Ultimate Genghis Khan Talent Tree Build: Heavy Nuking Cavalry Commander

Updated on July 29, 2019
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Genghis Khan's Profile Page
Genghis Khan's Profile Page

Genghis Khan, the first and the most notable Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, is one of the best nuking cavalry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. His ability to deal massive nuking damage to a single target definitely allows him to conquer his enemies not only in the history of the Mongol Tribes but also in Rise of Kingdoms. Not only does his skill damage make him a great nuking commander but also his rage requirement reduction abilities make him more capable of spamming his skills. A combination of high nuking damage and significant rage requirement reductions definitely makes Gengis Khan a superior nuking commander among all the other commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

Since Genghis Khan is portrayed as a commander carrying a bow and arrow in Rise of Kingdoms, he is not an archer commander but a cavalry commander. Two of his skills actually are actually activated only if he has only cavalry in his march. Due to this, this makes him a legitimate cavalry commander. Like Minamoto, Genghis Khan is not only a great nuking commander but he is also a great cavalry commander. If he has cavalry only in his march, he may either gain significant bonus damage or significant skill damage and rage restoration depending on his current strength percentage (or number of remaining troops).

Genghis Khan’s skills definitely makes him one of the top commanders in both the nuking and cavalry categories. However, his potential can only be reached to its maximum state if his talents are built right. Well, worry no more. It is because this Genghis Khan Talent Tree Build Guide will definitely show you the right way to build Genghis Khan’s Talent Tree. Since he is known as nuking commander and cavalry commander in the game. This guide will focus on building him as a powerful nuking commander and at the same time, a great cavalry commander. Thus, we will first build around his Skill Talent Tree and work our way to the Cavalry Talent Tree. He does have the Versatility Talent Tree but in this guide we will spend points only on the Skill Talent Tree and Cavalry Talent Tree. Trust me, this guide will surely make Genghis Khan strong in PVE and PVP.

List of Genghis Khan's Skills in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Genghis Khan's Skill Page
Genghis Khan's Skill Page

Knowing Genghis Khan's skills will give us an idea on how to best build his talents. Below are the list of skills of Genghis Khan in Rise of Kingdoms:

  1. Chosen One – Attacks a single target, dealing massive damage (Damage Factor 1700).
  2. Cyclone of the Steppes – Reduces rage cost of active abilities by 100 and increases cavalry march speed by 15%. When troops led by this commander are attacked, this march speed bonus will be lost, and troop march speed will be further reduced by 10%.
  3. Nomadic Empire – While the army led by this commander is at more than 70% strength and contains only cavalry units, increase all damage dealt by 30%.
  4. Military Lifestyle – When the army led by this commander contains only cavalry units and has been reduced to less than 50% strength, increases skill damage dealt by 30% and grants an additional 25 rage when attacked.
  5. Second to None – Expertise skill. If the “Chosen one” skill is used while the army led by this commander contains only cavalry units, grants a 30% chance that the “Chosen One” skill (Level 5) can be used again instantly.

Three of Genghis Khan’s skills are pure nuking skills. His first skill, Chosen One, deals a massive damage that can reach up to a Damage Factor of 1700. Probably, this is the highest skill damage that can be dealt to a single target among all the commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. Not only that it can deal significant damage, but it also has a lower rage requirement compared to other commander’s first skills. The rage requirement is even further reduced through his second skill, Cyclone of the Steppes. This skill reduces the rage cost of active abilities by a maximum of 100 rage. Although it doesn’t further increase his skill damage, his nuking ability is further improved significantly by increasing his ability to spam his skills. His damage, skill damage and rage restoration may significantly increase depending on the percentage of strength left in Gengis Khan’s troops. Consequently, this means his nuking ability is further increased. And it definitely doesn’t stop there, it is because his expertise skill, Second to None, increases his spamming ability by granting him a 30% change to use his “Chosen One” skill instantly. Through these skills, he is definitely a great nuking commander. However, you should note that most of his skills require cavalry-only units in his march. Thus, he is also considered a cavalry commander because of this requirement. Considering his skills, it is mainly the reason why we need to build his talents around the Skill Tree in order to maximize his nuking ability. Unlocking his nuking ability to its full potential will definitely make him a formidable opponent in PVP and PVE.

Increase Genghis Khan's Rage Restoration at Early Levels by Unlocking these Talents

In the initial phase of this Genghis Khan Talent Tree Build, we will ramp up his nuking ability by unlocking talents which improve his troop’s skill damage and rage restoration. First, let’s work our way to unlocking Rejuvenate in the Skill Talent Tree. This will also unlock Burning Blood and All For One talents along the way.

First Talents to Unlock in Genghis Khan's Skill Talent Tree
First Talents to Unlock in Genghis Khan's Skill Talent Tree

After that, let’s unlock Undying Fury in the Cavalry Talent Tree to increase rage restoration. Of course, you’ll have to unlock Dragon Saber which increases Genghis Khan’s normal attack damage.

Another Rage Restoration Talent from Genghis Khan's Cavalry Talent Tree
Another Rage Restoration Talent from Genghis Khan's Cavalry Talent Tree

Core Nuking Talents to Unlock for Genghis Khan's Heavy Nuking Talent Build Guide

Nuking talents available for low level commanders have already been unlocked so we’ll move on with unlocking almost all of the talents in the Skill Talent Tree. Let’s work our way up to Feral Nature to significantly increase Genghis Khan’s rage restoration. We’ll have to unlock Tactical Mastery and Clarity to increase his skill damage. And also, we’ll have to unlock Heraldic Shield to reduce skill damage talent. These talents make up most of the talents we need for this build. After we’ve taken the talents we need here, we can proceed on unlocking the talents on the Cavalry Talent Tree.

Working Out Up to Feral Nature in Genghis Khan's Skill Talent Tree
Working Out Up to Feral Nature in Genghis Khan's Skill Talent Tree

Spend the Remaining Talent Points of Genghis Khan in the Cavalry Talent Tree

At this point, Genghis Khan’s nuking ability has reached almost to its maximum potential. This Genghis Khan Talent Tree Build Guide will then focus on talents that buffs his cavalry only march. So we’ll have to take the talents on the Cavarly Talent Tree with the following order: Halberd, Galea, Charge and Emblazoned Shield. Each of this talent increases a specific stat of his cavalry unit. To sum it all, these talents increases cavalry unit’s damage, health, march speed and defense against skill damage.

Cavalry Buff Talents for Genghis Khan
Cavalry Buff Talents for Genghis Khan

Once you’ve unlocked everything, or at least all suggested talents in the Skill Talent Tree, Genghis Khan is definitely a killer in the open field and in reinforced structures. With his skills and cavalry unit’s mobility, he is definitely good at hunting marches in the open-field. However, his skill also makes it disadvantageous for him in running away from marches. Thus, if he is going in for battle, make sure he is more powerful against the enemy march. Well, with this Genghis Khan Talent Tree Build, he is already good enough against any opponent. He is also a killer even in rallies. Rallying against a structure with full archer troops means massive killing. Ultimately, this Genghis Khan Talent Tree Build makes him a conqueror like how he conquered the whole Mongol Tribes.

Recommended Secondary Commander Pair for Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan is already a formidable nuking cavalry commander in the Rise of Kingdoms". If paired with commanders having the skills below, then it will drastically improve his troop's combat ability in PVP and PVE.

  1. Nuking Skills - Commanders who have skills that deal high skill damage or increase rage restoration are ideally good partners for Genghis Khan. With their nuking ability, it significantly improves Genghis Khan's nuking; thereby, dealing more nuking damage to the enemies.
  2. Cavalry Skills - Commanders who have skills that buffs cavalry troops are also good partners for Genghis Khan. If you take note of his skills, he requires cavalry-only troops in his march in order to activate some of his skills. With skills increasing his cavalry troop's stats, his march definitely becomes more stronger.

It is definitely worth two mention two legendary commanders as partner for Genghis Khan. These are Minamoto and Cao Cao. Both of these commanders are nuking commanders and cavalry commanders. Their skills supplement Genghis Khan's skill. Thus, this make these two commanders very ideal as secondary commanders for Genghis Khan.


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