target in that span of time.

Plus, maxing out his skills further increases his troops’ chances from 80% to 100%. What’s great about this is that you don’t need a specific type of unit in order to activate such powerful offensive buff. His active skill works for any kind of troop and it definitely works for any kind of situation. Be it for attacking an enemy march or attacking a neutral unit, this nuking skill is definitely useful.

His troops deal even more damage when attacking cities due to his third skill, Invasion. It increases his damage to enemy governor’s cities. Just imagine how much damage can his troops output once this skill is activated. It should be very devastating to any target.


As a nuking commander, Frederick I certainly fall short when it comes to defense. Nuking commanders excel so much in their offense that they’re defense are certainly on a lower level compared to their offense. They suffer so much when being swarmed with enemy marches or when battling in prolonged fights.

However, in his case, he has a defensive skill to make up with his lack in defense. He is capable of healing his troops by a Healing Factor of up to 1000. Thereby, even as a nuking commander, he’ll surely be able to sustain more damage and be able to endure longer fights.

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Ultimately, Frederick I’s skills are great for a nuking commander. His skills don’t specialize in any kind of unit so he’ll definitely go well with any unit or mixed marches. He also has higher number of units in his march due to his fourth skill. King of Deutschland allows increases his troop capacity by a whooping amount of 15%. This means a troop capacity of 200,000 can go up to 230,000 with him around. As I’ve said, he is a great all-rounder legendary commander.

Frederick I's Nuker Talent Tree Build Guide

Frederick I is based on the following talent tree: Leadership, Conquering and Skill. This Frederick I talent tree build guide mainly focuses on building him as a powerful nuker; thus, we will be focusing on talents under the Skill and Leadership Talent Trees.

Initial Talents in Skill Talent Tree

Initial Talents in Skill Talent Tree

Rejuvenate, Burning Blood, All for One

Nukers heavily rely on rage points in order to utilize their active skill. In order to spam their active skill, they must have high rage restoration. In this case, Frederick I should get the Rejuvenate Talent from the Skill Talent Tree to initially increase his rage restoration. You'll need to get Burning Blood, which increases rage restoration, and All For One, which increases secondary commander’s skill damage, before getting Rejuvenate.

Core Talents for Frederick I in Skill Talent Tree

Core Talents for Frederick I in Skill Talent Tree

Feral Nature, Heraldic Shield, Tactical Mastery, Clarity

Next, aim to unlock the highest tiered talent point in the Skill Talent Tree, Feral Nature. This will significantly increase Frederick I’s rage restoration; thereby, increasing his ability to spam his skill. Along the way unlock Heraldic Shield, Tactical Mastery and Clarity.

Increase Frederick I's Troop Capacity by Unlocking Fresh Recruits

Increase Frederick I's Troop Capacity by Unlocking Fresh Recruits

Fresh Recruits

Skill Talent Tree is pretty much complete. You’ll have to move over the Leadership Talent Tree and take Fresh Recruits. Having this talent further improves Frederick I’s ability to increase maximum troop capacity. His skill plus this talent equates to a larger maximum troop capacity.

Armed to the Teeth Talent in Frederick I's Leadership Talent Tree

Armed to the Teeth Talent in Frederick I's Leadership Talent Tree

Armed to the Teeth, Hidden Wrath, Healing Herbs

Damage is very important for a nuker like Frederick I. So, the next talent to take in the Leadership Talent Tree is Armed to the Teeth. As I’ve mentioned, he doesn’t specialize in any kind of unit so having a mixed march would be fine for him. Armed to the Teeth increases your troop’s damage if it contains at least 3 different unit types. Take this talent and let him lead a mixed march in order to benefit from the damage increase brought by this talent.

And you’ll also have to take Hidden Wrath to increase his rage restoration and Healing Herbs to improve his healing ability.

Last Talents to Unlock for Frederick I

Last Talents to Unlock for Frederick I

Armored to the Teeth, Strategic Prowess

At this point, Frederick I will still have points to spend. However, he is already a great commander for PvP and PvE. Surely, enemies will kneel after taking heavy nuking damage from Frederick’s troops. Anyway, to further improve him and make use of the remaining talent points, take Armored to the Teeth and Strategic Prowess for better defense. This way he’ll be able to sustain more damage; thereby, compensating for his lack in defense.

As I’ve said, Frederick is already ready to lead any march to any kind of battle. Take him to attack any march, any neutral unit or any city and he’ll surely do the job as you expect it to be. This Frederick I talent tree build guide is a pretty solid guide that will definitely make him a killer nuking commander.

Yi-Seong Gye Profile Page

Yi-Seong Gye Profile Page

1. Nuking Commanders

Since this Frederick I is a nuking talent build guide, pairing Frederick I with nuking commanders will definitely improve his troops nuking ability. And it is more evident when he is paired with heavy AOE nukers like Yi-Seong Gye. Any nearby enemy march will surely feel the damage of this pair’s nuking ability.

Richard I Profile Page

Richard I Profile Page

2. Defensive Commanders

Frederick I is a solid all-rounder commander. He is absolutely great when paired with a nuking commander but that doesn’t mean he is not great when paired with defensive commanders. Commanders who have the ability to shield their troops or heal their troops are also great pairs for him. Frederick I has a healing skill so pairing him up with a defensive commander will definitely improve his troop’s defensive capability. A commander like Richard I is an ideal defensive commander pair for Frederick I.

Questions & Answers

Question: Is Charles Martel good for Frederick l?

Answer: Yes, Charles can be a good pair for Frederick but if you want to maximize Frederick's powerful buffs then I suggest pairing him with Yi-Seong Gye or Julius Caesar.

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