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Ultimate Osman Talent Tree Build Guide for PVP in "Rise of Kingdoms"

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Osman I Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Osman I Profile Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Osman I in Rise of Kingdoms is another powerful nuking epic commander. Osman Gazi, also known as Osman I, is a strong nuking commander for any kind of troop-specific marches, be it full infantry, full cavalry, full archer march or even mixed troop march. He's also good for PVP.

Whilst he is popular for his nuking ability, he is also popular due to his skill which increases troop capacity. He is one of the few epic and legendary commanders who has this type of skill. However, his skills alone aren't enough to make him an outstanding commander. He also needs to have the right combination of talents to become not only one of the best nuking commanders but also one of the best PVP commanders in the game. This guide will show you the right talents to unlock to make the most of Osman I.

Osman I Skills Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Osman I Skills Page in "Rise of Kingdoms"

List of Osman I's Skills

Let's first check out Osman Gazi's skills before we look at his talent options:

  1. The Empire Awakens: Strikes a powerful blow with the Sword of Osman, dealing massive damage (Damage Factor 850) to the target.
  2. Radiance of Bursa: After attacking a city for more than 30 seconds, increases troop attack by 15% for a duration of 120 seconds.
  3. Sword of Osman: After an active skill is used, deals additional damage (Damage Factor 400) to the target on the next turn.
  4. Sultan’s Glory: Increases troop capacity by 10%.
  5. Rising Empire (Expertise): Enhances The Empire Awakens. Osmand brandishes his holy sword with all his might, dealing massive damage (Damage Factor 1100) to the target.

Nuking Skills

Osman’s first skill, The Empire Awakens, and third skill, Sword of Osman, are both pure nuking skills. It does not deal any buff to your troops or target but it deals heavy damage to the target. His skill damage is further increased thru his expertise skill, Rising Empire, which increases his first skill’s damage factor. Although he has a great nuking skill, he still lags, in terms of damage factor and skill effects, behind a few of the nuking epic commanders. But overall, he is still a great nuking commander. Just have to pick the right talents from the suggestion of this guide.

Troop Capacity Skill

Other than that, Osman can also increase troop capacity through his fourth skill, Sultan’s Glory. A maximum increase of troop capacity by 10% is already a great skill. It improves your march’s overall stats which also means it improves his troop’s nuking ability.

What About Attacking Cities?

True, Osman’s second skill, Radiance of Bursa, is also good for nuking when it comes to attacking cities but he is not really ideal for attacking cities. This guide strongly suggests using legendary commanders or more powerful commanders in attacking cities to minimize troop casualties. Other than that, the requirement to activate the skill is too much for a commander like Osman. He may not be great at attacking cities but he will definitely be great in open field PVP with the help of this guide.

Talent Build Guide: A Mix of the Skill Tree and the Leadership Tree

This guide primarily focuses on building Osman as a formidable nuker so most of the talents will be from the Skill Talent Tree. Since he is a universal commander, he is good for any kind of troop so some of the talent points will be used on the Leadership Talent Tree.

Initial Talents for Osman's Nuking Ability

Initial Talents for Osman's Nuking Ability

Nuking Talents

  • Rejuvenate
  • Burning Blood
  • All For One
  • Latent Power
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First, ramp up rage restoration by aiming to unlock Rejuvenate. Along the way, you’ll have to unlock Burning Blood to increase rage restoration and All For One for to increase nuking ability of your secondary commander. Latent Power should also be unlocked to increase damage of Osman’s third skill, Sword of Osman. Initially, through these talents, nuking is ramped up through increasing skill damage and rage restoration.

Further Increase Osman's Troops through these Talents

Further Increase Osman's Troops through these Talents

  • Fresh Recruits
  • Hidden Wrath

Next, take 2 initial talents from the Leadership Talent Tree. Unlock Fresh Recruits to increase troop capacity and buff up Osman’s fourth skill, Sultan’s Glory. Having more troops increases your march’s overall stats; thus, it increases your march’s nuking ability as well. Other than that, unlock Hidden Wrath to increase rage restoration.

Remaining Talents in Osman's Skill Talent Tree

Remaining Talents in Osman's Skill Talent Tree

  • Feral Nature
  • Tactical Mastery
  • Clarity
  • Heraldic Shield

Initial rage restoration talents have been pretty much unlocked so taking most of the talents in the Skill Talent Tree is the next goal. Spend your talents on your way up to Feral Nature to significantly increase rage restoration. Unlocking it, you’ll be able to take up Tactical Mastery and Clarity to increase skill damage and take up Heraldic Shield to reduce skill damage taken by your troops.

Spend Remaining Talents Here in Osman's Leadership Talent Tree

Spend Remaining Talents Here in Osman's Leadership Talent Tree

At this point, all of the nuking talents have already been unlocked. There’s still remaining talent points so this Osman Talent Tree Build Guide suggests to spend those talents on the Leadership Talent Tree.

Leadership Talents

  • Healing Herbs
  • Strategic Prowess
  • Steely Soul

Unlock Healing Herbs and Strategic Prowess to improve Osman’s troop’s tanking ability. Healing Herbs enhances healing effects and Strategic Prowess increases troop’s defense. Take Steely Soul also to increase damage.

Once all of the talents suggested by this guide have been unlocked, Osman is up for any PVP battle. His nuking ability is significantly ramped up through this guide. Not only it but also his stats have been increased.

Secondary Commander Skills to Pair With Osman

This guide transforms Osman into a very powerful nuker. Let's further improve his troop's nuking ability by pairing him with a commander having the following skills:

  • Nuking Skills: Commanders who are great nukers are definitely the secondary commanders for Osman. They can be commanders who have high active skill damage, high additional skill damage or high rage restoration. Pair them up with Osman and he'll even be a powerful nuker.
  • Troop Capacity Increase Skills: Although this type of skill doesn't directly improve Osman's nuking, commanders having this skill still provides a significant benefit to Osman's troop. Further improving Osman's skill to increase troop capacity by pairing him with a commander having the same skill, totally increases the overall stats of his troops; thereby, increasing not only the nuking ability of his troops but also the other stats of his troops.

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