Ultimate Richard I Talent Tree Build Guide: The Impenetrable Garrison Defender in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Updated on November 25, 2019
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Richard I's Profile Page
Richard I's Profile Page

Rise of Kingdom’s Richard I, one of the legendary commanders in the game, is considered to be the best defensive commander in the game. His defensive skills are definitely in an elite level which can help his march sustain huge amounts of damage. In fact, heavy nuking commanders can’t even land that much damage when faced with Richard I. On top of that, his healing skills are also great. He does not only help his troops sustain more damage but he also helps them through healing them. A combination of damage reduction and healing skills definitely equate to an elite defensive commander. It is no wonder why most players use Richard I for tanking in any kind of situation. Do you need a tank rally in attacking reinforced cities or structures, do you need a tank for incoming enemy rally or do you need a tank for city garrison? Well, you only need to have Richard I to do all of that.

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Still Lacks Sculptures to Summon Richard I
Still Lacks Sculptures to Summon Richard I

As a legendary commander, it is quite difficult to summon Richard I or to even acquire his legendary sculptures. You probably have to spend money to get his legendary sculptures. He used to be available in the Wheel of Fortune but you’ll definitely need more than luck to get a few of his sculptures. Or you’ll have to be very active in participating events that rewards his sculptures to get him. Well, you’re probably that lucky if you can get him from legendary chests. It might seem pretty difficult but he is actually obtainable in the game. You’ll definitely have to spend some money to acquire him though.

List of Richard I's Skills

Skill Description on Richard I's Active Skill
Skill Description on Richard I's Active Skill

Knowing Richard I's skills guides us on how to better build his talents. Here is a list of Richard I's skills:

  1. Soul of the Crusaders - Heals some of the slightly wounded units (Healing Factor 1400) in Richard’s army. Adds a debuff to a maximum of 5 targets in a fan-shaped area. (Debuff Effect: Reduces damage dealt by 30% and march speed by 15% for 2 seconds.
  2. Chivalry – Increase troop damage reduction by 15% and counterattack damage by 10%.
  3. The Lionheart – Increases the attack of infantry units by 15% and defense of Infantry units by 15%.
  4. Battle-Hardened – Increases healing effects received by troops by 30% and reduces watchtower damage taken by troops by 30%
  5. Tyrannical Lion (Expertise Skill) – Reduces all damage taken by 5% and increases damage dealt to cavalry units by infantry units by 2%. In addition, every 10 seconds, decrease target march speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

Richard I’s active skill, Soul of the Crusaders, is probably the best defensive skill among all the skills in Rise of Kingdoms. Being able to heal a significant amount of Healing Factor on his own troops while reducing the damage dealt by his enemies definitely increases his troop’s ability to sustain damage. On top of his active skill, his second skill, fourth skill and expertise skill significantly reduce the damage taken by his troops. Thereby, it further increases his troop’s damage sustain ability.

Richard I’s full defensive potential is only unlocked once he exclusively uses infantry only marches. Why? It is because of his second skill, The Lionheart. His second skill buffs infantry units’ attack and defense by a significant amount. So, he will be able to fully benefit from his second skill if only he uses marches with infantry only troops.

True, Richard I’s skills do excel defensively but does that mean he falls short on offense. Well, it does not necessarily mean that he lacks so much in offense. In fact, a few of his skills do have attack damage and counter attack damage buffs. It might not be enough to deal significant damage to his enemies. But in prolonged fights, his ability to sustain damage will surely help him become a victor.

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Like any other commander, you’ll be able to unlock a commander’s full potential once his/her expertise skill is unlocked. However, due to the scarcity of Richard I’s sculptures and legendary sculptures, choosing to max out Richard I or not will greatly depend on the list of legendary commanders you’ve obtained. I would strongly suggest maxing out Richard I first than any of your legendary commanders, especially if you don’t have a great defensive commander yet, so that you’ll have a pretty solid legendary tank commander. It will be much faster maxing him out if you are willing to spend money in Rise of Kingdoms. Once you’ve maxed out Richard I, you can focus on maxing out other legendary commanders. Anyway, if only you have the money, you can easily max out legendary commanders like Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Hannibal Barca using VIP Chests. Also, you can max out Aethelfaed, another legendary commander, for free through the Campaign’s Expedition. Knowing that, you should mainly focus on using legendary sculptures on Richard I first, then use it for other legendary commanders once you’ve maxed him out.

Richard I's Talent Tree Build Guide for Garrison Defense

Previously, we’ve highlighted Charles Martel as great tank commander. Since Richard I and Charles Martel have similar talent trees, Richard I’s talents can also be built similarly with our Charles Martel Talent Tree Build Guide in order to develop him into a defensive infantry commander. However, in this build, we will be focusing on building Richard I as a defensive garrison commander.

Talents to Unlock in Richard I's Garrison Talent Tree
Talents to Unlock in Richard I's Garrison Talent Tree

In this Richard I Talent Tree Build, we will mostly be focusing on his Garrison Talent Tree and spend a few points on his Defense Talent Tree. We will immediately unlock most of the talents in Richard I’s Garrison Talent Tree. Maxing out Divine Favor at level 42 is a must. Unlocking talents such as Impregnable, Impenetrable Fortifications, King’s Guard, Know Thy Enemy and Divine Favor significantly increases garrison defense; thereby, increasing his garrison troop’s defense. Unlock Adamantine Walls and City Guardian to buff up Watchtower offense and defense. Lastly, Know Where To Turn talent increases rage restoration which improves Richard I’s spamming ability on his active skill. Once you’ve unlocked all of these garrison talents, Richard I’s garrison defense is on an elite level. It will probably take multiple rallies and multiple solo hits to deal huge damage on his garrison troops. However, as long as your alliance keeps on reinforcing it, I’m pretty sure Richard I will give them a hard time. And most likely, he’ll send lots of enemy troops to the hospital and even worse, get them killed. Enemy alliances will get worn down on attacking his garrison troops. They’ll eventually give up and suffer major troop losses.

Defense Talents to Unlock for this Richard I Talent Tree Build
Defense Talents to Unlock for this Richard I Talent Tree Build

However, even having Richard I’s defense at an elite level, it doesn’t mean he has reached his full potential yet. This Richard I Talent Tree Build suggests taking talents in the Defense Talent Tree to further improve his defense. We will be taking up Testudo Formation to reduce the enemy’s damage and Master Armorer to increase Richard I’s defense. On top of that, we’ll be taking Burning Blood to further improve his spamming ability.

Spend Remaining Talent Points on these Infantry Talents.
Spend Remaining Talent Points on these Infantry Talents.

At this point, we still have remaining talent points to spend on Richard I. A good talent to pick up next is Call of the Pack from the Infantry Talent Tree. It significantly increases troop’s defense once his army’s strength has been reduced from 50%. And lastly, take Undying Fury to improve his rage restoration.

Surely, you’re Richard I garrison defense is almost impossible to penetrate. Make sure you bring along infantry only troops with him to benefit from his infantry skill. Enemy rallies or hits would likely have a hard time attacking the garrison of this Richard I build; however, it is also very important that the garrison is fully reinforced to successfully fend off enemy attacks.

Richard I Infantry Talent Tree Build

In case, you’d like to build Richard I as a defensive Infantry tank commander. You can check out this talent tree build.

Infantry Talents to Unlock for Richard I's Infantry Talent Tree Build
Infantry Talents to Unlock for Richard I's Infantry Talent Tree Build

First, unlock all of Richard I's Infantry Talents. Having all of the talents in the Infantry Talent Tree is very beneficial for a full Infantry Commander.

Spend Remaining Talents Points to these Defense Talents for Richard I Infantry Build
Spend Remaining Talents Points to these Defense Talents for Richard I Infantry Build

Next, spend all of the remaining talent points to Burning Blood, Master Armorer, Testudo Formation and Balance in the Defense Talent Tree.

Recommended Secondary Commanders for Richard I

Charles Martel Profile Page
Charles Martel Profile Page

The best secondary commander for Richard I is Charles Martel. Charles Martel has a solid lineup of defensive and infantry skills which totally complement Richard I’s skills. Having Charles as his secondary commander definitely takes their total defensive capability to a whole new level. In fact, even in this garrison build, Richard I is able to fully benefit from this combination because of Charles’ garrison skill.

Other ideal secondary commanders would be: Sun Tzu, Eulji Mundeok.

Julius Caesar Profile Page
Julius Caesar Profile Page

Another great commander to pair with Richard I is Julius Caesar. His powerful buffs allow him to further improve Richard I's defense and offense. Plus, he does have damage reduction skills which greatly improves the damage sustain ability of Richard I's troops.

Other ideal secondary commanders having similar skills: Scipio Africanus, Joan of Arc.


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