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Ultimate Pelagius Talent Tree Build Guide: Nuking Cavalry Commander in "Rise of Kingdoms"

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Commander Pelagius in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Commander Pelagius in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Pelagius is both a great nuking commander and a great cavalry commander in Rise of Kingdoms. He also has the best stats among all epic commanders. He is considered to be a great nuker because of his active skill which deals significant damage to the enemy. Apart from being able to deal out massive damage, he is also able to restore a decent amount of rage after using his active skill. This makes Pelagius able to spam his skill faster and deal more damage per second to his opponent. If his talents are built right, this will make Pelagius a far better nuker than he already is.

This guide will show you how to pick the right talents for Pelagius to make him into a formidable commander. Although his cavalry skill, which buffs the cavalry troops' attack and defense, makes him a cavalry commander, this guide will focus on building him as nuking commander instead. Although we will still be unlocking talents from the Cavalry Talent Tree, his build will be mostly concentrated on his Skill Talent Tree.

Skills Page of Commander Pelagius in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Skills Page of Commander Pelagius in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Pelagius' Skills

Here's a list of Pelagius' skills. Knowing his skills will be very helpful when it's time to choose his talents.

  1. Charge: Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 300) to the target, then deals additional damage (Damage Factor 300) to the target each second for the next 2 seconds. Restores 80 rage after use.
  2. Founder of Asturias: Increases the attack of cavalry units by 10% and defense of cavalry units by 10%.
  3. Retaking Lost Territory: Increases garrison and watchtower attack by 7% when this commander is serving as garrison commander.
  4. The Mutineer: Troop’s normal attacks have a 10% chance to heal some slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 450) every second for 2 seconds.
  5. Oath of Asseuua (Expertise): Enhances Founder of Asturias. Increases the attack of cavalry units by 15% and defense of cavalry units by 15%.

Nuking Skills

Pelagius' active skill deals a damage factor of up to 900 to his opponent, which is already a decent amount of damage for an epic commander. Although there are commanders who are able to deal more active skill damage than Pelagius, he is still considered to be one of the best nuking commanders because of his ability to restore rage. His rage restoration ability further improves his nuking ability; thus, this makes him superior to other nuking commanders. This guide aims to pick and unlock the right talents in order to further improve Pelagius’ nuking ability.

Cavalry Skills

Pelagius’ Second Skill, Founder of Asturias, and his Expertise Skill, Oath of Asseuua, definitely make him a cavalry commander. Both skills increases the cavalry unit’s attack and defense to a maximum of 15%. However, this guide won’t be focusing on building Pelagius to be a great cavalry commander but rather a nuking commander. This guide will still handpick some talents in the Cavalry Talent Tree to maximize Pelagius’ Second Skill and Expertise Skill.

Garrison Skills

Through Pelagius’ Third Skill, Retaking Lost Territory, and Fourth Skill, The Mutineer, he can be a good garrison commander. His third skill further improves his nuking ability while his fourth skill improves his ability to sustain damage through heals. Although both skills make him a good garrison commander, there are still far better garrison commanders than Pelagius. Thus, this build won’t be touching any of the talents in the Garrison Talent Tree.

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Pelagius' Talent Tree Build Guide

This build will initially focus on unlocking Pelagius’s nuking ability to its full potential by unlocking most of the talents in Pelagius’ Skill Talent Tree right at the start.

  • Nuking: Unlocking Latent Power, All For One, Tactical Mastery, and Clarity Talents will significantly increase his nuking damage.
  • Rage Restoration: Next, his spamming ability must be increased so talents that increase rage restoration like Burning Blood, Rejuvenate and Feral Nature will be unlocked.
  • Damage Reduction: Heraldic Shield will be unlocked to be able to further talents in the Skill Talent Tree and to benefit from the skill damage reduction it provides.
  • More Nuking, Less Defense: Optionally, Naked Rage can also be unlocked to further increase his nuking damage, but it decreases his defense against skill damage, so it’s not really an ideal talent to unlock.
Skill Talents to Unlock in this Pelagius Talent Tree Guide

Skill Talents to Unlock in this Pelagius Talent Tree Guide

Once we’ve unlocked most of the talents in the Skill Talent Tree, this guide will move its focus on the Cavalry Talent Tree. Pelagius has skills which buffs cavalry troops so it would be a waste if won’t maximize his skills. Thus, this guide will pick talents that will further improve him as a cavalry commander.

  • Cavalry Buffs: Talents like Galea and Halberd are unlocked to buff cavalry troops.
  • March Buffs: Dragon Saber, Disarm and Charge Talents are also unlocked to buff Pelagius’ march.
  • Rage Restoration: Undying Fury is also unlocked to further improve his rage restoration.
Talents to Unlock in Pelagius Cavalry Talent Tree

Talents to Unlock in Pelagius Cavalry Talent Tree

Build Summary

These talents will ultimately make Pelagius a heavy nuking commander and at the same time a decent cavalry commander. Although the talents in this guide do not only benefit cavalry troops but also other types of troops, he will still be ultimately better if he only has a full cavalry march. He will be able to benefit in his cavalry buff skills and talents. Yes, he’ll be a killer in the field through this guide.

Commanders having the following skills are recommended in order to fully maximize the combat ability of Pelagius’ troop march:

  1. Nuking Skills: Since this build increases Pelagius active skill damage and rage restoration, it would be best if he is paired with a heavy nuking commanders. Commanders who deal significant active skill damage are ideal secondary commanders to him. And it would definitely be great if these commanders have rage restoration as well. Secondary Commanders who deal damage and restore rage are the most ideal partners for Pelagius.
  2. Cavalry Buffs: Pelagius boosts cavalry troops through his second skill and expertise. Further boost cavalry troops if you pair him with commanders who have cavalry buffing skills which improves at least 2 of your cavalry troop’s stats.

Probably, the best pair for Pelagius is a commander who has both nuking and cavalry buff skills.

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