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Ultimate Mobility Build for Cao Cao Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

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Cao Cao's Commander Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Cao Cao's Commander Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Cao Cao, known as one of the greatest warlords in Chinese History, is one of the best Cavalry Commander in Rise of Kingdoms. Yes, Cao Cao has Cavalry skills which buffs his cavalry unit’s stats. However, his cavalry skills are not the only attributes that make him a good cavalry commander but also his mobility skills, mobility talent tree and cavalry talent tree.

As you might have known, cavalry units in Rise of Kingdoms are the most mobile type of units in the game. They have the highest mobility speed. With Cao Cao buffing his cavalry unit’s stats and further increasing his cavalry unit’s high speed, this makes him a great cavalry commander. Cavalry skills and mobility skills are ingredients to an excellent cavalry commander.

Like Minamoto no Yoshitsune, another excellent cavalry commander, Cao Cao is also a great nuker apart from being an excellent cavalry commander. He has an active skill which deals significant damage to the target. Also, it reduces the target’s attack damage and march speed by a certain amount of percentage as an additional effect to his active skill. Further improving his nuking ability, his fourth skill, restores rage and heals his troop.

Each of the effects increases his nuking ability and increases his damage sustain ability respectively. Healing might not directly improve his nuking ability but this lets him stay longer in battle. The longer he stays in battle then the longer he’ll be able to nuke his opponents. This definitely makes him a great nuking cavalry commander.

With Cao Cao’s high mobility and nuking ability, he is exceptionally great in hunting marches in the open field. He can easily annihilate weak marches in the field. If a stronger march tries to engage a battle with him, he can easily avoid unnecessary battles through his march speed. You can definitely rely on Cao Cao to take on weak marches while minimizing your troop losses. Of course, this does not mean he is up against any opponents.

He is definitely an excellent commander who can take on any opponent’s march but there are battles you have to avoid in order to prevent any unnecessary troop losses. So, you’ll have to utilize his excellent mobility speed to pick the right targets and let your opponents suffer heavy troop losses while having minimal loses.

In this Cao Cao talent tree build guide, it will focus on maximizing his mobility ability to its full potential. It will build Cao Cao with talents mostly improving his march speed. This allows us to build a Cao Cao great for open field PVP. He might not have the best nuking ability he can have but his excellent mobility will allow him to pick the fights he can absolutely win and back down against stronger opponents. Through this, his troop loses will be minimized and his enemy’s troop loses will be maximized. After all, Cao Cao is known as one of the greatest military strategist in history.

Skills Page of Cao Cao

Skills Page of Cao Cao

List of Skills of Legendary Commander Cao Cao

Here is a list of Cao Cao’s Skills:

  1. Dragon Rider: Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 1400) to the target, and decreases target’s attack by 40% and march speed by 10% for 3 seconds.
  2. The Qingzhou Army: Increases the damage on Barbarians by 50%.
  3. Tiger Knight: Increases cavalry units’ march speed by 10% and attack by 30%.
  4. Lofty Ambition: Troops’ normal attacks have a 10% chance to heal a portion of the slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 1000), restore 100 rage, and increase troops’ march speed by 20% for 3 seconds. Effect can only trigger once every 5 seconds.
  5. Emperor Wu of Wei: Expertise Skill. Increases cavalry attack by 25%, decreases cavalry defense by 10%.

Cao Cao’s third skill, Tiger Knight, and his expertise skill, Lofty Ambition, increases his troop’s march speed by a significant amount. An increase of march speed of up to 30% is definitely high enough to engage and chase any nearby enemy march in the open field.

Although Lofty Ambition is only triggered by a certain chance through your troop’s normal attack, it really won’t matter once you’ve already engaged in battle with the enemy. His enemies won’t be able to return home without any significant loss once Cao Cao has engaged a battle with them.

Aside from that, his active skill decreases his enemy target’s march speed. It might not increase his march speed but decreasing his target’s march speed is almost like having an increased march speed. This skill surely thins out the enemy’s chance of escaping. Supplement these skills with the right mobility talents for Cao Cao will extremely evolve his mobility.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, although this Cao Cao talent tree build guide mainly focuses on building his mobility talents, this will also tackle a bit of nuking talents in order to improve his damage and his nuking ability. His high march speed won’t be of use if he is not able to deal significant damage to his enemies. It’s not really difficult to improve Cao Cao’s nuking ability since he already has a few nuking skills.

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His first skill, Dragon Rider, deals significant damage to his target. The amount of damage he is able to deal to his opponents is one of the highest skill damage among all of the commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. On top of that, he’ll be able to deal higher skill damage through two of his other skills. His third skill and expertise skill, Tiger Knight and Emperor Wu of Wei respectively increases his cavalry-only unit’s attack damage up to a whopping 55%. That’s definitely a huge increase in his troop’s damage; thus, he will be able to deal significant nuking damage to his target. His spamming ability is also improved through his fourth skill, Lofty Ambition. This skill restores rage so he’ll be able to spam his active skill more; thereby, he is able to deal nuking damage to his target. Not only that but if you also engage him with neutral enemies, you’ll have another damage increase of about 50%. To sum it up, his nuking ability is ultimately great for PVP and PVE.

A combination of high march speed and high nuking damage spell disaster to Cao Cao’s enemies. Unlocking the best of both of these abilities through this Cao Cao talent tree build guide will surely mean a big problem to his enemies.

Increase Experience Gain and Mobility through these Talents

Increase Experience Gain and Mobility through these Talents

Mobility Talents from the Peacekeeping Talent Tree

Initially, we want to increase Cao Cao’s march speed and at the same time, increase his experience gain. To do this, this Cao Cao talent tree build guide suggests unlocking talents from the Peacekeeping Talent Tree.

Work your way up to Thoroughbreds to get your first mobility talent. You’ll also be able to unlock Quick Study to increase your experience gain from battling barbarians or any other neutral units.

First set of Mobility Talents to Unlock

First set of Mobility Talents to Unlock

Unlock the Core Mobility Talents

Let’s further ramp up his march speed by unlocking Lightning Charge and Hasty Departure from Mobility Talent Tree. Hasty Departure drastically improve your march speed when you depart from any structure.

You’ll just have to go in and out quickly from any nearby structures to give you a march speed boost in chasing enemy marches or running way from strong enemy marches.

Next Set of Mobility Talents for Cao Cao

Next Set of Mobility Talents for Cao Cao

Take another set of mobility talents from the Mobility Talent Tree by unlocking Vortex all the way up to March Speed (All Troops). Vortex won’t increase your march speed but it reduces your target’s march speed so you’ll still be able to take advantage of it when hunting weak enemy marches.

Cavalry Talents for Cao Cao

Cavalry Talents for Cao Cao

Mixing the Last Few Talent Points with Cavalry and Mobility Talents for Cao Cao

We’ve basically taken most of the mobility talents from the Peacekeeping and Mobility Talent Trees. Next, we’ll add cavalry talents to buff up Cao Caos’s cavalry only troops. Unlock Halberd and Galea to boost cavalry unit’s stats. And unlock all the talents up to the three March Speed (Cavalry) talents ahead of Halberd, Charge and Galea. Taking these talents gets you an increase march speed of up to 15%.

Last Talent Suggested in this Cao Cao Talent Tree Build Guide

Last Talent Suggested in this Cao Cao Talent Tree Build Guide

You’ve probably taken up most of the mobility talents suggested from this Cao Cao Talent Tree Build Guide. However, you’ll still probably have a few talent points at this point. Use the remaining talent points on Swiftness Talent in the Mobility Talent Tree.

Unlocking all of those talents transforms Cao Cao into an extremely mobile cavalry commander. Utilize this mobility advantage against your opponents by charging into weak prey in the open field. Let your enemies have unnecessary losses by taking out their weak marches and easily run away from their reinforcements to avoid any revengeful act from your opponents. These ultimately leaves great losses to your opponents while you having less to no losses at all. This is your best bet for events like Mightiest Governor’s Kill Event.

Secondary Commander Pair for Cao Cao

The commanders having the following skills below are the suggested pair for Cao Cao:

  1. Mobility Skills: To further increase this Cao Cao build's mobility, pairing Cao Cao with a commander having mobility skills will further ramp up the march speed of his troop. Even an increase of up to 10% in march speed will definitely magnify the increased march speed of this build.
  2. Cavalry Skills: This build has pretty much focused mostly on Cao Cao's mobility. Bringing up the other stats of his cavalry only troop will improve his march's overall combat ability.

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