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Ultimate Harald Sigurdsson Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

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Harald Sigurdsson Profile Page

Harald Sigurdsson Profile Page

This Harald Sigurdsson Talent Tree Build Guide for Rise of Kingdoms will teach you how to build this commander’s talent tree. Harald Sigurdsson is one of history’s legendary Vikings who was recently added to Rise of Kingdoms to add another excellent powerful nuking infantry commander to the game. Yes, Harald is a legendary infantry commander who is oriented to dealing damage and nuking. Most legendary infantry commanders excel in defense, but in Harald’s case, he excels in offense. He might be a bit different from most legendary infantry commanders, but it definitely doesn’t mean he is not an excellent legendary infantry commander. In fact, he is an excellent counter to commanders who doesn’t deal nuking damages like most legendary infantry commanders. However, as excellent as he may seem, he still needs decent talents to become an excellent commander. Don’t you worry though, we will definitely guide you on how to build Harald’s talent tree build through this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Tree Build Guide.

Ways to Unlock Harald Sigurdsson

Ways to Unlock Harald Sigurdsson

How to Unlock Harald Sigurdsson?

To unlock Harald Sigurdsson in Rise of Kingdoms, your kingdom must be open for more than 310 days. Newer kingdom won’t be able to unlock him. If your kingdom is older than 310 days, then here are ways to obtain his sculptures:

  1. Wheel of Fortune – By spending gems to spend the Wheel of Fortune, you get a chance to win a Harald Sigurdsson Sculpture. Make sure you have at least 10,000 gems to earn enough sculptures to summon him.
  2. Card King Event – If he is no longer available in the Wheel of Fortune, Harald Sigurdsson Sculptures will be available in the Card King Event. Same with Wheel Of Fortune, you’ll have to spend gems to obtain his sculptures.
Harald Sigurdsson First Skill Info

Harald Sigurdsson First Skill Info

Harald Sigurdsson Skill Set

In building the perfect talent build for Harald Sigurdsson, it is important that you are familiar with his skills. Thus, before we talk about his talents in this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Tree Build Guide, here are his skills:

  1. Berserker - If not surrounded, troops led by this commander deal direct damage to the current target (Damage Factor 1200). If surrounded, troops deal direct damage to up to 3 target troops within a circular area of effect (Damage Factor 1500). Damage dealt to each target is reduced to 15% for each additional target. After using this skill, troops gain 20% increased damage for 2 seconds.
  2. Viking Battleaxe - When attacking strongholds and cities, infantry units led by this commander gain 10% increased attack and whenever they take damage, they have a 10% chance to reduce that damage by 30%. This damage reduction effect can trigger once every 5 seconds.
  3. Varangian Guard - Infantry units led by this commander gain 30% increased attack and 10% increased march speed. When this commander uses their active skill, all infantry units under their command gain 5% more attack, but lose 5% defense (This effect lasts 8 seconds, and can stack up to 15 times).
  4. Stamford Bridge - When troops led by this commander are on the map and use their normal attack, this commander has a 20% chance to cast their active skill and grant their troops immunity to all defense reduction effects for 3 seconds. This skill can trigger once every 5 seconds.
  5. Valhalla (Expertise) - Counterattack damage dealt on the map is increased by 20%. If surrounded, counterattack damage dealt will be further increased (Bonus Damage = number of surrounding enemies x 2%, with an upper limit of 10 surrounding enemies).

Excellent at Nuking

Looking at Harald Sigurdsson’s skills, it is undeniable that most of his skills are excellent for nuking. In fact, not only is his active skill capable of dealing high significant damage, but it also provides significant damage increase. His active skill alone is proof of how powerful his nuking ability is as a legendary infantry commander. On top of that, all his other skills, except for his expertise skill, greatly improves his nuking ability. To sum it up, he is an exceptional commander in terms of nuking.

Lacks Defensive Skills

Harald Sigurdsson’s offensive abilities are definitely remarkable. However, most of his skills focus too much in his offensive abilities. He significantly lacks in defensive abilities. He does have increased counterattack damage thru his expertise skill, but it won’t be able to improve his damage sustain ability. What’s worse is that he loses 5% defense in exchange for more attack. This explains why he is countered by other powerful nuking commanders like Yi Seong-Gye and Edward.

Although Harald Sigurdsson is an excellent nuking commander, his clear lack in defense somehow poses a problem to this commander. It might be a problem for Harald, but we can certainly make up for it through his talent. Thus, it is very important to pick the right talents for him in order to increase his efficiency on the battlefield. In this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Tree Build Guide, we will certainly recommend the best talents that will not only significantly improve his nuking ability, but also his damage sustain ability.

Harald Sigurdsson’s Talent Trees are Skill Talent Tree, Infantry Talent Tree and Conquering Talent Tree. Since this talent build guide for Harald Sigurdsson will primarily focus on his nuking ability, we will focus on building talents from Harald’s Skill Talent Tree and Infantry Talent Tree.

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Recommended Skill Talents for this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Build

Recommended Skill Talents for this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Build

Skill Talent Tree

  • Burning Blood
  • Heraldic Shield
  • All For ONe
  • Tactical Mastery
  • Clarity
  • Rejuvenate
  • Feral Nature

Let’s start on building Harald Sigurdsson’s Skill Tree. Since Harald needs a lot of rage restoration to unlock his powerful nuking ability, we need to max out Feral Nature. From the Skill Tree, Burning Blood, Rejuvenate and Feral Nature will increase his rage restoration talents. All For One, Tactical Mastery and Clarity will increase his nuking damage. And Heraldic Shield will reduce his skill damage taken. Although these talents don’t significantly increase his damage sustain ability, these talents are still exceptional for Harald since these talents will push his nuking ability to a whole new level. Even with these talents, he will surely deal huge amounts of damage to his enemies.

Recommended Infantry Talents for this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Build

Recommended Infantry Talents for this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Build

Infantry Talent Tree

  • Iron Spear
  • Undying Fury
  • Double-Headed Axe
  • Call of the Pack
  • Strong of Body
  • Hold The Line

As I’ve mentioned, we want to improve Harald Sigurdsson’s nuking ability; thus, we will continue to focus on nuking talents. From the Infantry Talent Tree, we will unlock Undying Fury, Iron Spear and Double-Headed Axe to not only increase his rage restoration ability, but also increase his damage. Also, unlock Hold The Line, Call of the Pack and Strong of Body to increase his defensive ability. Clearly, he only has a few defensive talents, but this talent build for Harald will certainly level up his nuking ability. Thereby, his lack in defense is almost not a problem due to his offensive ability. In fact, any non-nuking marches or rallies will certainly face a huge problem when they will encounter Harald Sigurdsson’s march.

Conquering Talent Tree

  • Attack (All Troops)

Well, we still have a few talents left. We recommend spending it on the Attack (All Troops) Talent. True, we may have only invested in one talent in the Conquering Talent Tree. So, does that mean this Harald Talent Build Guide isn’t good for rallying enemy structures? Well, no. He will still be a decent rallying commander, especially against non-nuking commanders. In fact, rally reports show he is a good counter against Attila + Takeda Combo.

In this Harald Sigurdsson Talent Tree Build Guide, we will also recommend commanders to pair with Harald.

Alexander the Great Profile Page

Alexander the Great Profile Page

Alexander the Great is an exceptional pair for Harald Sigurdsson. Alexander’s exceptional defensive skills fill in the defensive gaps of Harald’s march. Their combo is exceptionally well against non-nuking commanders. In fact, multiple rally reports show that they can demolish any non-nuking enemy marches or rallies. However, most of the reports also show that Alexander is a better primary commander than Harald. This is because of the Attack Talent Tree that Alexander has. Reports have shown that Harald is able to benefit more from the Attack + Infantry Talent Tree Combo than the Skill + Infantry Talent Tree Combo. But even if Harald is the primary commander, their combination is still an excellent counter against non-nuking marches.

Sun Tzu Profile Info Page

Sun Tzu Profile Info Page

Sun Tzu is a decent pair for Harald Sigurdsson. Sun Tzu’s nuking and defensive skills improve not only Harald’s nuking ability, but also his damage sustain ability.

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